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"The Illhaven Saga" Tips: Illhaven OldTown

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Illhaven Part 2, "Illhaven OldTown" (The Night Patrols)

Scenario: You have awakened the next morning to find the town infested with Krall. They are everywhere, and they have taken all of the supplies that they could find. You have to get to the Black Raven Inn on the other side of town.

2.1: Just as it has already been said, there are virtually no supplies around. The greatest problem with this is that ammunition is nonexistent in this level. Conserve your ammo as much as possible, use your Dispersion Pistol if you think it will be good enough, and remember that you don't have to kill all the Krall to make it through the level. Also, don't waste your time breaking barrels unless they're just in your way; you won't find anything in them.

2.2: After you find the execution block for the first time, take the road to the left (from this angle), and follow it until you see a small alcove on the left.

You will find a stash of well-appreciated items, and they are most of the few items in this level. Along those lines, I should say that I haven't found any good use for the Jump Boots here.

2.3: There is another pair of Jump Boots in this barrel. Again, I will say that I hope you find more of a use for them than I did.
2.4: As you approach the doorway where these Krall are sleeping, jump off the raft and go through it. You will like the surprise that awaits you inside.

Weapons and Significant Items (anything present in this level is significant): A "Mug of Ale" (80 health), Jump Boots, 3 Nali Seeds, The Spell of Protection (a Shield Belt)

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