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19. FHub5

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Newmca4 (Fifth)

You begin the level from where you finished the previous map. Just before I start, I'll explain that his map is Nagomi from Return to Na Pali, albeit different. And it's only called FHub5 here.

The entrance has the same shape as the final version, but it just uses the Crypt2 textures. Pass the door and you'll find a RazorJack and two packs of Razor Blades, near the Nali carcass.

FHub5 doesn't have any of the treatment from Nivlek in the RtNP version. Like in FHub4, you're in another desert and there aren't any palms/crates/plants around. Continue to the end of this pathway and watch the birds flying in one direction.

You're now at the edge, and this time there are two wooden planks connecting the ledge you're on with the one ahead of you. Below there's the pool, while on the land there are two Nali Healing Fruits, a plank and an iron pipe inside the ground, connected to the pool. It's actually a new tunnel. The most hilarious thing is watching the Devilfish jumping in the water. Actually the pool is fake and you have to fix it in the editor.

Return to the land and head to the pathway under the wooden bridge...

Two Gasbags hide beneath the bridge. Kill them and watch the lifeless environment: just a fallen plank.

Climb the ledge and head for the way which should lead to the first area of the map.

You should spot a Nali who does nothing. Just look behind you.

Kill the Skaarj Berserker.

Go now to the exit of Velora's temple. Since there's nothing around, examine the structure.

Compared to Nivlek's version, here you'll find more fallen bricks from the ancient structure. Spinners are now replaced by Pupae. Just go inside the temple and kill all three of them.

Now head to the main valley. The shortcut on your right which leads to the Foundry is lifeless as well.

Follow your way to the ledge which descends to the big field. While you're running, you'll spot in the opening on the left hand side another cryptic-themed door. You can open it, but behind it there's another closed one. Go into the valley.

Some geographical changes here. Now you can see the full exterior of the temple, as it is placed in the middle of the area rather than inside the mountain. And it uses all Crypt2 textures, and it doesn't seem to be the Velora Temple at all, but another place. Around the structure, the texture for the terrain is different and there are four palms.

The pool works and there's a current pushing you to the surface. A closed grate can be seen at the bottom.

Go to the valley of the Foundry now.

Another desert, and as enemies you’ll encounter a Lesser Brute on the ledge over the bridge. The bridge has more details, but doesn't have the elevator...

You can already access Foundry, but ignore it for now. Its structure has this time two windows instead of only one.

Fall into the lake. It's empty, but there are three Devilfish to fight. Head to the structure you see there.

It has a platform and a tunnel; behind the platform there's another small pool, but it is fake, so stay away from it. Go in the tunnel. Another current pushes you here.

You'll end up in an underwater tunnel with a fan. You can destroy it, but you'll still be killed if you go to its position.

You see some ledges above, so go over there. There's a SCUBA Gear, an Assault Vest, a GES BioRifle, Tarydium Sludge and a Health Pack. Lastly there's a lever. The next part of the tunnel leads to the grate you saw in the pool in the large valley. The lever temporarily unlocks it. Trigger it and make a run to the next tunnel. Along the way you can also get some Clips and a Flare. If you're fast enough you'll exit from the tunnel before the grate closes.

Now, remember the new tunnel in the first lake of the map? – Which you should have fixed in the editor? Go into it.

You'll find yourselves in a small cavern with a Devilfish. Kill him and climb onto land. Enjoy the cave and get some Nali Healing Fruit, a Minigun and some of its ammo. Ascend the staircases and watch out at the Pupae.

At the end there's another Nali Healing Fruit, two empty vases and a weird, Aztec-themed chamber.

In the middle of it there's a button. Press it and the chamber rotates of 180°. Now the opening leads to a small pathway.

You'll soon touch the exit. This is the new entrance to Velora's temple.

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