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12. ISV-Kran

Map Author: Myscha the Sled Dog
Music: Newmca9

The map begins with a Translator in front of you. If you find a Translator in a beta map, then that map has translator messages.

The first corridor appears illuminated by blue and green lighting; at its end there's no panel on the wall, which should have been above the door. No dead body.

Enter the storage room of the starship. It has a lot of differences about item placements. On the right hand side, there is only a can of Eightballs, and no dead body, blood or Stinger ammunition.

On the left hand side, you can find two cans of Eightballs. The panel here talks about intruders rather than the intelligence of the Titans. The ledge on the wall (which uses a different texture on one side) has a Toxin Suit and a can of Eightballs. Go to the panel of the elevator. It's darker, and behind the computer you'll find an Eightball Gun.

Ascend to the second floor. Look the panel in front of you, near the ceiling: you can actually break it now. It's supposed to have a translator message, which always works even if you shoot the panel.

For the message, look the screenshot below. And while you're reading it in-game, the Skaarj Scout in the corridor on the right hand side has already spotted you...

The horde of Skaarj Scouts is easily defeated with a few rockets, but be careful of the insane dodging abilities that they have in the beta.

The various corridors aren't affected by the black lighting bug in the beta itself. There are no longer those small spaces in the walls, as they are now closed with red panels. Although red lights are still here.

Where you encountered the first Skaarj Scout, you'll find an iron crate with a Health Pack on top, totally replacing Eightballs in the released version. Other item changes are: the lone Automag and two Health Packs are replaced by two ASMD Cores, while you can find an Assault Vest and two boxes of Flak Shells over the group of crates located near the grate you have to unlock.

The vent shaft is painted with a different texture. The panel which you should find at the end of this tunnel is located at the beginning, having the same message as well.

No other changes. Face the area with the slime and drop carefully on the bridge with the panel.

The panel on the bridge does the same thing as in the released version, although it doesn't have a translator message for you. Behind you there's a grate leading to the first room of the star ship, and it also contain an ASMD. As always, you can open the grate by shooting the lamp above it, but you can't pass through due to the fan. This prevents you from even picking up even the ASMD, so drop on the ledge below.

The boxes in the acid pool contain a Flashlight and a Super Health Pack. Use one of the two vent shafts to return to the storage area. One of them has a box of 50 Bullets.

Proceed into the second, unlocked storage area. You'll find an Automag here. Ignore the closed crates in the screen below, it's just an error from the conversion. In the beta they have the same contents as the released version.

Enter the large area. You won't find the sleeping Skaarj Scout, just the patrolling Skaarj Assassin you knew when playing the released game in higher difficulties. Over the various piles of crates, you can find three ASMD Cores, an Assault Vest and a Health Pack.

The room on the right hand side, which has a GES BioRifle and four cans of Tarydium Sludge, appears lifeless as there's no logo of the ISV-Kran, no red lights and no dead bodies. Go back in the previous area.

The second floor is identical to the released version, although you'll find three steel barrels. The panel and the glasses are breakable. About the panel, it always works even if destroyed.

Now the third floor. That small tunnel on the right hand side, near the top, doesn't exist. Enter the next room and the door behind you closes. You'll have to fight four Skaarj Scouts. They don't spawn anymore from the holes in the roof (not to mention there's only one of them in the beta), but from other, never seen before tunnels in the walls, all closed with unbreakable glass; this also includes the one on the left hand side. When a Skaarj Scout appears into one of the tunnels, he breaks the glass and comes out. After you killed them, the gate unlocks, but now check the room you're in. First of all, there is no longer the row of four Health Packs behind the crates. You'll notice a second panel as well, while the one you already know has a different texture. The new panel unlocks the door to the next part of the starship, while the other one has only a message.

About items, you'll find four Health Packs, two Clips and a box of 50 Bullets placed around the entire area. There are also some harmless wires and a steel barrel. Once you're done, you are ready to go to the third and second deck of ISV-Kran.

Only one pair of doors divides the two decks. Pass through them and you'll discover that the ISV-Kran Deck 2 & 3 is connected to the fourth one.

