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16. FHub4

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Newmca5 (Same as Fourth)

You finished the previous map by falling into a closed hole and you start the next one in another place, without any kind of connection from Sky Town. Plus, you don't actually recognize where you are: seems like youíre playing a new map!

The first room is connected to a corridor which leads to the beginning of this outdoor environment you're going to explore. Na Pali was supposed to have deserts then...

After passing the doorway you'll find yourself on a small island. As you can see, this desert has a big lake, and if you fall in it, you'll probably be attacked by a school of Biterfish. About the rest, the place seems to be very lifeless.

There are two bridges here, that use textures from the Crypt2 set. The larger one has an Eightball Gun, while the other leads inside a mountain. Don't explore the lake since it doesn't have anything, apart some Biterfish.

If you're really seeking for a bath, then jump in the lake. The left hand side leads to the next parts of the map, so explore the one on the right. Check how empty the pool is if you have time. Swim into the large nook and you'll arrive at a dead-end. Go back and you'll actually notice something: the shape of the lake is identical to the one of Spire Valley from Return to Na Pali.

Yes, FHub4 is actually Spire Valley before Nivlek modified it in Return to Na Pali, by changing textures and tons of brushes. The beta is composed of both Unreal and Return to Na Pali maps, and now you're going to pass through a section of the expansion pack, which is, in my opinion, the most interesting part of the beta.

Anyway, take note that the brush with the shape of the Sunspire is absent here, so don't think that FHub4 is really the Spire Valley.

Return to the first island and check the long bridge, which leads to an entrance in the mountain. When you walk on the pathway, you hear various crack sounds. You'll end up in a place which looks like a crypt, and probably leading to a map which you never seen before. For now, ignore it and continue to explore FHub4.

Jump in the lake again and go to the unexplored part.

While swimming underwater, you may want to check the mountain on the left hand side. Youíll spot a hole closed by a grate which uses a texture from the Crypt2 set. You can actually open the hole by touching the grate, but it won't lead anywhere, so ignore it and proceed further into the lake.

You'll arrive now at the part of the lake which in the RtNP Spire Valley had the second guard tower. Even here you won't find anything, neither in the water nor on land... a real desert. On your right hand side, you can return to the surface.

You'll spot an enormous star ship in the big area. Go towards it.

Enter this area. Compared to its final iteration, it is completely empty aside from the presence of this gargantuan star ship of Mercenary design.

Exploration is useless since you won't find anything, aside from two Mercenaries. Watch out as since the ground is plain, you'll have problems avoiding their machineguns.

After you have disposed of the two Mercenaries, you can take a look at the Mercenary ship. No one knew how other Mercenary star ships looked, since the only known one was Terraniux. Unfortunately you can't enter it as there's nothing inside.

Proceed now to the pathway which should lead to the valley of Nagomi. During your trip you'll see the first original volcano of Na Pali! Lava descends from it, and luckily it won't bother you (the river goes... nowhere. Fly in the sky to check).

You'll arrive at the gate of Nagomi Valley. The shape is the same, but it uses Crypt2 textures. The obelisks are placed over two small lava lakes. Run near the structure.

This time, the wall is closed with a door and you can't open it as it seems. Just move yourself in front of it for a while.

Suddenly an earthquake happens. It will make the obelisks fall on the ground, and one of them will crush the door in the process; watch out as they may fall onto you too if you are in the way...

The entrance to Nagomi is open, but there's still more to explore.

Now with the fallen obelisks, only their base pillars remain. The one on the left has a pair of Jump Boots, while the other one has a hole leading underwater. To get the Jump Boots you have to climb the fallen obelisk by jumping on its tip. The boots are needed to jump on the top of the structure (over the door to Nagomi), which has a SCUBA Gear. With this latter item, you're prepared to go in the small pool on the second pillar.

The pool is revealed to be a narrow maze with inscribed walls. Incredibly, the tunnels have details here, as opposed to the big lake outside: dunes, seaweed, a Devilfish to kill and some Flak Shells. The maze is very linear. At the end you'll find a grate which is opened by touching it. It leads to some kind of treasure room.

Go to the surface in this area. There are some small vases that contain items: a Health Pack, a Shield Belt, a Clip and, surprisingly, a Dampener. Not really useful in Single Player, but it does wonders in combination with the Invisibility.

Now you have to go all the way back to the gate of Nagomi. Be quick before you start to drown.

As you exit from the maze and return to the desert, proceed down the pathway which should lead into the valley with the sanctuary. During the trip you won't see anything, so run to the end of the path.

You arrive at destination. While the pathway on the left has nothing, on your right you'll see that the big lake seems to cover the entire valley! Drop into the water, and watch out as the second school of Biterfish will be near your position. You'll have an easier situation if you managed to conserve a great quantity of oxygen of the Scuba Gear from the maze area.

Check the giant pool, and you'll spot a crashed star ship. But the most interesting thing is the presence of an Ancient-themed temple on the right hand side. Swim and arrive on its platform.

Explore the exterior part of this structure. In the sky you may see a lone Bird flying away. You won't find any enemies, just a group of three Flares and three Flashlights.

Now prepare for the strange thing. Still wondering what this temple hides? Check the entrance and laugh. It's closed, just white walls. The work on this temple has never been started, and there isn't any information about what it was supposed to be.

After the disappointment of the nonexistent temple, you'll realize that the flooded valley is smaller than the re-worked one of Nivlek (in Return to Na Pali). Now drop into the lake. The platform of the temple is supported by great pillars. Now only the crashed shuttle remains, so check it out.

As you swim towards the ship, you'll recognize that it is some kind of shuttle, and once again, of Mercenary design. If you have enough oxygen from the Scuba Gear, you can explore its interior by entering a hole, hidden on the front.

The interior of the shuttle is one of the most detailed things you will find in the beta. There are even dynamic lighting and sounds. Remember that this ship is made by Pancho and not by Inoxx. Aside from the architectural work, there aren't any actors inside.

The shuttle ends with the crew berths, that look way too small for the Mercenaries. Oh, and the ship is falling on one side.

Exit from the shuttle and return quickly on the surface. Now you have explored the entire FHub4. Here is an aerial view; note once again the absence of the Sunspire.

Your next objective is to go into the cryptic room inside the mountain, which you saw at the beginning of the game. Enter it. The textures here are used well, but this area looks like another dead-end.

Maybe not. Try to walk in the middle and some bricks will fall down, revealing a passage below the room. Fall into it.

The new passage is a flooded corridor with water which looks like tar; donít worry, it won't slow you down. You'll have to swim in an underwater tunnel, and after you pass a certain point, some bars behind you will magically close you in.

You're trapped, but you're about to explore a new level which you have never seen. Have fun!

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