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"Déjà Vu" Walkthrough



Hey ya players! This time I just took a break from the beta project in order to write my first Walkthrough of my life; though it is the first, I have already experience for that :P
My first work revolves around the second version of the first Single Player Map Pack released by Team UnrealSP, Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.01. The pack consist of great sixteen maps with own different themes made by various authors. A must play, though the story is pretty bad :)
The walkthrough here is for Unreal difficulty, so it will not be that useful for Easy/Medium/Hard modes thanks to the enemy/item placement changes (although you don't really need a walkthrough for those difficulties...). Just because this is Unreal difficulty, I think anyone should already have played the pack (is a madness playing packs in Unreal mode on the first time), so I just assume you know (if well or not) the maps and their exit. This is why the walkthrough does not make use of any screenshots (apart the Easter Egg section). Unreal difficulty in DV can be pretty challenging, and you may find some unfair fights. But let's stop with the words, just let's go. Sorry for any grammatical errors of mine... but some come directly from the game :P

This article consist in a full walkthrough for all the 16 maps, a boss and Easter Eggs (EE) sections.
The pack make use of Unreal 1 weapons, so the experience will be cooler with old U1 characters. I'll try to give you strategies in order to never run out of bullets and having a good life through the levels. And no, I'll not write strategies where I say how to beat ALL the monsters by yourself without a kill is robbed by a monster. Too hard.
Maps and boss fights in this walkthrough are given a difficulty ranking or "star rating" in accordance with the difficulty ranking schema.

You can directly start the game or just by watching the intro firstly. But I recommend by starting the game, as the intro will revert the difficulty always to medium (You must pl4y Unr3al difficulty!!!1 :)).
If you really want to see what's the intro is about and its words, here's the scene: you are in the middle of space with Na Pali beneath you. RTNP's Title.umx track is playing (is bugged for me though). You start to see some words:

"Déjà Vu - Gryphon Revisited v2.0"
"J. Brie, Personal Log, June 21st 2253, 11:14 hours."
"Gryphon, they're sending me back to Gryphon. One visit to that damned planet was enough."
"I said as much to Commander Pearson, but he was having none of it."
""This is a very important mission to Inuit," he said. "As a survivor of the ISV-Kran, your experience of the planetary environment and hazards makes you the only man for the job."
"Yeah, great I've escaped from that hellhole once before, so now I get to go back. Hardly seems fair, but Inuit's intelligence insists that the Skaarj are no longer in operation on the planet's surface."
"I sure hope so..."
"June 21st 2253, 16:23 hours."
"My ETA puts me in Gryphon's orbit in twelve minutes. Once I reach the landing site, I am to set down and travel to the retrieval point with minimal interaction with the Nali people. Commander Pearson was very clear on that fact. I guess he doesn't want the liability of them knowing about my mission. When I have the artefact, I'm to return to Inuit sector control without delay."
"Wait? What was that? A blip on my scanner? but it's gone now. I'd swear something was there; I sure hope I'm not being followed."
"June 21st 2253, 16:25 hours."
"Bastards! There's a Skaarj ship on my tail. They're gaining on me! they'll be in firing range soon. I'd better enter combat readiness mode."
"June 21st 2253, 16:27 hours."
"I'm under heavy fire! *crackle*, shields holding, but those damn Skaarj won't let me go, and my weapons are no match for theirs."
"June 21st 2253, 16:29 hours."
"SHIT! They fired some weird energy torpedo blasted a hole right through my aft shields *crackle*."
"I'd better head to the escape pods; my ship can't take much more of this. The mission's a bust!"
I can't risk the Skaarj finding out the location of the Merc weapon; If I let it fall into enemy hands, Inuit will have me crucified *crackle*"
"Now, I just have to rescue my own ass."
"*End of File*"

Ok, I laughed a lot after these. Although there's still Operation Na Pali for the competition :)
Now let's start the first map of Déjà Vu v2.01.

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"Déjà Vu" Walkthrough