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EXU2: G59 updated to v2.03! New projects announced!

Image UBerserker has just released a new version of his Excessive Unreal 2 project, G59. The hellish, surreal shooter now sports a whole new map and several new music tracks by Cybernetika. For more information including a download link please visit the project thread.

Image After sixteen years since Unreal's release it happened: people are writing books about this legendary game. Escape to Na Pali: A Journey to the Unreal is one such book - a beautifully written "tourist guide" that reminds us many interesting details about the planet Na Pali and Unreal itself. A perfect read for a long interstellar travel aboard the prison transport vessel Vortex Rikers on your way to the unavoidable crash and the adventure that follows. Brought to us by Five out of Ten Magazine authors Kaitlin Tremblay and Alan Williamson, available as an e-book for purchase over here.

Image Terraniux' Monster Hunt map series "Crystal Mine" will be receiving a new installment, fourth one - and the author has already hinted that a single-player compatible compilation of all four is indeed a possibility. The respective project thread contains further updates in the matter as well as a sleeve of awesome-looking screenshots!

Image The newcomer Pla has announced a project titled Unreal Acrid and has shown some amazing screenshots already. He still isn't sure whether to continue his mapping endeavor so I suggest visiting the project thread and spamming the vote that says "Yes, absolutely" like there's no tomorrow!

Image Our friends at OldUnreal are also very active! UnrealPredator has announced the map pack Dead Star and there's a large gallery of breathtaking screenshots for our viewing pleasure in the project thread.

Image Another gift from OldUnreal is a very handy tool, UCC Helper by eGo. It may be a significant help for those struggling with code compilation via the UCC command line tool. Initial release supported only Unreal version 227i but since then an extensive array of supported games was added. More information and a download link, traditionally, in the project thread.

Image It is a monumental loss for our small community. OldSparky, the founder and leader of the -(DOG)- clan, is gone. Those of you that pray - please, keep him in your prayers. Those of you who do not - please, keep him in your thoughts too. The -(DOG)- clan is with us since 1999 and continues to offer a pristine multiplayer experience both competitive and cooperative - and many of us have started our play with others thanks to these guys, some have even taken up mapping. OldSparky's mission is now continued by the extremely capable Strategy - so the clan's future is secured, however OldSparky's departure is still truly tragic. He will be missed.


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