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UnrealSP.Org 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest

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Born out of the community's desire for a new speedmapping contest akin to the one hosted two years earlier, the UnrealSP.Org 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest mainly differs from the previous one by the introduction of a stock-content-only rule. As many entrants in the 8th Anniversary mapping contest fell victim to over-ambitiousness, putting a lock on custom content was thought to boost productivity and allow for a larger amount of successfully finished entries.

However, due to unlucky timing of the contest period which was set at a time where many a forum member were especially busy with school and work, enthusiasm once again sharply declined as the deadline (which was consequently extended by 2 weeks) approached, with many entrants either dropping out or releasing unfinished pieces of their works, providing little reason to publish the scarce amount of content with the originally planned hub map. A contest compilation is likely to happen in the near future, but requires further discussion within the community.

This year we have a total of 9 submissions out of 26 entrants, two of which have accomplished the feat of attaining exactly the same final score from the judge panel. I'd like to thank the contestants for their awesome work, and the judges for delivering their reviews of the maps in a considerably short time span.

- Sana

Addendum: A 7-day period of community voting has been conducted in the UnrealSP.Org Forums after conclusion of the contest, allowing users to rate the participants themselves. The results can be found in a bonus page in the article.

Warning: The following pages may contain spoilers of significant elements in the judged maps. Screenshots can be clicked to expand them to full 1680x1050 glory.

download link:

This is all the 10th Anniversary speedmap entries in one collection. Note that these are the original releases for the contest and some have had improved standalone releases since.

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UnrealSP.Org 10th Anniversary Speedmapping Contest