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21. Nexus (Page 1 of 2)

Map Author: Eenocks
Music: None

Note: Various black lighting bugs appear in the conversion. Ignore them in the screenshots.

A new dungeon; no sounds can be heard here, except the ones made by the enemies. Pass the first door, and you're on a bridge over a lava river. The lava here is just textured floor: there are triggers designed to damage you, but they are directly under the bridge and they don't work. Enjoy the looks of this place.

At the beginning, you'll find every working Unreal weapon except for the Dispersion Pistol and the Razorjack. The chest is empty.

Proceed through the corridor. The road divides into two ways. Going to the right, there's a Krall and a lift which doesn't work yet. Go back and take the other way.

You'll enter your first real room. Instead of watching the architecture, you should be careful of a Krall on the right hand side and a Skaarj Warrior on the left. There are various breakable decorations but they are empty.

Near the Skaarj Warrior's position you'll find a Can of Eightballs; the Krall's one has a barrel with a Health Pack. Proceed behind the wall. You'll find more barrels containing a pack of Tarydium Sludge and 40 Tarydium Shards.

Two Krall protect a red door. Kill them and you'll realize that the door is closed. Check the wall in front of it: you should see a glowing symbol in its middle. Shoot it: a message appears on your screen, saying "shooted", while the door opens. Go through it before it closes.

Another bright corridor. A Krall on your left will run away after he sees you, then he'll return to kill you.

On the right hand side, there corridor leads to a dead end, two ASMD Cores and a few decorations; one of them hides a Health Pack. Now go the other way. Along the way you'll find a barrel containing a Flare, and an empty box which hides a box of Flak Shells. Continue further and you'll be on a balcony, facing a set of connected platforms over a fake pool of lava.

A Skaarj Assassin should be nearby. There are also two ASMD Cores, a box of 50 Bullets and a barrel containing a pair of Jump Boots... don't get them yet!

Over one of the platforms there's an Asbestos Suit. It gives immunity to lava and some additional resistance, but since the lava lakes are all fake in Nexus, it isnít really useful. Get the suit, and the from the corridor which you have passed, a Skaarj Assassin comes. Kill him.

Now, take note of the doors in front of the balcony. Get the Jump Boots and quickly run inside one of them (the one on the left is recommended since no one guards it on the other side).

The next room is divided into two floors. The upper floor consists of a ledge which goes around a pit in the middle, leading to the lower floor. You'll find a Health Pack and a Krall on it.

Look how nice the area is and look at the pit: if you don't have the Jump Boots, you can't go back anymore. Nice joke. Ready? Jump in the pit.

In the middle, there's a raised platform with a chest, which contains a Shield Belt. It is protected by a Krall Elite and a Skaarj Assassin. They both threaten you; kill them quickly. There's a nook leading to a group of boxes and barrels. Inside one of them there's a Health Pack.

Jump away from the pit and return to the previous area. Facing the balcony, go to the left. You'll enter a dark corridor guarded by a Krall Elite. You'll end up in a room with fake lava. You'll see on your left a ledge. Once again, the Jump Boots are needed to go over there, and this is probably your only chance. If you manage to do it, you'll be over the ledge. A Super Health Pack is here. Now head for the dark wall; there are two barrels near it, shoot them and they'll cause a harmless explosion. It breaks the wall and a passage leading to a corridor passed previously becomes accessible. Welcome back to the area before the Asbestos Suit. You have to do all this with one pair of Jump Boots. The Invisibility is useful here to pass the monsters.

Now, return to the area where you got the Shield Belt (don't fall in the pit!) and kill everyone. Head for the opposite side.

The next area has a real lava pool. The Asbestos Suit will protect you from it, but once you fall in the pool you can't get back.

You're on a iron bridge, which connects various corridors. Watch out for a nearby Krall and run to the wall in front of you. It leads to two Flares and a can of Tarydium Sludge. Facing now the door from whence you came, go on the right hand side.

You'll enter a another dark corridor. There's another Krall Elite here, over a Health Pack. The next room seems unfinished. An empty room with a fake pool of lava in the middle. You can simply run to the opposite side which leads to the area with the platforms.

Return now to the corridor which you used to go to the Super Health Pack. There's another corridor guarded by a Krall Elite, and it leads to the next part of the map.

The next area is the best-looking one of the whole map. Enjoy the altar as well. The first enemy you'll encounter here is a Krall Elite in front of you. The pathways found on both sides contain a Skaarj Warrior. Beneath the bridges, you can find a Health Pack, a box of Flak Shells and 80 Tarydium Shards. The altar has a Dispersion Pistol PowerUp over it. Near the altar there are two corridors leading to the prisons. There are Nali inside opened and closed (with fake bars) prison cells. One of them though, seems to have a breakable wall. Shoot it and a passage will be opened.

You'll enter a dark room. Here two Krall and a KrallElite are playing dice. Kill them. There are now two pathways; go to the one which leads to an elevator. It is the same one which didn't work at the beginning of the map, and now you can use it. Take everything you need and return to the Krall room. The other path leads to a spiral staircase, which hides empty boxes.

Don't go in the next room, but go back to the altar room again. Take one of the corridors on the upper floor. More Pupae breeding chambers on the walls... seems like the function of Nexus is the same as that of Soledad and Morose.

The next area consists of a iron, circular bridge over a fake pool of lava. Fall down and you need to cheat by flying above. If you look up, you'll see a hole through which you can see the fake sky... this time, it is made of bricks. Yeah, really, there was supposed to be a fan here according to a Special Event which doesn't even work.

Some bars lock you in this room if you try to escape. You'll fight a Skaarj Lord and a Krall Elite. Once you kill them, making sure that they don't kick you below in the process, go to the pathway on the left hand side.

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