Enter the first area, where you'll be attacked by a Skaarj Scout from above. You'll notice a can of Eightballs and two ASMD Cores on one of the crates here. Some wooden boxes are here as well.

Proceed to the lift. You'll find some wooden boxes containing boxes of Flak Shells. All the glass you see is breakable. Watch out for the Skaarj Assassin.

Ascend to the second floor of the storage area. No bodies here, just sludge barrels and wooden boxes with cans of Tarydium Sludge. Enter the shuttle bay, which contains stronger coronas attached to the lamps. Near the walls you can find some wooden boxes containing Health Packs, a steel barrel and two steel boxes.

Watch out for a Skaarj Scout jumping from above, right behind you.

The elevator has no button, it's activated when you touch it; there's a button behind the pillar on the second floor in order to call the elevator from below. Fight now the four Skaarj Scouts appearing from nowhere.

There are additional steel barrels and boxes on the main platform; the wooden ones contain a Stinger and some clusters of Tarydium Shards.

The pipes are accessible once you've killed the Skaarj in this area. The Super Health Pack found in one of them is replaced with two ASMD Cores.

Some of the various messages are modified. Have fun reading them.

You can drop onto the secret ledge with the Shield Belt inside the box. Enter now the various corridors that lead further into the level. Patrolling Skaarj Warriors are here, together with tons of steel barrels. The place is darker.

The second part of the tunnels is crazily illuminated with red and blue lights. A second hole on the floor covered with glass is there. Near the door to the exit of the level there are some wooden boxes.

Enter the Cooling System rooms. The entrance is no longer guarded by a sleeping Skaarj Scout, and there aren't even bodies around.

The next area has some breakable glass on the ceiling and there are some wooden boxes on the opposite side, containing an Assault Vest and some boxes of Flak Shells.

The rooms on both sides are very similar. In there, you'll find some steel and wooden decorations, four ASMD Cores, more aggressive Skaarj Warriors and the big panels being breakable. They don't have any messages, so just press the ones on the pillars.

The entrance of the Containment Field Generator has slightly different lighting and some wooden boxes.

Enter now the first area. It appears darker, has another one of those wooden boxes, breakable glass again and a harmless HOM. Kill the patrolling Skaarj Scout.

Descend below. The room with the elevator has no ASMD Cores.

The Containment Field Generator section appears almost the same, although with slightly different lighting.

The bottom of the core on the left hand side has a Super Health Pack, while the one on the right has an Assault Vest.

The flooded part has the Skaarj Scout, some steel barrels and sludge ones.

Ascend above and you'll see more steel barrels.

On the third floor. The lighting in the conversion is bugged, so ignore the one in the screenshot below. Still watching the same screenshot, just look what you'll find here.

The last area to be visited is the Engine Power Core Control Room.

The place doesn't have the Skaarj Gunners or ASMD Cores. There's a Skaarj Warrior working with a panel, but another one may appear. None of the panels have translator messages.

Go on the second floor and stay always away from the cores. They can always kill you, even if they are deactivated. The side of the room you're crossing has no changes to the released version. Go in the room with the Bio Suits, and see some other steel/sludge barrels.

This area appears darker than usual. Over the Bio Suits there are no panels. The platform in the middle is larger and has a new computer on it: its translator message says:


Behind the two panels at the end of the room you won't find the Shield Belt, now replaced with two ASMD Cores. There's another ASMD Core as well and Health Packs inside some wooden boxes. You'll also find some Tarydium Shards on the high balcony: these also appear in the released version, but aren't well known about.

Return to the previous area and go to the other side. A crate seems to be missing. Enter the next room.

There are no changes here, although the energy of the cores uses another texture. Activate them and head to the exit.

Luckily for you, no other Skaarj will spawn. Enter the last area: on the first floor you'll find two cans of Tarydium Sludge Ammo, three steel barrels and two wooden boxes containing Eightballs.

Ascend the second floor and hear the various screams you already knew from the released game. Although the sound which talks about "batteries" doesn't play in the beta.

The last thing to note of this map is the absence of a real bridge leading to the final door. Just a gap you have to jump through.

End the map.

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