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23. Foundry Tarydium Plant

Map Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Music: None

You've entered the structure; like the other maps made by CliffyB, you won't spot many changes. Get the Translator and the Automag in front of you. The message on the sign is the same, as are all the other ones you'll read throughout the map.

Enter the first area. It is identical to the final version, aside from the lighting being purple; get used to it, as well as the yellow colouration that you'll find later. Generally, almost all the rooms of Foundry have a different lighting. As always, the next doors are unlocked by defeating the two Brutes.

The corridor on the right hand side is always blocked by laser beams. Go to the other room to shut them down.

Notice the overuse of purple lighting. Defeat the Skaarj Scout and trigger the nice scripted event. There's also a box of Rifle Rounds and no translator message.

The laser barrier is deactivated, and like in the final version, you'll soon have an assault by another Skaarj Scout.

Go now in the other corridor again. The two boxes of 50 Bullets are now replaced by five Clips. Activate the lever and go to the elevator with the Flak Cannon sitting on the middle.

While ascending, you can have a look at the moving, fake sky through the holes.

The next room has no changes, except for the absence of the Terran weapons/ammo. Watch out for the two Skaarj Lords and proceed into the next area.

The U-shaped room can be a nightmare for those who don't stand the colour purple. Aside from this, and the absence of the Super Health Pack in the secret room, the area is the same.

Although there's a new surprise. The middle part of the ledge is guarded by two, overpowered Cannons attached to the wall on the opposite side.

If you're playing any conversion, the Cannons will only move. However, in the real Unreal Beta, the Cannons will also SHOOT you. They use projectiles called "Cannon Bolt" (still present in the original Unreal), and the damage they deal is almost fatal. Luckily, you can kill the Cannons from any position in which they cannot shot you.

Proceed into the next area.

Time to travel the conveyor belt. The only differences you'll notice are some boxes seen through the corridors. These boxes were actually in the final version, but a bug prevented them from being visible both in-game and in the editor. In the real Unreal Beta, the bug is nonexistent. This is also valid for other boxes that you'll see later and in the next map. They contain some Health Packs, Clips, an Assault Vest and a can of Eightballs.

Everything else after the conveyor belt is the same... Go into the control room.

In the control room, the Skaarj Scout will now jump down due to a trigger. The 24 Eightballs are missing.

Before falling down the hole, I recommend killing the Brute found below your current position (the Brute appears only on Easy and Unreal difficulty).

Lighting in this area is now more orange. The rest is the same: get the Stinger, fight the Behemoth, get its 24 Eightballs.

Advance into the next area. The three Pupae are there and so two boxes. One of them was invisible in the last version; it contains a Health Pack.

Ascend to the upper floor.

This time, the Skaarj Scoutís position is not very far from you, and he's pretty slow at activating the TNT. You have more time to stop him now.

Once you finished, cross the bridge and fall in the purple hole on your right.

The next door, in the beta, is opened by a secret button on the floor. It is located near the edge of the platform which has the suit.

The next room has red lighting. Like the final version, another Skaarj Lord appears if the Nali you met before died. Exit and descend in the lower floors.

Use the lift to go down. The areas here are identical, except for the staircase with the weakened Behemoth, which is darker due to the lights. Watch out for the Pupae, trigger the lever and enter the pipe.

In the final version, you were supposed to be slowly damaged when you were inside the pipes. The Asbestos Suit was able to protect you, but even without it, you were safe.

This time you can be damaged, and the health dealt is very high; if you don't have the Asbestos Suit, you'll die. Ignore the path on the right since it's a dead-end.

Go to the room with the lava, which this time isn't covered by the metal floor. Here the suit doesn't protect you, so be quick and exit through the hole.

In the next area, more invisible boxes become visible. One is found on the platform after the conveyor belt, and it contains an Eightball Gun. On the lower floor you'll see more of them, containing a Health Pack and a can of Eightballs.

Kill the Behemoth, and proceed near the doorway where you're supposed to go. The door closes, but the nothing happens to the nearby wall. Instead, a Brute falls from the hole found on the upper floor.

The wall is opened by shooting something explosive at it.

Go in the opened passage; you'll find more visible boxes containing an Assault Vest, a Health Pack and a Clip.

Make your way to the second floor of the previous area; the only difference is the lighting being too much purple or yellow.

The next area is once again full of Pupae. The colour of the lighting is more orange, while there are more wooden boxes. They contain Clips and Health Packs.

A nitpicky thing: the pipe over the lava tank has some holes on it. Where did all the details go in the final version? Proceed into the next area.

The next set of rooms has more colourful lighting. Don't forget the GES BioRifle, and proceed further into the map.

Not many differences in the next area either. Go inside the pipe, fight the Pupae and pass the first turn. In the final version, an explosion breaks part of the pipe, in order to let you proceed into the next room. In the beta, it doesn't happen. UNLESS you shoot the part of the pipe which is supposed to explode. You have to do it yourself now, instead of passing a trigger. Stay far from the explosion because it can kill you instantly.

Take also the Eightball Gun and its ammo.

The first difference you'll probably note about this room is the roof: this time, it's made out of windows.

The path with the Super Health Pack and the two boxes of Flak Shells can be opened by shooting the broken door, while the corridor leading to the next area is locked.

To open the door, you have to press four buttons that are hiding behind the pillars of the place you're in. Once you're done, watch out for the Behemoth who's just behind the doorway. The Brute in the secret area won't appear this time.

The elevator area is pretty much the same as before, although the lift isn't activated. You have to press the button beyond the railings; CliffyB went way too over the top with connectivity. Kill the Slith and swim to your destination. The Assault Vest is missing.

Once you press the red switch, run to the elevator and ascend to the second floor.

Make your way to the top. All the floors are identical to their final version, except they now have red switches to call the various elevators.

Watch out for two Pupae found on the ceiling of the last floor; go in the pipe and start to swim again.

The pipe section is just a little darker this time. It may be harder to pass through it since you don't have the Marine SCUBAGear, plus the Slith tend to retreat instead of fighting. The next room doesn't have the Behemoth or the two cans of Eightballs.

Proceed into the final area of the map.

No changes here either. Same layout, the secret button is still present and the Skaarj Berserker still plays hide and seek with the hole in the ceiling.

After you defeat the Skaarj, the next door opens and you can finish the map. Take a look at the corridor as well.

Foundry is finished. Time to see acid pools in the next section.

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