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Trigger Actor Tips

Level Design Tips

SpecialEvent Class

Lightning_Hunter writes: One thing I learned while mapping for Deja Vu is that several SpecialEvents placed around the same spot with the same sound (and triggered at the same time) will increase the volume. This is better than setting the SpecialEvent to PlayersPlaySound, because it stays directional (and has the volume faded correctly according to how far away the player is from the SpecialEvent).

MusicEvent Class

TheEmperorStalwartUK asks: I need help with songsections, sometimes when I try to have it set to 1 or 2 (MusicEvents or by default), it ends up sounding like it's in slow motion, not at normal speed, like in some music players like modplug and winamp, but some of the tracks play at normal speed.

Techno_JF replies: There is a fix that you can put into your map so that the song plays correctly in that context. Use a Dispatcher, and have it first trigger a MusicEvent for songsection 0 of the song you want, and then have it quickly trigger the correct MusicEvent afterwards (delayed only by about 0.1 seconds or so). Once the song's tempo is set up properly at the beginning of the song, you should be able to switch among its other songsections all you like.

I've looked in the maps of some so-called "famous" mappers to see the kinds of things they've done, and here's a technique I saw in one of DavidM's maps: he made a "MusicEvent bank" near the map's entrance, where he stashed all the MusicEvents he needed throughout the map. This means that he never accidentally created two MusicEvents that did exactly the same thing, and he could always find his music settings if he needed them.