Scout-kun is a lie... right? 13th Anniversary and Website Update!

In other news: The Fifth Vortex reviewed celebrates its 13th Anniversary! For 13 years the Unreal single-player community has endured, continuously churning out new, exciting adventures. It has withstood periods of drought, and enjoyed times of high activity. Familiar faces have come and gone, some things have changed, others have remained the same.

It is now time for another big change. A MASSIVE website revamp is now underway. You will immediately enjoy a fresh, modern new design as well as the various perks of an upgrade to the experimental phpBB 3.1 release, and you will be pleased to find out that, in the future, the written words of the main site are seamlessly fused with what was previously known as the Forums.

However, the number 13 takes its toll even this time, as I have not managed to find the time to fully implement all features as intended. Most notably, you will find that most of the main site content is currently missing from the new iteration. The site will continuously be updated over the next weeks, and you will be part of an evolving process that will eventually see the site's full glory restored in a re-imagined, modern, sleek shell, as well as push it beyond its boundaries as frequent news and updates breathe new life into the scene.

As the article comment function is currently disabled (but definitely upcoming, for many articles including project reviews!), please drop me your feedback in this forum thread.


TBD: The comment system will soon be available.