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25. FHub6

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Walking (same as Gala; different mix of SS0 with radically different middle section at pattern 10. SS1 plays at wrong tempo)

You're in Gala's Peak? Maybe not, the first real room looks quite different. Just pass the first door, and you'll realize you're in a different place altogether, exclusive to the Beta.

For now, you're inside some kind of small outpost. There's not much here, just a door and an elevator to the empty roof. And what's outside? Another desert. Even more empty than the previous ones. There are just lamps, the sound of the wind and a plain lake. The sky somehow fits with the environment.

A nitpicky thing is the presence of two pipes in the lake, near the outpost. They are empty, but given how lifeless the map is, there are some sounds coming them!

Pass through the mountains. Pass the gate.

The next area is the biggest one of all the original work made by Epic/Legend. It's an enormous and empty plain. Although, in the middle of it there's a cool Mercenary ship. It's basically empty aside from a hole in its belly, leading to a small room made of rocks...

Since there are no enemies around, you're free to run everywhere without being in danger. It's pretty fun with slomo 10. Once you're done, proceed to the next area.

The third and last part of the level has a bright and empty pool. Nearby, there's another, yet massive ship of the Mercenaries. There's nothing to do in the pool, so go to the pathway on the right hand side.

While running near the iron structure, you'll see a pipe leading to its interior. To go inside it, you have to arrive at the end of the pathway you're in. Then, you can climb all the ledges until you arrive at that hole.

An incredibly narrow corridor. It seems to end with a dead end. Just continue.

You'll magically finish the map. Yeah, very unfinished like Sky Town was. Now it's time to start one of the most frustrating maps ever made...

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