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== Known Bugs/Issues for v5.03 [Updated 10-4-13] ==

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Subject: == Known Bugs/Issues for v5.03 [Updated 10-4-13] ==

Post Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 16:43

Updated 10-4-13, v5.03


  • Image Saves will sometimes get corrupted. This isn't an EXU bug; it's the engine fucking up. See below for the fix.
  • Image Setting MaxDecals higher than 1000, then saving, will crash UT. This is an engine bug with lists >1000 entries. Leave MaxDecals at 1000 or lower.

General Issues
  • The D3D10 driver included with EXU2 is, stupidly, missing a d3d10drv folder that should be included. You can download the full D3D10 driver here and extract it into your \System\ folder. Next version of EXU2's Full package will have this included. Fixed for next patch.
  • RMusicPlayer: After setting the volume, the slider resets after loading saves or switching levels if you don't restart UT first. To fix, simply choose the volume you want, save, and restart UT. It will stick until you make another change. Repeat as necessary.
  • RMusicPlayer: You may get an error message about missing msvcr71.dll every time you load a map with mp3 music. The game will otherwise work (even the music), but it's annoying. To fix, copy the included msvcr71.dll to ..\Windows\System32\ on 32-bit Windows or ..\Windows\SysWOW64\ on 64-bit.
  • Coop bugs: caused mostly by the engine itself, and many are unfixable. For your first playthrough, I recommend playing offline so you have a (mostly... hopefully) bug-free experience.
  • If you use EXUOpenGL.drv as your renderer, set bUseS3TC=True in your preferences. EXUOpenGL (and possibly Chris Dohnal's OpenGL renderer) will downsample any 512x512 textures to 256 if S3TC is turned off. Enabling it will prevent this behavior while we fix the bug / find a better OpenGL renderer. D3D8/9/10 doesn't seem to have this problem. Actually you can fix this really easily by setting MaxLogTextureSize to 12 instead of 8 in your renderer settings! No need to enable S3TC!
  • Some wiki content is out of date, particularly the actor classes page.

  • Some pawns seriously fuck up their indirect fire aim and miss by a mile while otherwise being competent shots. Mercenaries are also unable to aim properly while standing still.
  • HUD is really, really fucked online. Chat messages and selection messages remain readable at all times, however. I think a lot of the fuckery is due to Unreal 1 HUD code, which is completely awful beyond the capabilities of the English language to describe.
  • HUD five-item display does not "wrap" the inventory list, currently, so when you reach the end of your list, it displays only four or three items instead of looping back to the beginning.
  • HUD ammo icon has a color overlay based on your armor status because I'm dumb. Fixed for next patch.
  • EXUGrenade subclasses are desync'd online because bNetTemporary is set to True in that class. Fixed for next patch.
  • Hyper Grenades leave behind giant glowing flares online after they explode. Fixed for next patch.

  • Your second Piddledoper disappears after switching maps. Because I enjoy this unintentional balance mechanism, it won't be fixed. A Legless Krall stole it. Fuck it, fixed for next patch
  • Music will not restart after loading a save in Highlands of Despair (Map 15). For now, type "causeevent musicstart" after loading a save to re-enable it. Fixed for next patch.

>>> If you encounter anything not listed in here, let me know ASAP in the latest release thread! <<<

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Subject: Fixing Save Bugs

Post Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 16:45

Fixing Save Bugs

This engine's save system basically serializes a copy of the entire map + whatever is going on in it at the time. Naturally, in EXU, this means it saves a TON of info. Sometimes, the engine just shits itself. Unfortunately, I have no idea what conditions actually cause this to happen, but it's usually when a lot of stuff is going on all at once.

  1. When you notice saves are broken, open the console (press ~ or Tab) and type "showlog"
  2. If you see an "error moving Save.tmp to Save##.usa" somewhere, Save##.usa is corrupted
  3. To fix: save your current game in a different slot (or in any normal slot if your Save1000.usa, which is the Quicksave, got corrupted)
  4. Close UT and open your ..\UT\Save\ folder
  5. Delete Save##.usa, where ## = the number of the corrupt save
  6. Reopen UT, load your functional save, and save over the now-dead slot (there will still be a name here)
  7. Try saving again in that slot and it should work. Hooray

I know this is kinda shitty, but it's the best I can do for now!

To avoid this issue, make a save in a new slot at the end of each map before you load the next one. This way, save corruption won't take you back so far. I also recommend starting with a clean slate before you play, i.e. no save files at all. But saves from other map packs should not impact EXU at all, nor should EXU affect them.

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