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17. Soledad (Page 1 of 2)

Map Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Music: Soledad1

Note: Various black lighting bugs appear in the conversion. Ignore them in the screenshots.

So, you begin the infamous map named Soledad. Soledad is a Spanish word meaning solitude. Anyway, you're still in the purple tunnel, underwater. Swim and exit from the pool, by going through the hole over you.

You end up in a room with two floors. You'll not have much time to look around, since you'll be spotted by two beta Krall coming from above; they aren't really that hard though. Explore the lower floor: there are some Flares, another Translator (finding a Translator in a beta map means that said map has readable messages), an Eightball Gun and finally, the Rifle, named "Assault Rifle" in the beta. Its secondary fire is no longer the zoom, but instead a three-shots burst: the accuracy becomes horrible, but it is good for doing incredible damage to an enemy, especially Skaarj, at point-blank range; lastly, the damage dealt by one shot is lower too.

The second floor consists of three ledges going around the first one. The second ledge has a message which you can read on the tablet on the wall. It says: "Spawning pool of Droth". No one knows about Droth. The other two ledges have two coffins, with the picture of an unknown monster.

If you have already killed the first two Krall, the coffins open. The one on the first ledge has two boxes of Flak Shells, while the other one has a hidden button which calls the elevator coming from the hole found above. Ascend.

The new music track, Soledad, finally starts. The room you're now in is guarded by two Krall playing at dice. The two doors you're seeing are locked and you also spot a ledge above the monsters, with an Assault Vest on it.

Kill both Krall to unlock the doors. They lead to two corridors going for the same path, and they are guarded by two Tentacles, so watch out.

About the ledge with the Assault Vest, you can't access it for now, unless you're going to use rocket jumping. Ignore it and proceed in the next area. Oh, and the small pod isn't a lift, sorry.

Go through one of the two corridors, they lead to the same room.

You probably remember this area from the old Soledad screenshots.

You're on some bridges over a flooded floor, and grand-sized pillars are around. Fight some Krall here guarding the place, and one of them may come from the floor above. There's another door which leads to a path blocked by bars, so ignore it. Sounds from an owl can be heard too.

Now, fall down to the flooded floor.

The part of the flooded floor below the bridges has just some Clips found on the bases of the pillars. Continue through the only available way.

You're below the ramps, facing a wall with various holes. Watch out at some Tentacles that may attack you from above. Here you'll find a Clip and a dead Pupae. From what you can see, these crypts are used by the Skaarj to breed Pupae. Anyway the tar under you comes from those holes, it's like the their barriers are broken (Pupaes don't care as they still don't understand good manners). Enter now the dark corridor in the wall.

Basic corridor with some microscopic holes on the floor, leading nowhere. It contains a carcass, an Automag and a box of 50 Bullets. The corridors ends up with a closed wall; touch this wall and you'll open it. You're back in the corridor leading to the last area you visited. Go there again.

Use the ramps to access the upper floor of this area; lighting comes from two torches found in the pillars. You may find a Tentacle as well.

As you arrive above, you can choose to go to the left hand side or to the right one. Go to the left.

This path leads to the upper floor that you saw in the previous area. Some Krall to fight (unless they fell below to fight and die by your hand) and two coffins.

Hit the top part of the coffins with a weapon to open them. The first one has a box of Flak Shells, while the other is empty. Not really though, as it has an invisible trigger which opens a secret door at the beginning of this room. The invisible trigger is put in the position where I put the VoiceBox, in the screenshot found below.

If you are doing this correctly, you should see a purple light coming from the opposite side. The light comes from the secret corridor you're opening. If you leave the position, you see the purple light slowly fading out.

You may want to run in the position from where the light is coming. If you are fast, you'll see a wall which is closing. The longer you stay on the invisible trigger, the longer the secret door opens until a certain limit. Then, you have to run in the secret passage before the door closes. Unfortunately it is impossible as the speed of the door is too high for you. Just use the Ghost command and you’re set.

You're now in this passage, illuminated by purple torches. Proceed further, and you'll find a GES BioRifle, some cans of Tarydium Sludge and a Health Pack. Continue until the end of this pathway.

You're now on the ledge with the Assault Vest which you saw before. Get the item and ascend again the ramps in the previous area. Go to the door on the right hand side.

You'll enter some large rooms, illuminated by the lighting coming from the windows. There are some barrels near you, but if you shoot them you'll attract the attention of a Skaarj Scout and a Gasbag. The barrels contain boxes of Flak Shells. Continue and you'll meet another Gasbag.

The pathway ends with another Skaarj Scout. Kill him, check the two Health Packs and the lever, made out of good-looking movers. This one unlocks the bars in the pathway found in the previous area.

The lever also unlocks, at the beginning of this area, a secret wall, containing a Skaarj Scout, two Health Packs and an ASMD. Now you’re ready for some hard work...

Time to enter another secret area which doesn't require cheating, but does require incredible aiming skills (and luck). The secret area is found beyond the windows on the interior walls; you may have noticed some weird parts on said walls, and now you have to destroy them... from the inside. All you can do is use the Flak Shells. Fire them through a window and hope that they fall on the broken wall. One shot is required. There are two broken walls:

1) From the beginning of the area you're in, it's below the first window on the left.
2) Same setting for the opposite wall, found in the third corridor of this part.

The first time you're going to do this you may really want to cheat, but who knows. The secret contains useless plants, two ASMD Cores and a clear view of the fake sky, which you have seen from the other windows on the exterior walls.

