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28. Bluff Eversmoking

Map Author: Myscha the Sled Dog
Music: Newmca13

Bluff begins as usual: inside the room you just saw from the exit of Velora Pass. This time, though, it's brighter. Plus, there are no fountains, no torches, no lever and so no doors leading outside. All you find is two golden lamps. Textures on the pillars are different as well. Proceed now.

Due to the changes, you won't hear many of the sounds that you know from the final version of the map.

Outside, it does seem that the small graveyard is different, or nonexistent in other words. There are no barrels, no Nali, no stone borders, no crucifix and lastly, no bodies. Yeah. Kira’s story wasn't yet developed in this beta, but you have probably realized that after completing ISV-Kran and The Sunspire.

At least there's an Eightball and an Automag to be picked up. Proceed to the bridge and you'll notice the absence of the two pillars, that contained monk statues, found before the archway. Lastly, there's no lever. The giant door can be opened by going near it, and on both sides too.

As you open the door, you'll fight two Krall right in front of you. Continue and you'll see that the torches here, and any other one found in this version of Bluff, have a different shape.

The second part of the bridge isn't that different. There's a Krall coming from the left hand side, and a Skaarj Warrior from the opposite one. Go on any lateral platform and admire the differences: darker lighting, no stone walls at the empty edges and no levers; if you look outside, there are also less rock spires. Although there's something else you can find... many empty barrels, six cans of Eightballs, four cans of Tarydium Sludge, a GES BioRifle, a Flak Cannon and a SCUBA Gear.

No, it's not time to go in water yet. But from here you can see that it looks different, and honestly much better than in the final version: it's blue and translucent. You'll notice much more missing stuff... let's continue to the monastery. The next big door can also be opened from both sides simply by touching it.

The main courtyard. Nothing really weird to see, except that the supporting pillars of the main gates that are different and screwed up on their top parts. On the left hand side there's a Nali praying in front of a new crucifix, with a Nali on it. Just beyond the doorway behind this cross, there's a Skaarj Scout that you need to beat before he kills the Nali.

Another important thing is the absence of the crucified Nali in the distant mountains. No prizes this time. Take the pathway which leads below the cliff. No changes with the music, you're sticking with the alternate version of Bluff.umx, unused in the released version.

This sloping pathway leads nowhere, as there's exactly nothing at its end. Since you can see pretty much everything from here, the following are also missing: the electric platform system with the whole railroad, rocks of every kind, sewer holes and the bell tower; lots of missing stuff in this early version of the map.

All you can see though is a wooden bridge connecting the exit of the map to a never-seen before doorway found in the main cliff.

Return above and proceed through the exterior areas of the monastery. There won't be anything until you'll find a team of three Krall playing dice, near the wooden balcony. Kill them; the secret ledge which contained the Rifle in the released version doesn't have anything now. Proceed into the area with the swimming pool. There's nothing, and now the pool is a small cube room which contains an aggressive group of Biterfish.

The valley with the cage containing Nali Rabbits is also empty. Even the cage itself doesn't exist here. Continue into the next area, the one with the Cows.

Here, the stone wall on the edge is simply missing, and so is the iron spire near the fence. This time there's also a single Cow and a single Baby Cow.

From the edge, you can see the wooden bridge which connects to the exit. Jumping from here is the only way to arrive on it. But, for now, continue to explore what’s left of this map. The last exterior side of the monastery is also empty (the crucified Nali, the other Nali and the Skaarj found right outside the monastery were probably moved here). Go into the cemetery.

Apparently, the entrance to the cemetery has a torch this time; in the final version the lighting appears to have no source. There's also an additional white crucifix which acts as a welcome to the visitors, plus an already opened iron gate at the second archway. The cemetery itself is unfinished. The tombstones are here, but with no ghost Nali, no items and no secret button. The top of the big tomb can instead be destroyed with a weapon shot, but you shouldn’t go in there because there's no elevator (and the fall is long) and also no alcove with the Flak Cannon. A Skaarj Lord is supposed to be behind the staircase of the big tomb, but he is automatically killed as you open the map due to a bug. Go back to the monastery entrance.

Now you are capable of opening the main gates by pushing them. Two Krall on the staircase of the church will assault you. The staircase has now two pillars connected to it. You'll also spot on the church, a useless column of bricks. The entrance to the sentry tower doesn't have a sign. Now explore the part on your left, which is supposed to lead to the small Skaarj outpost. The first, closed area has no changes but its two vases are empty. The entrance to the outpost instead is nothing but a dark, plain and empty area. Another undeveloped thing.

Enter the sentry tower. It is darker and doesn't have torches. The lever is also very different and it's placed right after the entrance. Call the elevator to go to the empty second floor. Since there are no levers here, you can no longer use the lift to go below, but you can jump from the windows and land on the roof of the church. You cannot do this in the final version of Bluff since the windows are blocked by iron bars.

Enter now the small doorway near the church.

Here, the barrels are missing, plus a Skaarj Lord will jump from the staircase, probably landing on your head. Check the fountain area: it has a different shape, plus there are two Nali Healing Fruits and two Nali. The pool is simply a pipe which doesn't lead anywhere else.

The secret with the Eightball inside the floor is already present; enter the church.

The lighting in the church is different and has no source, except for the torch on the lower floor (the one with the cross, now grey instead of red, attached to it). Watch out for two Krall on the second floor.

Below, there are no Nali, and most of the floor uses different textures. Since there aren't any Nali, the secret areas are already opened but don't contain items or mirrors. There's just a Super Health Pack over the altar, that you can get by jumping from the second floor.

Exit from the church; note that you could have opened its main doors even from outside. Now only the lake is left to explore. The only way to go here is to jump in the water. Simple as that.

Swim near the wooden platform below the stone bridge. You'll have to face an angry group of Biterfish, two giant Devilfish and, finally, the only Squid placed in an Unreal retail map. They don't even come close to posing a challenge. You should look out when you go over the wooden platform, though; there are empty barrels and a Nali, but a Brute and a Behemoth are guarding the cave. The birds that should fly above you are instead playing under the stone bridge. The pillars on the wooden platform are shorter.

Enter the tunnel and arrive at the cave. It is very unfinished and only has a wooden platform leading to the next corridor... which contains the elevator and no additional areas. No architectural details in the lift tunnel either.

You have now explored everything. Go into the area with the Nali Cows and, from here, fall onto the long, wooden bridge. Turn your back and you'll spot a new entrance to the catacombs. Enter it.

Call these "catacombs"? No tombs and no ghost Nali. Very empty, plus the torches are no longer covered by iron cages. The section with the pool is also missing.

Return to the wooden bridge and enjoy running over it.

Enter this last area (the entrance looks different and smaller). There's just a straight pathway with a torch at the end. Below it, a hole with the three barrels. Fall into it.

You won't get hurt, because you touch the exit. Time to go to DASA.

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