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6. Harobed Village

Map Author: Juan Pancho Eekels
Music: Newmca11.umx (SS0 only)

You begin in the first corridor of Harobed Village, which appears brighter than the one in the released version. At its exit, youíll find an Eightball and an Automag.

Proceed to the valley; you'll see various identical plants (the same ones found in Nyleve) on both ground and mountains.

The entrance to the corridor from whence you came doesn't have red flags over the doorway.

Go into the village and enter the first house on the right. Inside it, you'll find a Nali who seems to be afraid of us for no reason; you won't find a Fly here though.

The house contains a Flashlight but no Eightballs. On the upper floor, there's a Clip. Geometry-wise, the house has no changes (and so the other ones of the village).

Exit the house and watch out for any spawning Fly. The second house, which is completely dark as you may know, has no difference, plus the usual Fly in its interior.

Now run inside the third house, the one with the Nali who meditates. The upper floor has two books, a cup and obviously zero messages (in fact, there isn't a single one of them in this map). Screenshot below is illuminated with a summoned Dispersion Ammo 3.

Leave the house and fight other Flies in the village. For curiosity, try to ghost through the well. Inside it there's just an empty pipe made out of stone, with no way to the underground caverns. This certainly spoils something about a thing you'll see later in the map.

The last, dark house contains only a Flare and a can of Eightballs.

Now you have to visit the church. During your small trip, you'll spot some Cows on the left side, never appeared in the latest iteration of this map. There's also the appearance of a body in the dead-end on the left side, together with the two Clips that you probably remember. Lastly, there's no SkaarjWarrior on the roof of the church, which uses a different texture for its floor.

If you have seen the well by ghosting, you'll probably expect what has to be seen behind the church. There's nothing. No graves, no enemies, no plants, no items and obviously no secret area. Just plain terrain.

Enter the church. The SkaarjWarrior who patrols it seems to be interested in killing the Nali praying near the altar. Fortunately, you don't need him at all, since you can open the fake wall to the upper floors by touching it. Now return to the beginning of the monastery. Its first room appears empty, while the second one has two barrels with Eightballs; the abbey has some Clips. If you want to laugh a little, look how the statue is put on the altar. Anyway, behind, there's a Toxin Suit instead of an Assault Vest. The last thing to note, is the floor having its texture over scaled.

Proceed to the upper floors. The first difference you'll note is how the elevator works. Its default position is on the tower this time; walk inside it to make the wooden platform descend.

On the last floor, you'll find the Flak Cannon with two Flak Boxes, plus a Force Field. The new weapon has new sounds, and the secondary fire has a new explosion effect.

Note the windows of the tower, they are all opened and you can pass through.

Leave the church. You won't be attacked by any other Skaarj Warriors or Flies from nowhere this time.

The road to Terraniux is guarded by some Mantas, appearing in the same way as the released version.

Arrive at the lake; itís interesting to note that the broken bridges and the fallen lamp on it are all movers. There are some Nali Healing Fruits to be found here, and next to the first bridge there is a can of Eightballs.

Now watch out: the pool, now with a translucent surface, contains slime from Terraniux rather than water, and smoke can be seen erupting from it. You can be damaged if you swim underwater, but if you have the Toxin Suit from the church youíre safe.

Flies appear to annoy you a bit; luckily, their spawn points are placed over the slime lake. This makes Flies fall into it. They die after 10 seconds.

Jump over the gaps to bypass the lake.

Check the final part of the level. There's no wall on the left hand side and the staircase isn't broken anymore.

There's a box of Flak Shells on your left, and a Skaarj Assassin to be disposed at the entrance of Terraniux. In the beta, they have 240 points of health instead of 220; this makes them more worthy opponents. Near this enemy, there are only steel boxes.

The lighting of the doorway to the star ship is darker.

Before finishing the map, you can check an error found in this version, and never fixed in the released one. One of the greenhouses of Terraniux uses a wrong texture. Laugh and go back to the exit of the level.

Enter Terraniux to end Harobed Village.

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