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"Xidia Gold" Walkthrough

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Hi to all! It's time for the next Unreal Single Player Walkthrough, about one of the greatest packs out there: Xidia Gold.
This old Single Player project is one of the best ever created, but many players never managed to go through it for the simple fact it was damn HARD. Hell, to make the difficulty even higher (and unintentionally), one of the Jones' maps, Outpost Pheonix (apparently not a mis-spelling of Phoenix, but a word in its own right), had a bug in which you were not able to save/load the game. You were supposed to survive until to its end, but fortunately it wasn't as hard as a certain map by Hourences (but still annoying in a way).
One day though, Hellscrag saved the day: he used his hidden powers to take down the bug. Now people were more encouraged and they did more runs through Jones' adventure, because Spencer's one was probably overplayed.
Whatever, the pack has still some difficulties, but none of them is capable of making you more nervous than a 7 Bullets Pirate can. Veteran players find Xidia a piece of cake, while others have still problems against some guys called Red Nemesis (giant Skaarj Praetorians), plus other annoyances.
It's for this last reason that the Xidia walkthrough is made, about Jones and Spencer's episodes, in the hope of helping players having an easier time in this truly excellent pack.

Like the previous Deja Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01 Walkthrough, there's the use of my difficulty schema. All the maps are covered, plus sections about Weapons, Items, Enemies, the hard fights and lastly the conclusions.
Sorry, no Easter Egg page this time. Xidia Gold doesn't have many of them. If there's one, it's written in the level description.
This time not all the monsters need to be killed in order to get points, so don't try to be the most terrible killer of all the time even here. This is Xidia, players, and it's already pretty hard. Play the game as it is supposed to be!
Of course I'm going in order: firstly Jones' quest, then Spencer's one (both are composed of 7 playable maps, the others are just cutscenes). There's no Flyby this time... so you can start the game directly without difficulty problems. Of course, the walkthrough is on UNREAL difficulty!

The Xidia Incident

This is Jones' adventure, the first one of Xidia Gold. Jones is still a rough scout at the start, nothing more than some kind normal marine. At least as everyone believe. Jones in reality is a killing machine, revealing his brutality against the aliens who invaded the icy planet. His mission here is to discover what happened in the Outpost Pheonix, a human base found in this world called "Xidia", after all the communications ceased to work.
Unfortunately he'll not find humans here, he'll find corpses, more corpses and blood. No one from the USM knows who did that, but Jones' eyes are the first of the entire military company to see the beasts. And they'll not survive the well-known scout's sight. Not even the alien leader who survived a ship crash without a scratch...
And so it begins...

Xidia: The Escape

Xidia: The Escape is the second part of the map pack Xidia Gold. Composed of seven playable maps like Jones' one, here we control Morgan Spencer, a miner who's still living and try to escape the planet.
Unfortunately, Jones already went away with the shuttle, but Spencer, in a moment where there weren't any hope of returning to his home, didn't step back and decided to find a way out from this icy hell.
Spencer receives the help of Lt. Cray, a soldier previously seen in the Ice Raven during Jones's first level. He's trustable? Or he's one of those arrogant beings that like to use people with the purpose of freeing themselves from troubles?
You'll see...

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"Xidia Gold" Walkthrough