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27. VeloraEnd

Map Author: Jeremy War
Music: Black

Black.umx is actually Boundary.umx, and it's heard for the entire following map. This was a strange choice, though.

Anyway, there seems to be a missing Unreal segment between this map and Cryox... you don't start the map underwater, or inside a ship, but in another place altogether which hasn't been seen anywhere else, which is very similar in theme to Dark Arena.

Where you are now? It does look like one of those underground structures built by the Nali. The first room is square-shaped, with a pool in the middle. In front of you there are two pathways leading somewhere else. Don't forget about picking up the whole normal weapon arsenal of Unreal (aside from the Dispersion Pistol), found near your position. Lighting is very colourful but there aren't sources, minus a few torches found throughout these caves; sounds are present in the form of water drips and waves.

Now check the pool.

It's empty, and contains two tunnels leading somewhere that you should ignore for now. Interestingly, there's a third pathway, but it quickly leads to a dead-end. Looking through the editor, there’s a Teleporter which doesn't work, and has TAG = VeloraExit. Sounds a bit strange and maybe ironic, and I believe this would have been the real entrance of this map.

Go outside the pool and take the pathway on the left hand side to enter one of the intermission corridors that connect the areas. These have grates that let you see the underwater tunnels below the floor. After that, you should see two ramps on the left hand side leading to another, closed pathway. Between the ramps there's a large pillar. Descend here.

In this tunnel there are two empty barrels and a Krall. Right now the door is closed, so return above and proceed into the next chamber, on your left.

You're now in a chamber that looks identical to the one at the beginning of the level. The difference here is the absence of weapons, but the presence of a Skaarj Warrior. Also, there isn't a third dead-end pathway inside the pool of this area.

Proceed around the structure, and you should find two more ramps leading to another closed tunnel; you'll find nothing but a closed door. The only way to go forward is to swim in the underwater tunnels... again. Go in any pool and take any tunnel.

You'll then end up in a cylinder-shaped area with a dome-shaped bottom. It isn't fully filled with water, so there is no danger of drowning. In the middle of the bottom floor there's a small wooden door; on the walls are attached eight pillars. Between any two of these, there's something. The order goes as follows, in a clockwise direction:

  • The tunnel that you used to come in this area.
  • Empty wall. You spot a hole in it if you look above.
  • Another entrance to this area.
  • An elevator, but the platform is missing.
  • Another entrance to this area.
  • Empty wall. You spot a hole in it if you look above.
  • Another entrance to this area.
  • An elevator, but the platform is missing.

For now you should kill the Slith swimming below you. When he dies, the hatch at the bottom floor magically opens. Inside there's a small hole with a big button to be pressed. Don't worry about the hatch as it can be opened from both sides, if it closes.

After pressing the underwater button, the door that was protected by the Krall you have killed recently is now unlocked. Go inside it and use the elevator to ascend to the upper floor. Kill the Tentacle. In front of you there's a hole which leads to the underwater area (one of the same holes you've seen before) and a button which illuminates as you press it. By looking at the underwater chamber, it activates one of the two elevators in there, which is the one on the left hand side. Touch the moving platform to use it.

The lift will lead you to a real man cube room: just a white light coming from nowhere, a Tentacle to kill and another button on the floor. Press it.

Now the door found in the second area with ramps (which was empty if you remember) is now unlocked. No differences from the previous one, aside from the colours of the lighting and a Skaarj Berserker coming right in your face. Be careful.

Use the elevator to go above, kill another Tentacle, press the button on the floor. This activates the other lift in the underwater chamber. Use it to exit this place.

You're now in a cube-shaped pathway leading outside. You cannot go back anymore, since you have no way to re-activate the elevator. Walk for a bit and you'll realize what map is this.

You're in Velora Pass... a very different version of it. The whole part with the Skaarj's portal obviously doesn't exist here, as you begin in the area right behind the throne - which looks different as well.

If you go to the left hand side, you'll find a lone Eightball. Advance into the zone in front of the throne: everything appears proportionally very small, and the whole stone courtyard is missing! The Dispersion Pistol Power Up also doesn't exist. This time though you can go behind the throne, as it is not attached to the wall. Lastly, look above the throne structure, and you'll spot three flying flags out of the blue. Strange.

Anyway, the Stone Titan is still sleeping, and thunders and wind sounds can, as always, be heard.

The bridge is already in the lava lake. Did I mention that this whole section looks different as well? Small, wooden moving platform instead of a metal bridge, wooden supports found only at the top, narrower pit; the theme of the place feels more primitive. Just go near the pit to activate the Stone Titan. The scripted sequence is the same, aside from the Chest sound which is missing from the beta. This battle is harder, since the boss has over 5000 points of health (higher than any enemies found in both Unreal and Return to Na Pali), and the arena is not large. You can use the Amplifier to kill him quickly, otherwise hide yourself at the small entrance of this valley and damage him from there (he won't pursue you behind the stone structure).

When the Stone Titan is dead, press the button placed on his throne. This will call the wooden platform which will let you pass the pit. Also, by looking at the pit, on the right hand side, you should see a lone tree branch attached to the mountains. On it there's an Amplifier and a pair of Jump Boots with one charge. You basically have to land on this thin branch, get both items and use the Jump Boots to return above. You probably won't make it since the branch will fall to the lava very quickly.

Now you only have to proceed to the door which leads to Bluff Eversmoking. It can only be opened if the Stone Titan has been killed.

And so, you finish the last beta map of Jeremy War, and enter Bluff Eversmoking.

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