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7. TerraLift

Map Author: Eenocks
Music: None

First thing you notice is the absence of any music.

Open the door and move into the next corridor, which is none other than the one with the alarm fields. Actually makes more sense if you ask me. They work as good as the released version, but the wheels can instantly kill you due to a bug. There's even a funny death message for it: "INSERT NAME HERE gets bored with life". Just run through the corridor: triggering the alarm doesn't create additional dangers for you.

Pass through the next door and you end up in the big room with the lift. Note below that the iron floor from the previous area continues in the place you're in for a few metres.

You'll find two ASMD Cores near the button of the elevator. The lights here have no coronas and their ledge has two Health Packs over it.

The entire area is brighter, while the beginning of this level you know from the released version of Unreal is just covered by a simple wall. Everything else is the same.

Press the button to activate the lift. When it descends at destination, you can see some smokes erupting from it.

Time to fight the enhanced Mercenary. It has another skin and different rockets with own flares. The particular Mercenary has 800 points of health instead of 500, and as always, he doesn't use the Invulnerability Shield. Kill him. The elevator, which uses a different texture, can return to his default position after a few seconds, without being triggered by you.

Use the elevator to arrive at the top. The map ends actually here.

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