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20. Aztec

Map Author: Shane Caudle
Music: Suspense

You're in the narrow, mysterious corridor now. If you're playing the conversion, you can see the string "Shane made this sh*t!!!" temporarily, but not in the beta.

The room behind you doesn't rotate, even if you can press the button in the middle. Just go in the corridor, open the door, and a new track named Suspense will fade in.

You'll be outside again. This time there's life though, as opposed as Juan's maps: it's a jungle with palms, plants, brushes, lakes and decorations of every sort. Sounds included. It has a lot of similarities with the Serpent Canyon (which is made by the same author).

About items, you can find two Nali Healing Fruits together. Continue through the land; the lake on the right contains nothing, just some dangerous Biterfish. Watch out for the fallen tree, as a Fly hides over there. I also note the presence of a Parent Blob here, which you can see through the editor... it doesn't have any Bloblets though.

Go in the passage inside the mountain, at the beginning of the area.

You'll enter a cave. Proceed through the part illuminated by a torch. There's a Gasbag to fight here. Check the place to spot two, dead Devilfish (used as decorations) and a vase which contains an ASMD. It's near the position of this weapon in which we will find the unfinished Beta Translocator. You can't see it (since it doesnít have an existing pickup model) but you can pick it up; there are also three, invisible modules hidden around. Since there's a dead-end here, go back to the beginning of the cave and take the other way.

There are two ways now: one leads to a hole in which you can see the valley found outside the cave. The other one leads to a bridge, which is needed to access the cave inside the other mountain. Enter it. This is a single room containing various decorations such as human corpses. The vases here contain two Flares.

Return to the valley and continue through it. Beside the lake with the Biterfish, there's an archway leading to another area.

Enter this valley, which has a lot of palms and trees on your left; on the right hand side there's a great lake. Walk forward, ignore the two Nali Rabbits and the Bird above you, and look on your left to see a temple inside the mountain. Although there's a Skaarj Scout near it who needs to die. After he's dead, check the blood stain to see another human carcass, an ASMD Core, a Flashlight and a Stinger with some of its projectiles.

The lake has a Slith and a school of Biterfish.

Near the entrance of the temple there are two Nali Healing Fruits. Enter the structure.

Welcome to the beta's Velora Temple... This is its full version, unlike the one in Return to Na Pali which had a lot of deleted parts.

The first area is the same, except for the absence of barrels and items, and the replacement of Spinners for Pupae.

Use the lever and descend to the lower floor. There's also a nitpicky thing: if you go back outside the temple, you'll have to fight a Krall which has appeared from nowhere.

The room with the wooden bridge is the same as the one you know. It got another surprise though: the Chameleon pawn, the coolest of the harmless monsters you see in the game. The pool doesn't have goodies this time, and both in it and in the underwater tunnel you'll have to fight various waves of Devilfish. Twenty of them to be exact, and they appear in different places. Return to the Chameleon room and proceed in the next area.

In this narrow room you'll find two chests containing a can of Eightballs and an ASMD Core. This little corridor misses two torches found in the RTNP version, making the whole area darker.

The second room has its walls with the same texture as the one of the floor. There's no Skaarj, less wooden planks, an Eightball Gun and a Nali Healing Fruit.

Enter one of the largest room of Aztec. No enemies in sight, except for a weird Skaarj Scout on the bridge found above, who doesn't move. A Gasbag may come from the left hand side though.

As for items, there's only a chest on right hand side containing a GES BioRifle. Everything else works well; if you don't know it, one of the four columns has a fragile point which can be destroyed with a single shot. Itís also in the released version as well. Go in the corridor on the left.

It is very dark this time, and the texture used on the walls is different.

The next room has some differences in the actors. There's a lone Gasbag who flies everywhere, while the Nali carcass has an Automag, a Clip, an ASMD Core and 25 kilos of Tarydium Sludge. The Super Health Pack in the alcove above is replaced by two Flares and 80 Tarydium Shards.

Proceed to the bridge now.

You'll see the Skaarj Scout. He's unlit, and doesn't move or he's just dead. Actually, he is dead, due to an invisible BSP hole on the bridge found near the edge, on the right hand side. Stay away from it and proceed to the other side.

The path on the left is blocked by iron bars, while in front of you there's a new area. You'll pass through two large, empty and dark rooms. Two Pupae are hiding as well. Proceed into the next area.

Time for another trap room. You have to walk on a rotating, cylindrical bridge over a lava pool. Plus you have to avoid some arrows that are coming from the walls. If you fall in the lava there's no legal way to return to the bridge.

The good news is that the rotating bridge doesn't make you fall. Easy area to pass.

Choose one of the two corridors to enter a new room. This one is the largest area of Aztec, and it's really a bust that it didn't appear in the RTNP version. While it looks very cool, you can pass through some of the brushes, like the columns of the upper floor.

There's a Nali here on the slope, who wants to make you see what's on the top of the area. You'll probably notice a broken column. Once the Nali passes a certain point, the column will rotate down. The Nali will die, and you have to run somewhere to avoid being crushed. Just go on the ledges found on both sides.

