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15. Sky Town

Map Author: Jeremy War
Music: None

You start the map somewhere... clearly in the yellow corridor found in the released version of Gateway to Na Pali after the door guarded by two Skaarj Officers. Things look way too weird though. Firstly, I'll note to you that the beginning of the real Gateway to Na Pali (in other words, the entire part of the level which should be behind you) doesn't exist. Clear? Let's go.

Differences in this corridor are the floor not being translucent and the absence of lamps.

Check the left hand side of this path. In the dead-end you won't find the Skaarj Warrior, nor the Health Pack. You can pass through the two windows... while there isn't the cup over that ledge on the wall.

Enter the next area: the doors of the map are silent when you open/close them.

The room with the staircase has the same geometry and lighting, but no placed actors (Skaarj Warriors, boxes, items and candles).

Just enter the first, yet shorter corridor of Na Pali Haven, which is in fact the map that you're in.

Continue until you arrive on top of the island. There's no door separating the interior from the exterior. Head to the valley with the cluster of Nali Healing Fruit which you should remember.

Now you can see fake the sky box is. The Sky Island is just enclosed in a cyan cube. The bottom has a moving sheet to simulate the wind or just the clouds. What's even more entertaining is the absence of any kind of death trigger which kills you, if you fall in the "sky". Itís just a simple, long fall. You may even survive, but you'll be forced to cheat to return above.

You can see in the screenshot below how different is the cross of the church.

Now go to the place where you should fight your first Krall Elite, ready to kill a Nali. Obviously, you won't find them in the beta. Check the area. The barrels in the nook are empty. The door to the bar is now replaced by a simple wall, while the one to the barn has a different kind of ground in front of it.

Head to the Obelisk.

You can pass through the wall using the same opening, which doesn't have a door here... Note also the various buildings that don't have windows anymore.

Arrive near the lake and be shocked. From here you can see small the beta Na Pali Haven is: the wooden bridge is here with its staircase, the Obelisk is here with its two birds, the pool is here, translucent but without Biterfish... Although, beyond the lake, you'll see a huge and flat piece of terrain, with only one house to be seen. Without any doubt, Sky Town is the most uncompleted map of the beta.

Go back and enter the farm. Brown terrain here, and the rooms are illuminated by a white lighting coming, obviously, from nowhere. The three barrels have nothing.

Use the lever to unlock the door... and not even the lever casts any sounds.

Go into the main area of the farm, which is generally darker in the beta. The Nali who wants to die is here, while the various Nali Cows' spaces have now wooden doors. You can open them (except one), and the movers will pass through everything.

Lastly, near the Nali there's an Eightball Gun.

Open the door with the rotating lever to go outside. Here you'll notice a piece of brown terrain and the wheelbarrow of the other side of the town. The two Nali Cows are still here, while there are no barrels. The door of the building on the left hand side is still closed.

Try to shoot the wheel of the wheelbarrow with a weapon. At incredible speed, it will be launched away through the closed door and then disappear; in the meantime, the wheelbarrow falls on the ground.

Magically, the wheel returns to its original position and the wheelbarrow gets automatically fixed!

The wheel doesn't kill you if you're standing on its way. It is supposed to destroy the closed door, but it doesnít work. You can fix it through the editor.

Another change is made to the wall near the wooden staircase: it is less detailed, aside from the top which looks actually better than the one you will remember.

If you go at the end of this valley, just after the barn, you can find a ledge which leads to the empty part of the town you saw at the lake.

Return to the staircase and go up to the second floor. There's no window on the right hand side, and the next door is already opened; the lamps near it have very strong coronas. The Automag on the left hand side of the bridge is still here.

Go in the next room. It is completely empty, except for the two windows that you can break to pieces. Unlike other movers, they have sounds but no special effects.

Continue through the empty corridors to arrive on the second floor of the farm. There are some missing candles that were put on some wooden planks, in the nooks. You can still use the ledge-lever. It does nothing though, as there's no secret area.

