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11. The Trench

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Newmca11

The beginning of this map is identical to the released version, although with less bright lighting, and it doesn't have the BSP bug found near one of the torches. There's no box of Flak Shells in the dead-end on the left hand side.

Arrive at the edge of the tunnel. Beta Trench's skybox is night-themed.

About stuff, there aren't any bodies, messages or anything to do with Flak Cannons: you'll find an Automag, a box of 50 Bullets, an Eightball Gun and a can of Eightballs.

Look at the darker trench and watch out at two Gasbags, coming from both the left and right hand sides.

In the beta, these guys are faster and have 20 more points of health (220 in total). In the released version, you had then to deal with another six Gasbags appearing from nowhere; in the beta, only four spawn, and they are easier to find.

Return to the pit, guarded by the well-known Titan. Kill him with amplified shots. There's a can of Eightballs near the ramp shown at the right hand side in the screenshot below.

Proceed through the valley, to the fallen star ship. Stop at the ramp near the lone plant. You'll find a dead body, a Nali Healing Fruit and two cans of Eightballs.

Looking at the ISV-Kran, you'll see that there are no coronas attached to its lights. Now you're going to pass near a fallen piece of the star ship. Err... behind it a second Titan hides! Rockets or amplified shots work as usual.

Arrive at the ISV-Kran, which is no longer guarded by a Skaarj Warrior, and enter it.

The loading bay has now two biosuits, a box of 50 Bullets and two cans of Eightballs. The broken computer on the left hand side is nowhere to be seen, although the second floor has a new room... Go over there.

An invisible wall seems to block you if you want to go in the new room: it's caused by a bad collision of the moving elevator. Anyway, use the Ghost command to pass.

Inside this small area, you'll find some steel boxes, a dead body, two cans of Tarydium Sludge, a Super Health Pack, that small computer which was supposed to be on the floor below (although its screen is completely black now) and lastly, another panel. If you press this one, a message about "batteries" is played, but nothing else happens. Ghost near the exit.

The lighting outside the last door is red instead of yellow, and the mover opens very slowly, using a different sound. The lighting in the final corridor is both blue and green.

Run inside this corridor to end the map.

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