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18. Morose (Page 1 of 2)

Map Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Music: SETI

You've definitely entered a new place, another cryptic structure. Exit from the small room and descend to the left. Lighting is not bright here.

Pass the small room, which contains a Flare, a Clip and another Translator. Continue to descend.

At the end of the stairs, you'll find an Automag, an Assault Rifle and an Eightball Gun. Near the candles there's a message which you can read; it says the name of the place you're in, which is the Skaarj Temple of Jrath. Like Droth, no one knows about Jrath, at least for now.

Look around and you should find four Clips. If you go to both sides, you'll spot two openings, but without bridges you can't go into them. Fall below, and you'll fight two Krall who are threatening you. Once you shoot them, they'll start to attack!

Explore the area you're in. There are two small, lava pools on both left and right hand side. The wall on the opposite side of the closed door has two nooks containing plants and barrels with Eightballs and boxes of Rifle Rounds. You'll also find a lever; it unlocks the door to the next area.

Enter the corridor, as the door closes behind you. In front of you there's another door and a Shield Belt. Now check the wall on your right hand side. Part of it is blooded; touch it.

The wall opens, revealing a narrow secret area. Go inside to see what it has.

Here's your prize: a Nali carcass. A torch illuminates the room and there's also a window from which you can see the previous area with the lava pools. Go back in the corridor and proceed further into the map.

You'll enter a very detailed room. In the middle you'll find a lone Health Pack, plus a Skaarj Warrior patrolling the area: some Tentacles are present as well. Go onto the first floor you by using the stairs on your right, at the beginning of the room. On your way, you'll find a Stinger and Tarydium Shards inside a chest and some barrels. You'll also see a weirdly textured wall.

The second ledge of the first floor which you're going to pass, has a microscopic hole on the ground. You'll find a small button in it. Shoot it and the fake wall you've seen previously will open, revealing an Invisibility powerup.

Proceed into the next corridor, which is just above the one where you found the Shield Belt. You'll be attacked by a Skaarj Warrior jumping from the other ledge. To activate the bridge (you can simply jump to the other ledge if you want) you have to press a button found on a wall near the pit. Look around for a Health Pack and some Rifle Rounds. The road here divides two ways...

If you go on the right hand side, you'll find yourself in one of those openings you saw near the first Translator message. The bridge is still missing though, so go on the left hand side instead. You'll access the upper floor of the previous area. Some Tentacles to fight and the sky to see through the windows, which is identical to the one seen in Soledad.

At the end of the floor you'll find a Health Pack, and a purple lighting without any source illuminating a gold lever and a message. The message is about something said by Jrath, talking about the awesome strength of the Skaarj.

Use the lever. After a while, it will activate the bridges in the first area of the map, to let you pass through the openings.

You can now return to the first area, over the balcony. A Krall has appeared as well. Pass through the second opening.

In this corridor you'll find some gibs and a box of Rifle Rounds. The track SETI fades in now. Advance and you'll soon fight a Skaarj Scout; afterwards, go to the elevator to access the upper floor.

You'll be in a dark room. In front of you there's a chest containing a Flak Cannon; you'll find also two boxes of Flak Shells. Use them to take down a Skaarj Scout coming from the left hand side. When he dies, the door on the right hand side will open.

Near the position where the Skaarj Scout was hiding, you'll find some Clips, and a balcony showing the first area of the map.

Proceed into the next room, where you'll see a gong and a Krall Elite.

The Krall Elite will spot you. Instead of attacking, he'll just run to the gong and bang it with a melee animation. A sound effect happens, and two Krall appear from above. After their death, proceed to the ramp in front of you (as the door on the left hand side is locked). You'll go in a nice corridor with windows and some Tentacles to fight.

At the end of the corridor, you'll find two Health Packs, a golden wheel and a grate on your left, in which you can see what it is found behind the closed door in the previous room. Use the wheel and look through the gate. The door finally opens and you can see that in the gong room a Skaarj Warrior has appeared. Kill him and go in the new, unlocked path. Ascend to the upper floor.

Run along this corridor. You'll see on the ground blood and a beheaded Nali, plus some Clips.

Suddenly, you'll be ambushed, by a Krall Elite coming from a dark passage, on the left hand side.

What's bad is a Skaarj Warrior who appears in the next area to help the Krall Elite. Kill both (or make them kill each other) and proceed in the next room, which is the upper floor of the area with the gong. Explore the bridge, and you'll find two Flares, two Clips and a box of Rifle Rounds.

Now, see those gargoyle faces on the walls? If you shoot one of them, a scripted event happens. Nothing too important anyway, go in the next part of the map. SETI fades away.

Pass the door, kill the Tentacle and you'll be in a room with four lava pools, one in each corner. The door behind you closes, forever. Go through the doorway on the right hand side. Some chants can be heard...

In this nicely detailed room, you'll spot a Skaarj Berserker in front of an altar. When he spots you, you hear a human scream and the second songsection of SETI starts to play. The Skaarj Berserker in the beta is as strong as the released version, only with better dodging skills.

After his death, the music still continue. Make your way to the altar, which has a human corpse stabbed by a knife. Behind the stone table you'll see a picture of Jrath. There's no information if he's supposed to be a god, but he's able to foresee the future.

Look below his picture and you'll see a small button. Press it. Take notice of the two golden cups near the altar.

Go back in the previous room and you'll be attacked by some Krall Elites coming from above.

It's time to enter the corridors you see here. They have Tentacles, so watch out. Start by going on your right (the doorway on the opposite side of the area's entrance). In this first corridor there's nothing, except a golden cup at its end. The second pathway has the access to the next area; before pressing the button in the altar room, there was a door here. Ignore the new area and proceed in the third corridor, where you'll find another golden cup in the turn. Here you'll find an opening in the interior wall: it's a nice room with an Assault Vest inside a chest. Go back in the corridors and continue. You'll end up at the beginning of this area.

Now, did you notice the golden cups? There are four of them: two in the altar room and the other ones in the corridors you just passed. Destroy them and go in the third corridor (which had the opening to the room with the Assault Vest). On the exterior wall, you'll find an opening; go in it. A misty, green corridor leading to a GES BioRifle and 100 kilos of Tarydium Sludge.

All you have to do now is go into the next area you saw before.

Morose continues on the next page...

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