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10. Temple of Vandora

Map Author: Shane Caudle
Music: UTemple

NOTE: The skybox of this map is very bright due to my video configuration.

You begin the map using the entrance on the right hand side. Next to you there's an Eightball Gun; in the released version of this map, the weapon was moved near the big, closed entrance of the temple. If you check the room beyond the gate on the left hand side, you'll see that it got a lamp here unlike the beta version of Noork.

The torches near the closed doors are replaced by lamps. Go into the courtyard.

The small pool in the next area has now another brush on it to make it like a fountain. You'll be attacked by a wave of Mantas and a new enemy... the beta Krall. He'll be described later. Now kill them. The passage to the second floor doesn't exist, not to mention that there's nothing over there. Take a look at the gate which leads to the room of Vandora. It appears to be made out of stone and the shape of the mover is different. Stone bricks cover the main floor of the courtyard rather than terrain.

Due to the sky box, the areas illuminated by it appear brighter.

Enter the next corridor, which has no Stinger and dead body, nor even the Lesser Brute; the gate leading to the large courtyard looks different as well.

Go into the pillar room. There's nothing here, aside from a Fly on the staircase and a beta Krall. A battle between them may ensue due to the Krall stepping on the Fly during his patrolling through the areas.

The beta Krall appears with a more menacing skin, probably to make it fit with some new environments that you'll visit later in the beta. About his attacks, the ranged projectiles use a different design. They look like red bars (identical to the Cannon Bolts if you know them) and are faster. Other than the damage, they cause an annoying shake effect if you are hit by them.

Swim now in the circular-shaped pool. The texture bug in the bottom is present as well, plus you'll be attacked by the Devilfish; they spawn in the same positions as the released version, in both pools. Get the Super Health Pack and the Dispersion Pistol Powerup in the secret alcove.

Go back to the surface and proceed in the next room; no Nali or Skaarj Scout are here. The chest here doesn't contain Tarydium Sludge, but a Fly. Go to Vandora's sanctuary. No Skaarj Berserker will attack you, here, but a lone Brute shooting you from above. Easily killed as he doesn't move that much. The lighting here appears like in the released version (ignore the lighting bug in the screen below) and lastly, you can pass through the blue altar, or even destroy it!

Go back and run in the next corridor. Since there's no Nali, the secret area he opens doesn't exist, and so the Super Health Pack in it. Now you have to enter the circular chambers; their doors are fully closed, but obviously you can open them.

The first chamber is almost empty and doesn't have the table attached to the wall. There's some ammo, and a Krall hiding in one of the black alcoves. No translator messages, none in this map at all...

Enter the second chamber. There's a cluster of Tarydium Shards on the table, while the alcove below the stairway is closed.

Descend in the next areas, watching out for a Krall patrolling the wooden bridge found above you. Proceed into the room with the grate on the floor. Ascend the staircase on the right hand side and dispose of the Skaarj Warrior, who drops a Razorjack. Near the gate there's no sign and the narrow passage is absent in this version. Tarydium Shards are replaced by two boxes of Razor Blades. The beta Razorjack has different sounds and a bug consisting of being stuck with the weapon in your hands if you run out of its ammunition. The blades don't have purple trails.

Jump to the dock. Surprisingly, it no longer has a boat. You have two choices: swim through the lake while being attacked by eight, spawning Devilfish, or using the corridor on the right hand side - the latter choice is better.

Don't forget about the Flak Cannon in the hidden area under the wooden platform.

Enter the ring-shaped chamber. You'll be welcomed by a lone Gasbag. Much of the lighting has no source: the two torches of this area (and their spaces on which they sit) are covered by normal walls. Enter the Torch room in the middle. Its exterior wall has two openings on both left and right hand side this time. No item can be found here, and the small area containing the Torch is already opened, although there's no button on the floor. Checking the dock, there aren't barrels on the wooden platforms.

A Nali should be near the entrance to the next area, but you'll find him dead due to a patrolling Skaarj Warrior who you may fight. The Nali just lights the purple Torch for you, but it is useless to make you proceed further in the map.

The next area has a cool surprise. A Giant Gasbag is flying near the roof. He's very weak though.

Explore the room. Identical to the released version, but there's only one cluster of Tarydium Shards near the button. The two chambers on the upper floor aren't worth exploring since they are empty of items and enemies, although one of them has another cluster of Tarydium Shards. Now press the button: it just activates the gate to the next part of the level.

Go into this part. There are no items. The circular chamber on the left hand side is empty as well.

The next room doesn;t have the Skaarj Berserker and the button he presses. Go to the staircase on the left hand side and see what;s beyond the gate. You can see a Stone Titan. It may spot you, so go away from the position and continue in the next parts.

Cross the bridge and ascend the staircase: notice the small window on the right hand side to see an extinguished torch. The balcony on your left has no railings, and there aren't any Flares or Nali Healing Fruits around you.

Go to the room of the Mist, passing its entrance with no inscription. Here the lighting is really bright and the secret chamber with the Invisibility doesn't exist.

Enter the room of the goddess, and watch out for a Fly hiding around. Shooting the picture of Vandora will not trigger any thunder.

Exit to the courtyard. You won't find an Amplifier here, nor will any additional Brutes appear.

Go now into the unlocked valley, which isn't different at all from the one you know. The pool is now guarded by a Giant Manta. In the lake you'll encounter some other spawning Devilfish. There are ten in total to kill, and some of them appear in the pool with the bugged bottom.

Continue through the valley until its end. Two Skaarj Warriors guard the entrance to the corridor leading to the arena.

A wall covers the elevator on the right hand side, which is absent. Proceed to the arena...

...with the entrance guarded by a Brute. Kill him and start the battle with the Stone Titan.

You have an advantage here, as there's no door blocking you outside. The action song section doesn't play since there's no trigger for it. The design of the arena is identical to the released version, minus some small details.

Beta Stone Titans are as strong as the Beta Titans.

Kill the boss and the usual scripted events happen. Go into the last corridor.

Touch the exit to end the map.

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