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22. Nexus End

Map Author: Eenocks
Music: None

The map begins in a small pathway, and you're ready to enter the first room.

Here the author placed the same arsenal that you got at the beginning of Nexus. There are six nooks here, and they all have a Pupae breeding hole. Here's their contents, starting from the left and going clockwise:

1) A Flashlight.
2) An Assault Vest and a Pupae.
3) A Force Field and a Pupae.
4) Nothing.
5) A Pupae and a Shield Belt which appears only on Easy and Medium difficulties.
6) A Health Pack.

Now, enter the next and enormous area.

At first, the room seems to be confusing, but it's just a straight, large pathway. Get the two ASMD Cores and the Health Pack at the beginning. There are four columns that hide some items behind them.

Starting from the left and going clockwise...

1) Two cans of Tarydium Sludge.
2) Two boxes of Flak Shells.
3) 24 Eightballs and a Health Pack.
4) Two boxes of 50 Bullets and a Health Pack.

Go near the end of this area...

In front of you, two Skaarj appear: one comes from the left hand side, the other one was hiding inside a wall which is now broken in pieces. They are bigger, have a lot of health (the one with the Skaarj Lord's skin is stronger) and lastly they are two Skaarj Berserkers.

It seems they don't get angry at each other, as they are part of a Team called "Suckers"... At least we've found a way to stop Skaarj Berserkers from not attacking their buddies.

They aren't really fast, and due to their size you can easily use Flak Shells against them. As they die, you can now head to the end of the map. Inside the wall broken by the Skaarj, there's a Health Pack.

Now you have to use the elevator. Go near it to make the platform move. It causes some earthquakes as it descends. Ascend now to the upper floor.

Check once again the sky made out of bricks, by looking at the hole in the roof.

You arrive on a ledge with a Health Pack and a door to the exit.

22a. FHub5

You'll return to FHub5, from that crypt-themed doorway over the main valley. Finishing Aztec or Nexus caused nothing.

All you have to do now is enter the Foundry Tarydium Plant.

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