The column will arrive at destination, breaking a wall and revealing a secret room which contains a Super Health Pack.

Now check the top of the area. Here you'll find a lever, which unlocks the bars seen previously. Go to the unlocked area.

Enter the next area. Unlike the Return to Na Pali version, the small torches, items and many brushes are missing, making the whole room a bit lifeless. All what you see here is a Krall and a lever, plus the hole which leads to the room below and the passage leading to the secret ledge with the Flak Cannon and ammo.

Use the lever and go to the next corridor. There's no Skaarj Berserker, just an Assault Vest. Now check the room below: Krall and the barrels are missing, but you can still get some Tarydium Shards.

Now, make your way back to the lower floor (just below the bridge with the BSP hole) and take the way which should lead to the next part of the level. The first room is completely empty, while the second one has just a Nali Healing Fruit and no other changes.

You probably need a Flashlight to pass the trap since the place is darker this time. Check also the uglier lava pool below you. Arrive at the other side, and make a run through the corridor inside the Velora face. If you're too slow, some arrows may instantly kill you.

These cramped rooms you're going to pass through are identical to the ones in the released version, aside from some changes. Go into the corridor on the left hand side; next to the ramp you'll find two Nali Healing Fruit and 40 Tarydium Shards. Still no Krall. Go to the second floor to see a new thing: the corridor has been extended to the eyes of the face-shaped structure. Nice. Watch out at a Krall guarding the Invisibility though, on your left.

The second ramp hides a Shield Belt and a box of Flak Shells. Go in the next room.

Like before, Pupae replace Spinners. The secret opened with the breakable pillar works perfectly. Ignore it for now and check the next corridor to find a human corpse, with a Minigun and a box of 50 bullets near him. Now go inside the secret area where you'll find just two chests containing a RazorJack and a box of 50 Blades. Break the floor and go down.

The underwater tunnels are almost unchanged. Devilfish still appear, but the Assault Rifle and its ammo doesn't appear in one of the next areas. The third underwater room is the one with the big pillar in the middle, and it is blocked by iron bars. You can make a hole through them, but it's hard to pass due to some collision problems, so be sure to be quick. In this area, you'll probably encounter a Lesser Brute who's drowning in the water (since the Brutes are the only enemies that don't have infinite oxygen); otherwise, you'll find him already dead. Aside him, thereís a dangerous Slith and more Devilfish. Once you have finished, go above and run in the next corridor, which is guarded by a Skaarj Warrior.

Descend and you'll arrive in a new room. It's almost empty, and the floor consists of a group of small platforms that you need to cross to get to the other side. Below, there's the usual lava pool, which uses a very weird texture...

Before going to the other side, you have to fight a Skaarj Warrior who runs to you, coming from the end of the room. He looks weird when he's running, and he's very easy to defeat. Once he's dead, pass through the room. You can simply run over the platforms.

Descend, and you'll finally enter the area with the trap of crushing spikes. The area looks the same aside from the absence of some brushes. The corridors on both sides are blocked, so you're forced to pass the trap, to arrive on the other side. It is still easy: walk near the trap to activate it; as the spikes return into the walls, make your run to your destination.

The part before the door looks very different from the released version, and there aren't any items around. Go near the closed door. It will unlock the two corridors found before the traps. Both have two Gasbags, 80 Tarydium Shards and the buttons. Press both buttons and you'll unlock the door found after the trap. Go into it...

Another new area. You have no time to look at it since there's a boss here. If you're playing on Unreal or Easy difficulty, you have to beat two bosses.

The monster in question is a simple Stone Titan, while the extra one is a Giant Gasbag found near the ceiling. The fight is easy: run around the area and spam rockets, grenades and amplified shots of the Dispersion Pistol. Once the Stone Titan is dead, the music fades away and the next area will be unlocked.

About the room you're in, it's large and illuminated by a weak purple lighting. In the middle, there are two Health Packs and 24 Eightballs in the middle of the arena. Since you can't go back, go into the next room...

...which is again, new. This one has a pyramid in the middle of a platform surrounded by water. There are no enemies and items, and to activate the pyramid, you have to press the two buttons found below the face-shaped structures in the area. Once you're done, laser beams come out from the eyes of the faces, and they'll stop over the pyramid. After a while, the beams disappear and the pyramid will open. After a while, an altar will appear, revealing the last Dispersion Pistol PowerUp which you need.

Proceed into the next area.

You should know this chamber, even if it misses the wooden pillars and the Skaarj Lord. Go to the upper floor. Again, no items and no monsters, but it's dark. There's a new trap though in the middle of the room... a rotating blade. It probably kills you if you go near it, and has some collision bugs. Stay away from it and head for the exit.

20a. FHub5

You'll return to FHub5. Everything here has returned to normal, so watch out for the low number of enemies here.

All you have to do now is enter the crypt-themed structure in the middle of the main valley.

Another new map, and the last crypt themed map you're going to explore in the beta.

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