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Who are we? A mission statement. is dedicated to supporting the single player games of Unreal and the mission pack, Return to Na Pali. We aim to provide comprehensive walkthroughs and item guides for these games, and to answer any questions you may have relating to their gameplay.

While the single player Unreal community may be dwindling, there are still people out there who care about the game or who are discovering it for the first time, and finding sites dedicated to it becomes increasingly difficult as the multiplayer Unreal games continue to dominate what little is left of the series' memory. sets out to fill this gap. We will review the best of the existing single player maps released for UnrealReturn to Na Pali and Unreal Tournament, going right back to the start, and also to promote and review any new projects that are in the works. We will also link to any other Unreal related sites we think are good enough.

Finally, we hope that the forums we host will be a place for fans of single player to talk and for mappers to promote their work.

Overriding aim - keep single player Unreal alive!

Our Areas of Interest

  •  Single player projects for Unreal.
  •  Single player projects for Return to Na Pali.
  •  Single player projects for Unreal Tournament.
  •  Unreal themed single player projects for Unreal Tournament 2004.
  •  Unreal themed single player projects for Unreal II: The Awakening.
  •  Unreal themed fan fiction.
  •  Unreal themed fan art.


Deeper history

If you're interested in the origin story behind the website, Hellscrag has written a detailed re-telling of it here: