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5. Dark Arena

Map Author: Jeremy War
Music: Nali.umx

You begin the level where you have finished the previous one: in the corridor after the big doors. Of course, no Skaarj Warrior will ever attack behind you now. Go in the torch room, and notice the absence of shadows. There are two cans of Eightballs to be found here, as always.

A few steps and you're outside again. Music starts here as usual, and you notice how the environment you're going to pass looks a bit different than the one you know of. Plant decorations are placed on a wrong height only in the conversion, so don't look at them. Before going forward, notice the hole 'you came from. The ledge above it has a Super Health pack on it. To get it, you have to do a rocket jump. No wonder the item was deleted.

Go into the valley. Since there's no real SkyBox in this Beta map, you'll never experience different skies according to your detail settings.

Look around you: the place is larger than before, due to the building looking relatively different and smaller. The valley itself has some plants and no rocks. The entrance to the fortress is totally changed, having a sloping road leading to the entrance, decorated by two big and harmless torches. Forget the crucified Nali and the Easter Egg of Columbia. There are no red lights on the top of the building and no green ones over the mountains. An opened window can be seen on the structure. See the picture below for more details. Lastly, dynamic ambient sounds are nonexistent.

Check the first nook of the building, going to your right once you enter the valley. There's only a Stinger and no Nali Healing Fruit.

The field with the crucifixes is identical to the released version. The only difference is the Skaarj Warrior walking continuously towards a cross, being stuck as a result. Kill him.

Check the last nook. It hides an Eightball, two Rocket Cans and two Nali Healing Fruit. The biggest surprise is the absence of the secret entrance to the catacombs. Read this: the beta version of Dark Arena doesn't have the catacomb area...

Time to see the building. What you'll see here, are the only parts that compose the interior of it, so enjoy how much the map has changed from this version.

Nothing seen here is present in the released version. When you enter the fortress, a quick earthquake caused by a Titan yell happens.

The first room is just a corridor whose floor is made out of wooden bridges over a lava river. A Skaarj Warrior patrols the entire place, so watch out.

On the exterior walls, you'll see the windows you have seen before, when you were looking at the structure from outside.

Going to the left hand side of the corridor, you'll find a Shield Belt and some windows through which you can see another tunnel like the one you're in.

Go to the right hand side. You'll see a closed door with two blue torches next to it. Continue in the tunnel to find a lever which will open the door. The lever, after being used, deactivates the music as well.

The door opens. It leads to the arena, which is totally different looking and smaller. The floor consists of a wooden platform levitating over a fake pool of lava. For the differences, look the screens. The cages have bodies of Nali inside them, while only one has a living Nali.

Pick up the Eightball in the middle of the arena; after a few seconds, the wall on the opposite side of the entrance of the arena is destroyed by a Titan found inside it.

The Titans in the beta have less than 2000 points of health. Their default value is 1000, which changes according to the chosen difficulty. Their resistance to exploded damage is now of 50%. Avoiding the rocks in this small arena is definitely harder, but killing the Titan is not. You just need to be quick with some grenades. The action song plays as it's supposed to.

After the death of the Titan, another wall (found in the Titan room) breaks itself due to the quake. You'll end up in the corridor you saw while getting the Shield Belt.

Run to the only possible way to find a familiar door. Open with it a lever near it.

The door leads to Harobed Village. If you try to ghost beyond the exit, you can see what's next. Shockingly, there's actually Harobed Village here, attached to Beta Dark Arena. It has some changes compared to the original and the real beta version. There's a big staircase leading to the church, another small staircase leading to the second floor of the same structure and different lighting. Obviously, you can't access Terraniux since there's no exit actor.

Return to Dark Arena and finish the map in the normal way to access the Beta version of Harobed Village.

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