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14. The Sunspire

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Opal

Notes about the conversion:
1) Lighting is extremely bugged: consider it almost the same as the one in the released version.
2) The enormous HOM in the valley: it's supposed to be really small.
3) The texture is badly placed on the mountains. In reality it's just the same as the released version.

You'll begin the map behind the same house (and facing it), but without teleport effects. A Nali is in front of you and he wants to take you somewhere.

Let's see what's around you firstly: the placement of palms, plants and Nali Healing Fruit is changed while the lights of the Kran have bigger coronas.

Follow the Nali. He will go in the middle of the village and then hide in a house. Turn now to your right: a Titan coming from the mountains will walk near your position. Shortly after, he will attack you. Have fun.

Note to the reader: screenshot below is bugged by the awesome power of the HOM of the conversion.

If you kill the Titan, a lone Manta appears and attacks you. It can appear from any of three different positions.

Now go to the climbable cliff on the left hand side, outside the village. It's now all grass and has palms on it. On top of it you'll find a dead female body, an Automag and a box of 50 Bullets.

While walking through the valley, you'll realize that there aren't any Nali Rabbits around. Check now the house where the first Nali you saw entered. The barrels inside it are empty, and you'll just find a Flashlight and two Flares. No translator messages - in fact, you won't find any at all until a certain point. The roof is empty, so ignore the two Nali and go outside.

Visit the house next to the beginning of the level. It contains two Nali (one of them is a Priest). A Flak Cannon inside one of the barrels here has been replaced by an Eightball Gun. The roof contains a can of Eightballs.

Enter the dark house. There aren't any Tentacles inside, and you'll just find a Flashlight here (don't worry there are over 10 of those things in the map). Also, you'll probably touch a trigger which makes another Titan appear.

Enter the house with the Nali Cows. The Clips you remember from the released version of Spire Village are on some wooden planks found right above you. Check also for a knife stabbed into a wooden wall.

Did I mention every door of the houses has a different texture and the corners of the buildings have BlockAll actors?

Head in the direction of the Sunspire. The passage to the next valley is actually wider (a huge brush is missing); unfortunately, you'll probably face a Titan. If you’re playing in Unreal difficulty, you may even encounter another one somewhere (who is added directly in the map).

Arrive at the fifth house. The Nali is already inside it and he's now waiting outside for us (yeah his IQ is really great in the released version).

Face and kill the two Titans found beyond the building.

Enter the house, where you'll find cans of Eightballs and a Flak Cannon inside one of the barrels, while on the table there is a Flashlight and a Flare. If you're playing on Easy or Medium difficulty there's an Assault Vest as well. In the roof there's a can of Eightballs. Now you can use the pair of Jump Boots to get all the goodies in the upper floors of the houses. If you fail to jump through the hole and you touch the wooden ceiling instead, you'll actually get damaged for five points of health.

The last valley part of the valley no longer has that small wall which doesn't let Titans pass through, nor even the ASMD near it. If you're playing the beta in Unreal difficulty, you'll have to face the final Titan of the map.

Arrive at the final gate of the Spire Village. It's not guarded by Skaarj, and it looks different and smaller as opposed to the released version, although there's a window which lets you see the Sunspire. There's no gate, just a large passage to the next area. Pass the dead body of a Nali, and you'll find a Translator. The tablet has a message, read it...

Now pass the gate. There's no hidden room here, nor that ASMD Core found behind the wall. Zone Infos have names that can only be seen in the Editor. These don't appear in the released version of the game.

Descend now. Spire Village and the Sunspire are mixed in one single map. The land around the Sunspire has become an enormous piece of flat land. Pass the lone torch and jog...

The space around the tower seems to be very large. It has some rocks and plants as well, in order to add some kind of detail. Enjoy the awesome coronas that you can see on the Sunspire. The terrain of the mountains surrounding the tower is actually different.

Arrive at the entrance of the Sunspire. It's just a door illuminated by two lamps and has a sign, without any message...

Enter it, and don't expect to see any Nali falling from the sky.

You entered the Sunspire. The texture on the floor seems over scaled, not to mention there are various other changes to texture use.

The four columns and the ceiling in the first area have a different design. No changes about items and the dead body here is even more mutilated. No one will come from the window found above, and lastly, there are no readable signs over the doorways (and that goes for the entire level).

Run to the Primary Ascension. The lamps illuminate it, not the blue crystals, which don't exist in the Beta Sunspire.

The barrels contain a Health Pack and a Flare. Return to the first area and, facing the door to the Primary Ascension, head to the chambers on your right.

In this hub, you'll be attacked by three Tentacles, but there's no Skaarj Gunner. The room has almost no changes.

Enter the Chamber of Honours. You'll find a dead Nali, guess who killed it... a Tentacle! Kill it. You'll get the same items here, while the floor in the middle looks different and is no longer shiny. Check also the gold torch - you'll encounter many of them in the map.

Return to the previous area and go to the bedrooms. You'll find the same items and only one Tentacle to fight, but the place is completely dark.

Go back and find that Gasbags have invaded the Sunspire. The spawn points are almost the same, so watch out.

Go now to the opposite hub area. No changes, but no Skaarj Trooper on patrol. Check the Chamber of Honours.

In the room you'll find a Skaarj Warrior. He'll quickly kill the Nali. You won't find any Rifle Rounds inside the barrels.