The next area has no enemies and it is illuminated by a white lighting. Wooden boxes are empty, so go to the balcony. Pick up the Flashlight and use the lever to start the scripted sequence of the Nali and the floor below him being squashed.

Jump into the basement. No differences here aside from the absence of items. Surprisingly, the scripted battle has been already made. Kill the Skaarj Warrior to unlock the door.

Proceed to the next room. It's smaller, and the hole is incomplete. There's nothing beyond it, so proceed to the other pathway.

More empty corridors. Cross paths with the angry Nali and return to the farm. All that you achieved here was to explore.

You're now free to explore the town. Go to the gate which should be opened with the lever near the library (as you remember from the released version of Unreal).

The gate doesn't exist, and nor does the grate on the ceiling. Although the pathway has two pillars in it.

Go further and look around. On the left hand side, there's a dead end devoid of any detail; on your right, a short pathway. Jump from the ledge to enter the empty land of Na Pali Heaven. You notice on your left the only existing house, which part of it touches thin air. Firstly, head to the pool.

The lake has no Biterfish. Also, there's no entrance to Outpost 3J (in fact, base itself is missing).

You have only one "Sky" map to finish fortunately. Use the staircase to return to land and go again into the empty space.

Explore now the lone house. It's the Tavern, although weirdly devoured by the darkness. You can't break the windows.

Below, in the first screenshot, the door in front of you leads to the second floor of the tavern, while in the second, youíll see the door leading to the bar.

Enter the bar. There aren't many changes, aside from the absence of any kind of decorations, the secret room, secret buttons, items or monsters. The most interesting thing to see is a group of big tables on the ground floor, which were deleted in the final version. The fireplace is smaller and the chimney is closed.

Go into the empty corridor which leads to the storage cellar.

At the end, you'll find a big hole which leads to the sky. You can't go anywhere, although on the right hand side you'll see a ledge with another doorway. Fly to it, and notice the various geometry/texture errors below the hole from whence you came.

The doorway leads to the storage cellar. Totally dark, it is a dead-end. Notice in the various nooks (a new one has appeared too, replacing the pathway which would lead to the tavern) never-seen before support planks, for the barrels. Although there aren't any barrels on them...

Head now to the second floor of the Tavern. Passing through darkness and openings acting as doorways, here's your first room.

You're now on the wooden bridge. There are only two chambers here: on the left hand side there's the one which should contain a lever, in the released version of Na Pali Haven, while the other one is just a generic chamber. They both contain a bed, a carpet and a fake window. The pathway with two additional chambers doesn't make its appearance in the beta.

You can exit the building. You've still achieved nothing throughout this map.

Run behind the mountain. The visible hangar of Outpost 3J doesn't exist.

There's nothing at the end of this ledge. The only thing you have left to do is to get to the plateau with the church. Fly onto it.

Check this area. The various walls near the structure are put in different positions, and their torches don't cast fire, just blue lighting.

Look now at the exterior of the church: you can visit it directly in the Sky Town map. The front has changes: there are five, small windows, a circular one over them and a lone monk statue on a ledge. You can enter the church, just watch out for the small hole in front of the door, which has a different texture.

Enter the church. Geometry-wise, is the same. In the main room, the beginning of the carpet is accompanied by two gold torches. Looking at the second floor, you may notice the circular window seen outside replacing the picture with the crucified Nali. The door which leads to the catacombs is already open (no panel near it); descend. The first, closed door you see in your trip has a green texture; notice also the orange lighting coming from above. Descend and run into one of the two, dark corridors. Both lead to a dead-end, as the part of the map here hasn't been created yet.

Go back into the main room of the church and go to the next floor. The secret area and button are nonexistent, while the glass can be destroyed. The Door Control room appears empty, as it is just an ordinary balcony.

You have explored everything in this alpha of Sky Town. To exit this map you simply have to fall in the weird hole in front of the church.

Fall into it to finish the map. An additional note is that the map was supposed to have an unfinished Hawk pawn in it.

Now you're ready to begin the most interesting part of the Beta!

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