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Subject: DM-Carbonium

Post Posted: 23 Nov 2017, 18:00


Developer: Molnár "makemeunreal" Balázs
Status: WIP ~60%
Game/Gametpe: Unreal Tournament/Deathmatch

Carbonium started off as an "educational-like" map where I showed off the use of UED to my friend Babos Ebkeks (Who then began mappin' himself, and already made some maps. They aren't public tho.)
At first we had some very basic geometry, but it looked very good and promisin' as it was 'bout to get a shape.

The name "Carbonium" is choosen because several reasons.
The overall look of the map.
As a "salutation" before @Carbon.

WIP shot #1
It will use my modified version of ShaneSky. (VOLCANOS)

WIP shot #2
You'll get a load of plants and trees. Just the usual. And Ancient.utx. :3

WIP shot #3
A guy just've asked if I could upload a pic showin' the map in the editor. From above. Here you are:

WIP shot #4
Taste the feeling.

WIP shot #LOT

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