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"The Illhaven Saga" Tips: Illhaven Farewell

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Illhaven Part 6, "Illhaven Farewell" (The White Horse Tavern)

Scenario: You have awakened to find that a snowstorm has come into Illhaven. You must look for a viable way to escape from Illhaven now, preferably while avoiding the harsh weather.

6.1: If you're having trouble finding the lever to open the door in the floor. I have positioned my crosshair toward the lever, and from this picture it is a little easier to tell that it's a lever.
6.2: The translator messages in the priory mention that the items in the priory are coated with venom and thus are deadly to come into contact with. As a result, I haven't included them in this list of items.

6.3: On the way out of the priory, there are a few items that are safe to pick up. When you are in the rooms of the four brothers, read their missives. If the missive that you are reading is not by Luki, the evil brother, then any items in that room are safe to pick up.

Significant Items: 11 Nali Seeds, Assault Vest, The Sorcerer's Shield (Power Shield), The Holy Shield (Shield Belt)

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