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8. Terraniux

Map Author: Eenocks
Music: None

The description starts with the screen above. Good start for Co-op players, as you'll find here an Automag, an Eightball Gun, a Flak Cannon and an ASMD. The next room has some differences: the Mercenary is found on the left hand side (in the released version he was on the opposite side), next to the Stinger and its type of ammo. The other change is the presence of two boxes of Flak Shells, found on the ledges in front of you.

Now look below. The toxic pool is translucent here, and you can also notice smoke erupting from the surface (note that only the pools in the next area have them). Fall into it.

Check the pool on the right hand side. You'll notice that the hole on the floor is much deeper and larger. Inoxx changed then it for a simple reason: since the pool disappears in the latest iteration of Terraniux, you can fall in it. You weren't able to go back since the height of your jump isn't enough to go over the ledge.

Go on the left hand side of the pool, leaving it by going to the ledge above you. Dispose of the Mercenary and take the ASMD Core near him. The big panel here is replaced with a sludge barrel. Did I mention that there aren't any translator messages in this map?

Now go on the ledge found in the opposite side, by swimming through the toxic pool. No differences here, aside the complete absence of the area which has the exit of the released version of Terraniux Underground.

Terraniux of the Unreal Beta remains flooded.

Move to the middle room by using one of the two corridors (the water below the curved bridges isn't translucent anymore). The next area has no changes.

Drop yourself in the toxic waste and watch out for two Slith. The design of the doorway underneath the panel, leading to the next room, is modified here. Go there.

It seems that you can see through every grate of Terraniux; beyond them there's a small, cylinder-shaped room.

Prepare for a long swim now and pass through the next door.

Enter the circular-shaped area. After you pass the door you'll be attacked by a Slith found above you.

Here the water surface is still translucent and there are no slope ledges. You can hold the Walk button to swim faster, thanks to a bug of the game.

Begin to explore this flooded area, going on the left hand side. You'll encounter another Slith, and the door which leads to the full storage tank is now accessible; if you go inside it, watch out for a team of two Slith. Continue through this ring, and you'll see a new opening on the exterior wall of the second nook you're going to pass. It leads to the area with the elevator which needs to be activated. It appears the same, just without the panel behind the pillar.

Go back to the storage ring and continue your trip. The door which leads to the middle storage tank is also opened; a team of Slith is inside here as well. The third nook has a hole which leads to the room with the broken elevator. No panel behind the pillar, and if you use lift, a bug occurs about its noise being infinite until you go somewhere else, far from this position. Go back and proceed to the last part of the storage ring. You'll find another Slith, plus the entrance to the empty storage tank is closed.

Enter the storage tank completely full of bio waste. Kill the Slith and go on the surface. Watch out for the two Mercenaries. On the left hand side of this area there are now two boxes of Flak Shells. The floor of the ledge in the middle of the area has its texture put in a different way. Aside the Super Health Pack, a box of 50 Bullets and a Clip, there's no button to be pressed. The three wings don't have buttons, and to activate the lift, you just have to kill every Mercenary and Slith in the accessible areas around you.

Killing the enemies in a storage tank activates the doors found at the sides of the area itself. Leave this place to go on the second floor of the ring storage. Same items, and the nooks are illuminated by nothing; just look above to see the ledge without a neon light. The closed control is illuminated by blue lighting and no message appears on it. Go in the room at the centre of the ring, which its pool has a translucent water.

Visit the middle storage tank. Note that every panel found in the entrances of the wings look different. This area has the usual Mercenaries (no scripted events for them) and Slith. Not many changes here, and you can get a pair of Jump Boots for the first time in the beta. They don't show their charge here.

Watch out for a lone Mercenary in the storage ring and enter the empty storage tank. In the beta, this area doesn't appear broken at all due to its different geometry. Another difference is the presence of two raised ledges in the floor below, near the closed door which should lead to the flooded storage ring. Mercenaries are found in different positions, and on the left hand side you'll find your first beta Energy Amplifier, which works differently: it has an enormous charge, and an amplified secondary fire of the Dispersion Pistol will cast a blue, ring-shaped explosion on impact. Everything else in this area is almost the same.

If you have killed everyone, you can use the working lift to access the greenhouses. Note that there aren't any panels near both elevator areas.

The fields of the greenhouses don't differ that much, with some differences about item placements. The sky box is made out of metal, and in one of the greenhouses you can see a lone corona coming from it, to simulate the lighting of the sun. Look what's below the hole which leads to the room with the broken elevator: near the can of Eightballs which you see, there's a highly visible, yellow lighting coming from nowhere.

The door-lift which leads to the area with the access to the flooded pipes can be activated by touching it, since there's no button. Watch out as the mover can crush/instantly kill you to the roof.

Enter the interior part of this floor, the cylinder-shaped area (all the ways to it appear identical to the released version). You notice that every nook here has bars used to support elevators. The weird thing that still only two nooks have them...

Go in the path below the floor. This time, you can see a fan through the gate in the middle. Use the lift to ascend to the last floor. No Dispersion Pistol Powerup to be found here.

The rooms facing the first and third greenhouses have a third flowerbed and different item placements.

Leave this area and proceed to the room which has the pool leading to the various flooded pipes. Drop into it and take the route which should lead to two Bio Sludge ammo. In reality, there's no ammo to be found, but the pipe continues.

This tunnel leads to a hole. The fall will harm you. Continue through this way and you'll end up in the empty storage tank in the first part of the map.

Return to the pool with the pipes and take the way which goes to the other side. Having arrived, check the surface. There's a large, dark area here, completely empty. In the released version of Terraniux this room doesn't exist.

Take the pipe which should lead to two Health Packs and a closed grate. No items, and even this tunnel continues somewhere, clearly into another one of the storage tanks.

The last thing you have to do is go to the control room. The two Mercenaries put themselves in different positions. Be sure to get the GES BioRifle.

Use here the two buttons: they don't have dynamic lights attached to them, but their function is the same.

Now you just have to go in the final room of this map which you have unlocked. Like the last version of this level, Mercenaries and Slith spawn in various positions of the storage complex. The positions of the spawn points are almost the same, and the number of spawning monsters is increased.

After you kill them (if you want), go in the unlocked room. The Mercenary here still ignores you, but you can kill him. This one likes to use the Invulnerability Shield, which appears different. The texture used for it is Fireeffect3a and the kind of dynamic lighting it casts is of the Fast_Wave type. If the shield lasts longer, its texture changes to Fireeffect3. Mercenaries have the ability to deactivate it when they want.

After you kill the Mercenary, you can look at two plants coming from the metal floor of the path below.

Use now the last elevator to descend to the exit. It seems that the wall which covers part of the door is nonexistent.

Proceed further to finish Terraniux.

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