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13. ISVDeck1

Map Author: Myscha the Sled Dog
Music: Newmca9

You begin the level as usual. Pass through the first door to arrive in the next corridor. The lighting seems to be different and there are no panels.

Check the first door in front of you. There aren't any signs near it, and no Skaarj can be heard. But for now ignore the door and check the corridors on either side. The one on the left has blue lighting, while the other has yellow lighting. Take one of them and run.

You'll proceed through an endless numbers of corridors, illuminated with various coloured lighting. You'll just end up at the beginning.

Unfortunately, you have just seen 90% of the map's content. There's no real ISV-Deck 1, as the level is composed solely of a few coloured corridors and only one room. Just look the screens below for the entire map of the level.

Once you're tired of running around, go into the room you have seen at the beginning. There are some changes inside it: you're over a circular-shaped bridge and there are no items. The electric sparks move at an incredible speed as well. If you fall below, you have to fly to return over the ledge.

Activate the button and wait.

From the hole in the middle, the well-known teleport pod of ISV-Deck 1 ascends, spinning really quickly. One bad step and you'll be killed by the mover.

Jump on it and wait until it starts to descend. You'll then meet the exit of the level. I hope you liked the map!

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