Time to go to the bathrooms. Or not. In reality is another set of dark bedrooms. You'll find a Tentacle, some Flares and a Flashlight. Go back and hope you'll not bump into a Gasbag.

Use the elevator in the Primary Ascension and jump off at the next floor. Not many changes. Just fight some Tentacles, a Gasbag and break some empty barrels. Go into the next room.

Check the roof of the room with the window: four lamps illuminating it, and they cast a very strong illumination.

You may want to imitate the Skaarj Gunner who jumps in the floor below through the window...

Continue your journey on the second floor by using the corridor right in front of you. In the next room, there's no Skaarj Trooper and one of the barrels has a Force Field. A Gasbag is probably nearby, so be careful.

Check out now the Feast Hall near the original bedrooms. It appears almost empty: no Skaarj Gunners, no sets of tables and chairs; you'll find a gold torch and a vase with a Flashlight though. Kill the two Tentacles here and proceed to the path leading to the Primary Ascension.

A Skaarj Berserker guards the next floor of this tall area. Kill him. A real introduction to these Skaarj creatures happens later in the game.

Ascend to the top floor of the Primary Ascension. You'll probably have to fight a Gasbag or a Tentacle. Lastly, the room has just two Health Packs.

Go to the Cistern. Its floor is no longer shiny and it uses a different texture. Here you'll just find an empty barrel, while on the ledges above you there's no Health Pack. A Fly may attack you from one of two different positions.

The pool section has no items, just dangerous Biterfish and a Tentacle.

The Cistern has an elevator which is connected to the second Feast Hall. This one is completely dark, and the items in the various chambers haven't changed that much. Three Tentacles lurk there as well.

The last room of this area is totally empty, aside from a mutilated female body found in the middle.

Now you have explored everything; go to the kitchen. Just darker. Go ahead to the upper floors.

The next room has no lighting coming from the pool. You'll probably be attacked by a Gasbag. There aren't any Pupae in this map, so don't think about them.

There are a few differences about item placements, like the absence of Rifle Rounds from the barrels.

Enter the Great Hall. There's no "Great Hall" sign, just a monk statue replacing its position. The area is, unsurprisingly, dark. Even worse, a Skaarj Lord waits for you near the altar. Kill him. The secret of the altar appears already unlocked, but there's no Minigun inside it. Not even the lever. The lever is used in the released version of Unreal to call the next elevator from the upper floor, but in the beta, this elevator is just ready for use. Ascend...

The next area has no enemies. You'll find a gold torch and a vase with a Flashlight. The second floor of the Cistern has some barrels containing Health Packs and boxes of Razor Blades. Be careful to avoid two Gasbags coming from above.

Ascend to the upper floor and check one of the lifts on your right. One of them has a Gasbag.

The next room is a bright one. One of the barrels here has a Flare, while the vase has a Flashlight... again. Three Tentacles are here too.

The next area doesn't have the bodies of the people from the ISV-Kran, and so not even their translator message. Enjoy seeing another Flashlight inside the vase, as that's the only thing you'll see here.

Go outside, on the ledge. There are some enormous coronas from the various lamps. At the beginning, you'll find three barrels that contain Health Packs and a box of Razor Blades. Begin your trip on this ledge. You'll have to kill a Skaarj Warrior and three Mantas that can only be seen if you look below.

You may notice in the sky the presence of two Birds. They never appeared in the released version of the Sunspire. Enter inside the tower again.

There aren't many changes in the next rooms, just be careful for another Tentacle. The last area is the one with four elevators. There's no Skaarj Trooper to fight, but a Gasbag who is stuck into one of the lift. Laugh and kill him.

Ascend the long way to the next floor. When you arrive, watch out for three Tentacles. Aside from the enemies, there are some barrels containing Health Packs and a can of Tarydium Sludge. Proceed in the corridors.

You're outside the Crystal Room, which doesn't have the sign near the door. What will you find inside it?

It's just an unfinished, empty room illuminated by a white light coming from nowhere. Say goodbye to the crystal and look at the hole in the roof (which is now opened). Don't worry, there’s another way to end this level...

Continue now to the last area of the Sunspire. A Skaarj Warrior guards it.

You're finally outside. The ground here is made of stone rather than the grass. Under the staircase you'll find your fourth Dispersion Pistol Powerup.

There are no Pupae nor signs. Continue outside... and if you're wondering about the Skaarj in the picture below, he was just the one who was guarding the previous corridor.

The balcony is guarded by some Gasbags, so be ready to fight. The changes here are the different contents that you can find inside the barrels. That small nook which contained the Super Health Pack (or a box of Rifle Rounds if you were playing the released version on higher difficulties) now has a box of Flak Shells.

The secret behind the walls is empty...

Now you have to finish the map. The Sunspire has no mover which covers the hole on its top.

Go onto the balcony where you have to wait the SkyElevator. It will descend thanks to a trigger located in your position, although the mover is bugged... You need to stay in a certain position to make it work normally (good luck finding it). Just be careful to avoid letting yourself get crushed by the flying box!

The SkyElevator looks very different here: it has a round shape and the chamber inside has some seats. Although you have to stay in the middle of the room in order to let the Pod fly up into the sky.

You'll finally end the Sunspire map and you will no longer hear the Opal track.

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