Now go into the unlocked pathway of the lower floor of the bridge area (where the bars were). Two Krall have also appeared.

Run through some hallways, descending too. As details, they have torches and holes. Every turn you're going to pass is guarded by a Tentacle. At the end, you'll enter another area, the music fades away and a Gasbag attacks you from the right hand side.

Walk into the middle of the new room and you'll face another Gasbag. There are two coffins, both in two nooks. The wall in the middle has some kind of mechanism with a lever, with an Eightball Gun near it. Touch the lever.

Enjoy the movers now. The four bars around the cube with the Gargoyle's face will move. The two, horizontal ones will hide inside the bricks, while the vertical ones will assume a horizontal position. Lastly, the cube rotates. Every movements are followed with sounds. You'll notice some blue lights coming out from the coffins, and after a while they open. Inside them there are two Skaarj Assassins that want to kill you!

The music is back, and with the second songsection which doesn't disappoint. After the death of the two enemies, the next door opens. It leads to a corridor with another Tentacle. Kill it and go further.

The next room is small, and has an interesting roof, plus two other Tentacles. There are two nooks containing a box of Flak Shells and a box of Rifle Rounds. Use the elevator to go above.

You'll be attacked by the beta Krall Elite. Their skin is similar to the normal ones, but they have a blue vest and a more coloured Concussion Staff. They have 240 points of health instead of 200 as well. The projectile used is the same, but faster (ignore the shot below). Killing them is harder as they have better dodging abilities.

You're now walking on the upper floor of the previous area where you have killed the Skaarj Assassins. Along the way you'll find a few Rifle Rounds below the torches.

The last turn of this pathway hides a Skaarj Lord. They are the same as in the released version, although here they have, like many monsters in the beta, insane dodging skills. Near the monster there's a nook containing two Health Packs and a lever, while on the right hand side, beyond the bridge, you see another ledge with three barrels containing two Clips and a Super Health Pack.

Turn to the next elevator and go above.

You'll both arrive at a destination and get your last weapon, the Minigun. There's a door, go into it.

You'll enter a small and dark sanctuary. Its altar has a chest containing a Shield Belt. Go back and use the next elevator.

You descend into a small pathway and the music fades away. You'll find another dead Pupae and more of those holes where they are supposed to be. Check the ledges for some Clips and fall down. There's a closed door, some barrels containing ammo for the Assault Rifle and the Automag and a platform to a gold lever.

Start to use the lever and it will cause a sound which calls the first Pupae in the beta to fight. Staying on the platform won't make them move to you; as usual Pupae are almost immobile when they are facing an enemy on a higher ledge. Pupae have 100 points of health instead of 65 and are faster.

Now you have to open the door. Just stay near the gold lever: the longer you touch it, the longer the door opens until its limit. If you leave the position, the door slowly starts to close. Create a big opening, otherwise you'll be crushed by the doors. You'll end up in a corridor with a Krall Elite.

After you kill him, you'll end up in another familiar room seen in the old screenshots: the iron bridge area over a purple pool. The pathways on both left and right hand side are blocked with iron bars, although you can find ASMD Cores before them. In the middle there are some Clips and a lever. You can also go in the pool below, so fall into it.

The first part of the pool is empty, so go through one of the two holes. You'll then fight a Devilfish.

Be careful now, as you're going to swim through a long tunnel. The hole where you fought the first Devilfish has an opening to the surface which you'll desperately need.

Swim in the tunnel. The road divides: to the left there's a dead-end with some Tarydium Shards; to the right, the tunnel continues, so go for that way. The tunnel is filled with purple fog and a lot of seaweed. You'll then encounter another Devilfish and quickly after, an aggressive school of Biterfish. There are a lot of them and they can damage you badly; using the secondary fire of the Dispersion Pistol sounds a good idea. After a while, the road divides again. Same setting as before, although on the left hand side there's a Health Pack. Continue to the last corridor of this underwater system. At its beginning, you can find a hole in the ceiling leading to the exit. There’s another hole at the real end of the tunnel which leads to another chamber.

Enter this chamber and exit the pool. On the platform you'll find a lone Nali with a brazier. There are also two Health Packs, an Amplifier and some big and empty barrels. Go back in the underwater tunnel and go for the real exit.

Pass the hole and you'll find yourself in a dark corridor, with a Super Health Pack found nearby.

The dead-end is just a fake wall/door. Touch it to open it. You'll find yourself in the pathway before the previously visited bridge.

Go onto the bridge and activate the lever in front of you. It will unlock the iron bars to grant you access to the next area. It also calls two Krall Elites, so be ready to fight.

There isn't much difference if you go on the left hand side or the right one, as both next rooms lead to the same destination. Plus, these two rooms are identical, and you'll fight a Krall Elite jumping from a higher ledge.

Windows are breakable and the architecture is pretty good. Go into the next area.

The next room doesn't have any enemies at first. There are some barrels with ammo, an elevator and a mechanism which is activated by a lever. Near this lever you'll find a Health Pack and some ASMD Cores.

Use the lever. The gears start to move and the elevator descends, revealing a Skaarj Warrior.

Defeat the Skaarj and use the elevator to go on the upper floor. Soledad's regular track fades in. The first room of this floor is just a small, circular one. It has a window which leads to the ledge from whence the last Krall Elites fell. Go into the next corridor and you'll find a Krall. Notice the various decorations near the wall, as under it there are two boxes of 50 Bullets.

Proceed and drop down into the hole.

Soledad continues on the next page...

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