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24. Toxic

Map Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Music: Blossom (same as Neve; SS0, SS1 division)

The map starts with no music. Remember the first corridor here, which you saw in the previous map? Now, a rock formation has magically appeared.

You'll run over a group of weapons: an Automag, an ASMD, an Eightball Gun, a Flak Cannon and an Assault Rifle. There's a Translator as well, so be ready to read some messages.

The first real area looks more detailed than the latest version. Instead of walls, there are mountains here, and some palms too. You'll also spot a lone Bird flying above the bridge...

Go into the next corridor. It seems that the hidden button you need to shoot is missing. So, how the hell do you open the secret area with the pair of Jump Boots?

You have to kill the lone Bird in the previous area, no joke (it's a small reference to the Jazz Jackrabbit games). Use hitscan weapons to make things easier. If he's gone, the door will open.

Get the Jump Boots, and now it's time for some tricky jumps. Go into the previous area and look at the hole: the iron ledge below it is missing, and that's a big problem.

The first jump is about climbing the nearest archway; the second one is trying to land on the white ledge near the hole, on the extreme left. The last charge is needed to surpass the lamp blocking your way. You'll get a Shield Belt here as a reward. Return now to the corridor. None of the cells have grates on the floor, while the door to the previous area doesn't exist, so you can return to the beginning of the level.

Kill the Skaarj Warrior and proceed. Here, in both areas, alarm lamps and Toxin suits are missing. Ascend to the upper floor.

The death of the incoming Skaarj Lord will unlock the door to the next corridors. Blossom.umx starts as well. Proceed into the next area...

There's a Toxin Suit in the junction, but don't get it yet. Just continue and a Skaarj Warrior will appear in front of you. The entertainment doesn't end here. Continue further and a mean Behemoth appears right BEHIND you. Just run into the previous area and cause havoc with the Flak Cannon.

Once they are dead, go forward and to the left. The panel has a new message: "In the event of both primary pumps sustaining significant damage, the floodgates to Sector 2B will open."

Something sounds different after reading it. Watch out for the Pupae and turn the wheel here. At the end of this corridor, you'll see a crate containing a box of Flak Shells. Like Foundry, you weren't able to see the decoration in the final version. The other pathway has no differences, except for another set of visible crates. Use the second wheel, and you notice red lighting coming from nowhere. Now, get the Toxin Suit and return to the floor below. You notice that the acid cells are still intact; although, both of them have a small hole found nearby. Stay far from it and shoot the hole: the cell explodes and now you can swim in the tunnels...

...or not. In the underwater pathway, a door blocks you from the next area. Remember the new message you read before? It was talking about this floodgate. All you have to do is destroy the other acid cell. Now proceed to Sector 2B.

The next area is bigger in the beta. This time, it's a hub connecting four different rooms, and it is guarded by two, patrolling Brutes.

Start going to the right hand side. The pathway will lead to the outside room which you were supposed to pass in the latest version of the map right now. The Marine weapons are obviously missing and there's no doorway to the other side. Go back and continue to your right. There's a closed door and an ASMD in front of it. Now check the last part of the hub, where you'll find an elevator which will lead to the upper floor. Once you arrive, there are some Pupae hiding in dark nooks and some Health Packs as well.

Proceed, and check the area to find four boxes of 50 Bullets, two Lesser Brutes and a box of Rifle Rounds. The door to the middle room doesn't work. Hit the sludge barrels near it. Nothing happens. Shoot the door to break it pieces. Inside you'll find a Minigun and a lever which unlocks the door near the ASMD, in the floor below. You'll be forced to fight a Skaarj Warrior as well.

The next two areas have no differences, except for the absence of Marine weapons. Music deactivates as well.

You're now in the crane room. As usual, a Skaarj Warrior from the previous rooms tries to ambush you. Talking about changes: the translator message near the panel has a different word ("adjacent" instead of "lower"), and there's no staircase connecting the two floors, forcing you to use the iron planks. Descend into the control room.

Swim to the ledge with the rotating lever. Since this time there are no doors here, the wheel activates the bars found in the toxic waste (and they work better than they ever did in Return to Na Pali). Swim there, and be careful of the Slith. Go above to the surface, kill the Slith and press the button. Return to the previous area and use the crane. You can finally hear Blossom's second songsection.

Proceed into the next corridor, and be sure to take the SCUBA Gear from inside the wooden box. Everything is the same in the area with the slime tank, aside from the presence of a lever near the panels. This one unlocks the door which leads to the nook with the Toxin Suit and the Skaarj Lord, of the next corridor (and that part has now a flickering light). Once you're done with this part of the level, jump into the slime tank and swim into the hole. The music deactivates.

The slime pool has an extended pathway in its final part, which contains two ASMD Cores. Exit from the green sea and proceed in to the next area.

No changes here either, so get everything you need and proceed to the right hand side.

When entering the next area, the explosion doesn't seem to happen. Kill everyone and proceed to the upper floor. The curved corridor has some weird walls... Continue to the lever protected by the Pupae. Now check the corridor again, and you see that one of the weird walls opened. Inside it there's a Nali using a panel. He'll take you to the balcony of the previous area, where he'll open a secret area with a Health Pack and two cans of Tarydium Sludge. Entering this room will trigger the appearance of two Pupae who may kill the Nali, and maybe you as well. The secret area was never deleted in the final version, but you had no way to enter it aside from ghosting.

There's also the second, differently coloured wall in the previous corridor. Just touch it to reveal a room with the Invisibility.

Now you have to go to the circular elevator. At the bottom of the hole there's a Skaarj Lord who's going to die really quickly: stay far from the hole and shoot anything at it. A great explosion occurs, killing the Skaarj and generating lots of effects. Now, the last translator message makes more sense; in the final version of Toxic the explosion happens when you enter this area, and that's why you didn't hear it here.

Now ascend to the upper floor.

The last few areas of Beta Toxic are pretty much the same as you remember. There are some windows now, near the holes leading below.

This time, you're forced to explore the heliport area, since the control post (guarded by a Pupae and a Skaarj Lord) has two levers that deactivate a pair of invisible force fields to the next section, and a message which says "Force field Control Center".

Proceed into the next area, and check the panel near the moving platform. A message appears, and says: "WARNING: Titan containment unit in Sector 8G unstable. Escape is eminent!"

You'll know more about this later. Proceed into the next room. There are two changes: if the new Nali has been killed, you'll fight a bonus Pupae; the second thing is the different appearance of the door leading to the final part of the map. Do all the work to descend through the corridors to arrive in the boss room. Why did you heard a Titan growl before?

Because this time, the boss isn't super Skaarj Lord, but a Titan. I can't explain how he ended up in this place. This would be the hardest part of the beta, since there's no real way to avoid his rocks. Just stay near the pillars and fool him, while using the Dispersion Pistol and the Flak Cannon. Otherwise, an amplified projectile will make short work of him.

Now, make your way to the end of the level. If you can, you can see how different is the room above from the one you knew.

You'll once again gain "altitude"?

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