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Decoration Actor Tips

Level Design Tips

Using the bugged Tree9 in older Unreal versions

Hellscrag writes: Tree9 - if you add it, nothing seems to happen. However, a Tree9 is in place and will collide, but has no mesh. There is a mesh for it - it's a blue version of Tree8 - but you have to apply it manually. To select your invisible actor, do an actor search for "Tree". The new one is likely to be the object with the highest number. Double-click this object to select it and the viewports should snap to the location of your invisible tree. Click the "actor properties" button on the toolbar to show the properties of the Tree9 actor, then under "Display" click the "..." button next to the empty "Mesh" entry. The mesh browser will be displayed - find Tree9M in the list, click on it, then go back to your properties window and click the "Use" button next to the "..." - ta-daa, yor Tree9 is displayed.


Tree9 works fine unedited on newer patches like Unreal 227.

UnrealShare.Panel - one of UEd's best-kept secrets!

Hellscrag writes: This Decoration actor places a square sheet mesh in your map. This can be scaled to any size, as long as it is square.

Any texture can be mapped onto this Panel, and will be scaled to fit perfectly onto the mesh.

With a Panel you therefore have a deco sheet that can support a normal texture, a masked texture or a translucent texture. It will be lit in the standard way for a mesh, with the additional availability of AmbientGlow and ScaleGlow properties, and can be placed fewer than four UUs away from a wall or floor without going black.

Best of all, it has absolutely no effect on the BSP!

Neat, huh? I seldom remember to use it, but it's come in handy e.g. for the blood decal below the dismembered Nali in the first map of Deja Vu.

Panel also contains latent code for a dynamic fade-out that can be triggered. No idea if this can be made to work.

Collision with Meshes

ZBREAKER2001 asks: New question time. Doing an outside level, and when walking thru it I can pass right thru tree trunks...appears to affect tree6 in particular. Collision is set true in the block player field. What gives with this?

Hellscrag replies: If you've upped the drawscale, you'll need to up the colisionheight and collisionradius too. Turn on radii view in the 3D view to see where the hull is.

Additionally, tree6 is rendered at an angle that doesn't reflect the position of the hull. If the tree is huge, you may have to compensate either by making a hull larger than the tree itself in the collision properties, by placing blockalls in the trunk, or by building a BSP collision hull in the tree trunk.