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26. Cryox (Page 1 of 2)

Map Author: Eenocks
Music: None

Note: the map uses no music, but it's confirmed that its theme is Inoxx.umx. You may want to modify this through the editor for a better gaming experience. An already existing SongSection change is notified in the following description.

The first thing you need to know before beginning this map is that you need to have NOT less than 20 points of health. By looking at the exit of FHub6 you won't probably expect this kind of start: basically you fall through a hole, long enough to deal 20 points of damage as you touch the ground. I guess you have to be healthy enough at the end of Toxic (or better, before its Titan fight), as there's nothing dangerous in FHub6. If all else fail, press TAB and cheat.

Room number one: slightly detailed; the architecture in the entire Cryox map is above average, except for a few areas; expect tons of light actors without sources, though. You also notice an inscription, but it and the others you find in Cryox, have no attached Translator events; nothing to read. Nearby, there are four small windows that are blocked by BlockAll actors. And apparently the map is full of these.

Behind you there are some decorations, a Flashlight, a Flak Cannon and a Flak Box. Lastly, you'll hear a lot of water noises. Fall in the hole.

You enter a pretty basic corridor, and in the middle of it you'll find an Automag. After it, you'll fight the first Mercenary of the level, guarding a Health Pack.

The next area has two Mercenaries working with some panels.

You'll notice a passage closed by a default-textured force field. You cannot do anything with it, but interestingly, there was supposed to be a trigger which activated two Special Events that would deal 10 (or 20) damage upon you as you touch the barrier, but it's not added here.

Resume your run, and kill the Mercenaries. You may have noticed that these guys like to press two dark sets of wires on the walls. Shooting both will reveal two secret rooms behind walls.

Distributed in both, these contain Mercenaries, a can of Eightballs, a box of Flak Shells and two Health Packs. Proceed into the next area.

You'll enter the first of a triplet of large rooms: they consist of round-shaped areas with pools in the middle, leading to the underwater section of the map. Let's go in order.

The first room has two Mercenaries and the first Mercenary Elite to be fought in the Beta - they differ from the ones of the final version due to a less detailed skin, including all the other changes of a normal beta Mercenary obviously.

You'll also notice a closed door on the right hand side. You cannot open or enter it legally since a scripted event which activates its trigger is missing. Ghost through it: there's a small room full of red lights, beep sounds (also common throughout the map), with two Mercenaries operating on large panels. In the middle there's a small hole leading to the aforementioned underwater section, and to remove its barrier you have to shoot a glowing set of wires found near the entrance. I don't suggest going into it now; for the rest, there's a Stinger on the ground and above you there's an unreachable hole which leads to a dead-end.

Go back and proceed normally toward the second room of the triplet.

The next area is larger than the previous one. There's nothing interesting, aside from a Mercenary being crouched and working with a panel, behind a small wall. Kill him and shoot the set of wires: now the default-textured force field at the beginning will be deactivated. Ignore that for now and proceed to the last room of the triplet.

The third area is more similar to the first one. Just as you enter the door you have to fight a team composed by two Mercenaries and a Mercenary Elite.

At the end of the room there's an elevator which descends to the real entrance of the underwater section of Cryox. Pray that everything goes right, because not only you entered a maze, but you donít have any SCUBA Gear to support you, and drowning (and death too) is pretty much guaranteed without cheating. At least it isn't nitrogen/cold water, and according to some info the map was supposed to have that. Sadistic, huh?

Like any Inoxx map, this one is far from finished.

Almost all of the following stuff is optional as you can head already for the exit (which is not an easy feat). But what's the fun in that? Let's check the entire ship then.

Some of the underwater movers/doors will cast no sound. Plus, if you added Inoxx.umx to the map throughout the editor, an already existing trigger will change it to a more silent song section, which fits with the underwater trip.

You're now in an average sized room, a Hub of some sort which lets you access many underwater tunnels. The first thing you'll notice, on both left and right hand side, is a doorway leading to a quick dead-end. These are very similar to the teleport pathways in the Mothership Lab, done by the same author. Cryox was supposed to be a Mercenary Mothership and was supposed to have more areas, and levels too.

Now there are the other tunnels...

  • Facing the opposite side of the one with the elevator, and below the grate, you should spot a tunnel with a door which you can open.
  • Same as above, but on the left hand side. No doors, and leads to the same direction as the previous pipe.
  • As written above but on the right hand side.
  • Three other pipes in front of the three previous ones.

I suggest going through the pipe directly below the elevator. The other two leads in the same position, which is a larger, vertical tunnel.

After passing the door, you enter a bigger, flooded pipe. Ignore the door above and go below, which leads to a straightforward pathway.

Swim in the tunnel. Any of the big doors that you'll find here will be opened as you go near them. Right now you're proceeding below the pools found in the triplet of rooms visited previously.

Ignore the door on the right hand side and proceed always forward. After passing said triplet, you'll enter a tunnel which goes upward, protected by the only Slith who is inside Cryox. Watch out for its ranged attacks.

As you swim, and probably while running through the entire level you may want to check the build quality, which is very detailed for a standard Unreal map.

The top of this vertical pipe leads to the previously visited red room that you could only access through ghosting. Even here you can't do anything as you can't climb outside the hole.

Descend again and check for the small openings in the same tunnel.

Now finding the right way is going to be troublesome. If you try to go in the small tunnels on both left and right hand side, you'll be blocked by a wall (that look identical to the doors found in these kind of tunnels). The only safe pathway is the one in the middle, which is directed toward the famous triplet of areas you visited before, clearly leading to the main underwater hub seen before. During this claustrophobic swim, you'll notice several things. You'll pass a first crossroads, although the entrances to the side tunnels are blocked by a grate; this is the same for any other crossroads you're going to see in this specific place. Nothing to be worry about since they would lead to the aforementioned blocked pipes. You'll quickly arrive at the second crossroads, placed beyond the blocked part of both lateral pipes. Continue swimming and check for an opening found above you.

You enter an empty room illuminated by a red lighting coming from nowhere. This is a good way to take a breath from some swimming. If you haven't already noticed, the water surface looks hilarious here. It apparently uses a translucent, metal texture from the DecayedShip package. There are also openings to access the lateral pipes as well, but for now continue to swim through the one in the centre.

You'll be passing two other crossroads and another empty room identical to the one mentioned above. Still, proceed in the same tunnel.

Be ready to pass through another crossroads, but this time, stop and check the grate on the left hand side: beyond it there's a tunnel which supposedly leads somewhere in Cryox. Take note about this.

Continue to swim, pass the final door and you'll finally be back in the first underwater hub! Before doing anything, you may want to check the lateral pipes found on the side of the elevator, that have a similar shape to the ones found on the opposite side of the level, but they don't lead to anywhere new.

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