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Inside Broken Alliance


RECIPROCITY: Greetings readers. Today, I'm grilling Sarevok on his recently announced endeavor, Broken Alliance. So, Sar, give me a brief overview of the Broken Alliance campaign.

SAREVOK: Well BA spans 3 planets: Na Pali, the Skaarj's homeplanet and the Merc's homeplanet. There will be some old classic Unreal stuff along with some new unexplored areas in the Unreal universe. There will also be the typical new guns, textures, and possibly pawns.

What's the story? How do these three planets fall into the grand scheme of things?

SAREVOK: without giving to much away, the story revolves around a 3 way stuggle between Liandri, the Mercs and the Skaarj. You the player has to travel to each planet and you discover what the struggle is about and you find out theres more going on that meets the eye. (hint,hint, some plot twists :P)

Someone's taking a lesson from the Jones saga. :p Powerstruggle? Confict of territory?

SAREVOK: conflict over a valuable resource :P and the players own internal struggles to do what's right. I would like to say more, but I want the story to be very vague to the player and have you discover things as you go.

Certainly sounds vague. But innovative nonetheless. Something you've got me curious about. Exactly what does you vision of the Skaarj and Merc home planets encompass?

SAREVOK: Hehe good question. :P Since their planets and background was never really explored or explained in the Unreal universe I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to explore it and build upon it. The Skaarj planet will a very dry, high tech, sandy environment, basically a desert. While the Mercs will be a very cold, sterile, high tech planet, lots of ice and snow.

Certainly a new take on things.

SAREVOK: I wanted a nice mix of old and new :)

New ground for any SP up to date.

SAREVOK: That was my goal, the game is old and most packs revolve around the NaPali/Skaarj conflict

Will this SP be touched up by UArch's ungodly code? I know with his work in RD, he could certainly bring something unique to this. (coughs "UEmitter")

SAREVOK: Hehe yah. UArch has some pretty incredible ideas and skillz, he will be adding a lot new content. We have plans for a lot of new guns and something else that I can't say right now, though I'm dying to tell :P

UARCHITECT: we have a lot of new and original weapon ideas. I can't say much now as nothing is certain, there will be a few 'experimental and power weapons but I'm not gonna say anything more ;) tease :P

Any one thing that would pique gamer's interest here? This interview on it's own isn't going to hold a lot of water if Proph releases another teaser shot. :p

SAREVOK: lol hmm....well at the moment there isn't a lot of content, just alot of plans. This project will be on standby for awhile since I'm also working on RD along with 2 of my other team members. So Proph will win this round :P

UARCHITECT: We definately won't be rushing the project ;P quality and planning first.

Heh, okay. I know you're going for originality but...hell...what's unreal without the Nali? How big of a role are the Nali playing in BA?

SAREVOK: Very small since they're not involved with the story, you'll probably only encounter them on NaPali.

Ah. How are you handling spacetravel?

SAREVOK: That's still a work in progress, though I do have some ideas. The story and outline are about 90% complete and could change somewhat at anytime to incorporate anything.

Will it be in the form of a controllable ship or just a map to wander around on until you arrive at the given destination?

SAREVOK: No, nothing fancy like that. It would be the typical board a ship and you're there via teleporter. The player has no choice to which planet he goes to, he just travels to one planet to another as he progresses, not just randomly though, it'll make sense.

(nods) Anything about BA you're particularly proud of?

SAREVOK: Honestly ,nothing yet since there's so little content, but theres a lot of potential something great with the team we have.

UARCHITECT: Nothing? :( ...I'm proud of my map ;P

Any new pawns/classes of the Skaarj and Merc flavor?

SAREVOK: There will definitely be new skins and projectiles for them, not sure on models. UA and I are still planning stuff :)

UARCHITECT: Not sure there will be many new models as far as pawns are concerned, I can model but I'm not a great animator :) definately some new pawn code and skins

Gotcha. Anything we haven't covered you'd like to add?

SAREVOK: There's actually some juicy stuff I'd love to tell you, but until we actually have the content to back it up and show off I'd rather wait :P

Gotcha. Well, it's been a pleasure speaking with you, Sarevok. I look forward to seeing/playing/gawking over Broken Alliance in the future.

SAREVOK: thanks alot Reciprocity, sorry for giving you the runaround :P

It's cool. Not like I have anything better to do. :\