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BFNPDepends Unofficial Release

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Subject: BFNPDepends Unofficial Release

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 15:53

Download: https://www.mediafire.com/?des5fxnqnpvdpro

This was a program created by Enigma during Battle for Na Pali's development to find the file dependencies of maps. Enigma was going to make a non-BFNP based version but he doesn't seem available. Using it for something recently reminded me how useful it could be so I thought it was time everyone could, and I don't think anyone's going to get mad at a "leak" of it at this point. It seems to work perfectly with non-BFNP maps. I think files you don't have are highlighted in yellow, but I'm not 100% on that.

Usage: You simply point to your Unreal installations (the base folder like C:\Unreal or whatever) on the "UT Installs" tab (it works fine with Unreal 1 too), then go to the "check files" tab and choose whatever maps you want to check, click the arrow pointing right and their dependencies get listed in the right hand textbox. To unlist a map click it's name and click the arrow pointing left.

Note: When you go on "check files" something about downloading a dependencies list comes up, just choose no and ignore this (and similar options in the interface). I think this was something about highlighting files specifically related to BFNP, but obviously that's not relevant now, and doesn't work anyway. I guess if it's possible to reverse engineer it it might be possible to make lists for specific mods?

Edit: Base colours seem to be:

Green=You have all relevant files for this map
Yellow=You don't have all the files for this map (missing files highlighted in yellow)
Grey=This item is not used in anything/has no dependancies.
Red=I'm not fully sure on this one, I think it's when a bunch of files are missing.

Edit 2: Oh it was made by Enigma, not Naveed.
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Subject: Re: BFNPDepends Unofficial Release

Post Posted: 03 Aug 2014, 17:04

I tested it and it works fine in Windows 7. I'm liking it more than UnrealDeps.

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