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"Na Pali Haven Redux" Walkthrough

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Hi to all the readers and welcome to a new Unreal Single Player walkthrough. After Déjà Vu v2.01 and Xidia Gold, I'm here to show you how to beat a single map, named Sky Town Redux, on Unreal Difficulty.

Sky Town Redux is the follow up of Xidia Gold; starring Jones, hero of The Xidia Incident, you have to go into Outpost 3J found in the same Na Pali Haven from the original Unreal, and activate an EMP field in order to retake the ISV-Kran on the planet's surface, now in the hands of one of the toughest groups of Skaarj.

Being made by the same author of Xidia Gold, you probably expect this map to be a bit difficult. While it's nothing compared to the previous pack, you may be stuck in one point of the island because you can't stand too many Skaarj Troopers with Shock Rifles. With this guide I'll try my best to make you live through the level. Just be sure to save the game after every battle.

Sky Town Redux also uses the same gameplay system of Xidia Gold; therefore, I'll use the same style I used in the Xidia Gold Walkthrough in order to write this one. I won't cover anything about the four bonus versions of the map in the walkthrough since some of them don't work as they are supposed to.

The difficulty points for the map and the boss battles are self-explanatory, I think, but you can read more about them by viewing the difficulty schema. Plus, expect spoilers everywhere.

So, what to do now? Use the .Bat file to open Sky Town Redux on Unreal difficulty and let the fun begin.

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"Na Pali Haven Redux" Walkthrough