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General UnrealEd Tips

Level Design Tips

Sound and Music

Techno_JF writes: If you're trying to listen to something using the Sound Browser or Music Browser and it simply doesn't work, then maybe it's a problem with your viewports. If you don't have at least one viewport open to a 3D mode, UnrealEd won't let you hear sounds and music.

Frieza writes: Or the fact that you dont hear any sounds or music in the Ed is caused by having set either the sound or music slider to zero in UT itself. So disabling sound or music in Unreal Tournament also disables sound and music in the editor.

Selecting, Moving and Copying Actors

Techno_JF writes: In a viewport's 2D mode, you can hold down Control and Alt, and drag the Left Mouse Button to select all the brushes and actors in a given rectangular area.

Waffnuffly writes: If you can't duplicate something and it's bugging the hell out of you, you can CTRL+C it and CTRL+V to get a copy next to it, but it will be offset in the x, y, and z axes. This too can be annoying, so sometimes I just set the thing's collision radius and height to 0 (and remember the default values). Then duplication works. Afterwords I reset all the values. Copying/pasting rather than duplicating SpecialEvents or any other actors with TAGS will also keep the Tag, whereas duplication only keeps the Event.

Make key actors, like music events and special events and creature factories, REALLY big (like 8.0 drawscale) and give them each a weird bright texture, like the bright green texture in Botpack, and then move them all to certain areas so you always know where they are, since they are not needed within the geometry and only add to the clutter when they are.

Lightning_Hunter writes: Use the Radii view to see the collision of Actors! On the top bar for any view, right click and select Actors-->Radii View. This is very handy to see how far a sound can be heard, how far a light will effect the terrain, the radius of a trigger, the collision of a decoration, etc.. I don't think some people realize the importance of this view...

Did anyone know that you could select actors by clicking on the red lines that show the collision in Radii view? This is helpful if an actor was added in and a mesh was accidentally deleted on it (which leaves an invisible collision). Speaking of which, did anyone know that the Tree9 decoration is not set correctly with the mesh? If you add a Tree9 decoration down, nothing appears but an invisible collision. I found invisible Tree9 actors in Jaunie's map, EBMs map and Sarevok's map for the Deja Vu pack. I've seen lots more for loads of custom maps online too.

SeeD writes: Everytime I add a light and whenever I'm gonna move it or duplicate it I select the builder brush and the light too. By doing that, I move the light perfectly snapped to the grid because I have the builder brush selected. Also works for aligning and rotating meshes and all the other crap.

Keeping your work safe

Hellscrag writes: Save often! Save after every major change! Take regular backups of your map; in Windows, you can do this simply by copying it and pasting it back to the same folder - it'll be archived as 'Copy (x) of [filename]').

Waffnuffly writes: Avoid rebuilding everything all at once, and save between each rebuild section. That way, it it crashes on one build, such as Paths, you didn't waste three hours only to have the editor freeze, and you can diagnose the problem and then only have to rebuild one area.

Doing the Math

Techno_JF writes: Here's a little trick that you can use with UnrealEd's properties windows. I mostly use this with brushbuilder windows, but it works in other places too. If you don't want to go to the trouble of doing the math yourself to rescale the collision, then type "=" followed by an appropriate mathematical expression. For example, if you're adjusting collision for a DrawScale of 3.5, and your original number in that blank is 60, then type "=60*3.5" into that blank, and UnrealEd will evaluate the expression for you when you hit tab. In this example, UnrealEd would automatically fill in the number 210 at that point. (Think of it as working exactly the same as if you were doing it in Microsoft Excel.)

And if this doesn't do what you need it to do, then turn the actor's collision off altogether and place blocking actors over it (look at the various subclasses of Keypoint in the Actor Class Browser).