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"Tower of Shrakith'a" Tips: Escape into a Greater Evil

Custom Map Tips

Tower of Shrakith'a Part 1, "Escape into a Greater Evil"

Scenario: In this level, you start out in a Nali's home, and you are told by him to take a medallion that you arrived with to a tower outside the town. Your main goals are just to explore the area for supplies and make your way into the castle at the end.

1.1: Have you found out how to get into the Cartographer's house yet? Look for a key.

1.2: This jump can seem very difficult. Having dodging enabled is recommended

With dodging enabled, dodging from where the image is taken should cover the distance quite easily. If you can't or don't want to use dodge, jumping is possible but much tighter; take a running jump from about where this picture shows, and aim for the lowest part of the roof to land on. If you are successful, you will just barely make the jump across. It is also suggested that you explore the rest of this part of town before making this jump, because there's no turning back afterwards.

1.3: Get out a really beefy weapon when you get here. The manta that flies after you is a LOT tougher than any normal manta.

Also, try taking a look over the side...

1.4: The guard's log mentions losing the key to Slith. Well, where might you expect to find some?

1.5: To open these doors, look for a side route near where this picture was taken.

The switch for the double doors is well guarded. You should save your game before you go very far. Also, getting past this gate is the last part of this level.

New weapons and items: Translator, AutoMag, Flashlight, 4 Nali Fruit Seeds (separated and hidden), Stinger (one hidden, one not), Dispersion Pistol Powerup, ASMD (hidden), Kevlar Suit (hidden), ASMD (not hidden), Rocket Launcher, Rifle (there's also a Rifle that an enemy drops).

"Tower of Shrakith'a" Tips