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An interview with Skaarj Slayer


RECIPROCITY: Okay. Tell me about the Human / Skaarj War.

SKAARJ SLAYER: Well, I first thought of it a while back while, years back actually, when looking around for stories for Unreal. Looking around the Unreal Tournament official site I found a storyline for Unreal and it showed the Human/Skaarj War. You play as Prisoner 849, finally reaching Earth in the stolen UMS shuttlecraft, trying to warn them about the opposing Skaarj Empire, obviously it's too late... and when the NEG is formed the Skaarj make their move.

...thus evoking the war between the two races, correct?


What sort of role does 849 play in this conflict?

Well, in exchange for the vital information you give them they give you a full pardon and clear you of your crimes, but there's a catch, you have to help them fight this war.

So what kind of gameplay will the Human / Skaarj War feature? It seems like quite a step away from the standard exploration-based feel of other SPs. Large scale battle a la Call of Duty perhaps?

Yes and more. You still get the exploration-based feeling, but you also have the feeling that there is a war, and you're in it...

Something I've been interested in knowing is if Prisoner 849 is just your run of the mill soldier or a general of sorts.

Well, it wouldn't be realistic, if you get to Earth and fight a war as a general, you do in fact start as a run of the mill soldier... but you do get promotions like any other soldier in the army would.

I follow your line of thinking. Are we going to see any space combat?

Of course, 70% of the Human / Skaarj War took place in space.

Sounds unique. How's the project coming along? A percentage of how complete it is? Is this still a one man project or would you like this interview to double as a "Help Wanted" announcement?

Actually, it is on hold, for I am working on a smaller project called Temple of Na Pali so people can get an idea of what I am capable of, and help me with the Human / Skaarj War.

Oh yeah, I've read about that one. Can you give us a better overview of it?

Well, yes its about a temple built by the Nali to pray to all four Nali gods of good lore then rather than just one, like the Chizra and Vandora temple. But for as far as we know, Chizra is the only confirmed Nali God of Good Lore, but I am saying there are four anyway.

Dare to tread where no mappers have gone before. How does this tie into the war? Or does it?

It does not tie into the war.

Well it does sound like a cool warm up project that I'll be looking for in the future. Back to the War though... Will it feature any new weapons? Vehicles? Environments on Earth perhaps? Effects?

New weapons? Maybe, I haven't fully thought on that. Vehicles? yes definitely... Earth environments, yes, and effects, yes.

Any specifics?

New vehicles I am hoping to add in - Human and Skaarj fighters. New meshes specifically based around the Humans such as body armor, helmets, that sort of thing.

Wow... never seen that in an SP before. Environments in / past concept stage?

Well you are going to be placed on a couple of planets and moons throughout the game... Earth, Na Pali, etc. Also I would like to add, if possible, the ability to interact with people around you, like running up to them and pressing enter in Gunman Chronicles or right clicking like in Deus Ex.

Ambitious. The NPC has been sorely lacking from Unreal SP. Is there anything else you'd like to add before I throw this interview on over to the website?

No that is all, thank you for this interview.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see more of your work soon!