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9. Noork's Elbow

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Newmca11 (SS0 only)

Begin this map by going backward, and a message will pop up, talking about a missing Teleport. Enter now the first room of the map. While you're seeing a different placement of items, watch out for the Mercenary.

Descend now the way to the ground below. You're going to encounter two more Mercenaries here, clearly the last ones of the map. The first one is found on staircase, while the second one is at its end.

None of the lamps have coronas attached to them.

The valley, which is illuminated by darker lighting (possibly to make it fit with the fake skybox), has those identical plants that Juan liked to place in the Beta over and over. Also, there's no rock in the middle of the area. No Flies to be encountered outside the houses, and lastly, no PathNodes have been put in the valley.

Visit the first house on the left. It is identical to the released version, but this time it does have a Super Health Pack even on Unreal difficulty. The second house contains a Fly, a Force Field and an Assault Vest, but no decorations.

Continue through the valley, filled with plants and palms. If you try to fly in this map, you can discover an enormous HOM on the mountains.

The next part of the map has no enemies and no brushes in the form of rocks.

If you're lucky, you can hit an invisible Trigger found somewhere in this valley. If you walk over it, then you'll probably see a surprise: a rare Giant Manta is flying in the sky. He's barely a challenge though.

After you have killed the beast, explore the latest parts of this area. More plants and different positions of Nali Healing Fruit. There aren't any Nali Rabbits to be crushed.

And now you arrive at the pool. It's very simple to describe it: itís completely empty! The surface of the water is translucent though.

There's actually a Trigger which activates once you jump in the water, but it doesn't work. It creates five waves of Devilfish, that come always in pairs. In total, 10 Devilfish to kill. Aside from this, there isn't anything more, not even the secret area or water fog.

Time to end this map. The last part appears identical to the released version, although you won't find any normal Mantas to fight, and the room on the left hand side doesn't have the lamp (or its illumination).

Finish Noork. I went for the exit on the right hand side.

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