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4. Chizra

Map Author: Myscha the Sled Dog
Music: Chizra.umx

We start in the first and new corridor of Chizra.

The first room with the pool is only separated by a short corridor with an Automag in the middle. The lighting here appears dark (quite violet/blue) and the geometry of the torches is different. The shape of the pool isn't anymore like a cube, it has a slightly complex one instead, while there’s no torch over the hole which leads further in the map.

The big, wooden plank in the pool is blocked in the same way, but with wood pipes rather than tubes. No problem, as they can be still destroyed with your weapons. Also look at the lever above the plank... Just amazing, unrealistic movers.

Fall into the hole, and you'll find a Clip and a Flare in the bottom as usual. The pool in this area is more relaxing in the Beta: no Devilfish and Biterfish, just a Stinger and a Male One carcass. If you look above the pool (clearly on the second floor), the stone ledge under the torches (attached to the wall on the opposites side of the area’s entrance) is absent. The secret room hidden in the pool already exists, with a Nali Carcass and a small friend of yours – an ASMD Core.

Continue to meet the Beta Nali Priest who'll lead you to the secret room with the same items (three Stinger Ammo and three Flares).

The Beta Nali Priest is pretty cool with all of those tattoos.

Go into your favourite room. Why? You get the ASMD here.

The first person model seems to be slimmer. Efficiency-wise, it is actually faster at shooting but the effects are less refined. The high Rate of Fire can be dangerous: doing an ASMD combo while you're running can result in a cool suicide because, since the shooting speed too high, you're able to do combos too close to yourself. Maximum ammo is this time 30 and the ASMD combo has five types of explosion effects.

For the room, there's just a dead Nali on the wooden lift and only some vases. Use the passage you know from Unreal to continue the level. We press the button, and a stone bar locks you in the nook. The bar doesn't change the situation at all...

Descend below the trap-floor. The floor's outline is red.

This next room appears really bright and it's also bugged, due to a huge HOM which will be probably capable of crashing your game. Rebuild the map with the editor to fix this. Square-shaped bricks are really visible here...

Let's go through some dark corridors until we are inside the room with the first Slith. There's no Nali, so we are not required to save him from the serpent enemy. The textures on the wall are different, then check the small area before the Ceremonial Chambers: no pillars, torches or inscriptions, just blue lighting and the closed wall to the next map.

Drop in the pool below. It appears pretty empty, aside from a Slith and some Nali Healing Plants. No Biterfish and no inscription as well. Magical saga is still here: kill the Slith and the useless bridge will be created in order to let you press the button in the middle of the pool.

Go in the corridor with the arrow trap and use the lift. There are no plant decorations to be found here.

Once again, no Nali, who seems to be already dead. Dispose of the Flies in the next area; they have 50 points of health instead of 30. You can get Clips on the ground floor. The ledges above you have ASMD Cores. Have fun with some jumps.

Return to the area with the first ASMD. Before entering it, notice a second torch in the small nook. Go further in the map, clearly where you can see the Nali who chants (with different sounds). No inscriptions or items.

Drop in the pool below, bypassing the smashing stones. There are a lot of gibs here... ignore the bugged water surface of the Beta conversion.

The underwater passages have the same ammo placements and no dangerous Biterfish.

Return above and enter, finally, the next area. Same enemies, modified trap. The wooden movers move back and forth if you go near them. To avoid them you have jump over the bricks on the wall.

Arrive at the opposite side. Notice the different shape of the window. To open the next door you have to press a grey button which is found near the yellow one in the middle; the latter is used in the released version as the real button to open the door.

Enter the next corridor. There's no body here, just a Slith who's losing time scratching is neck forever.

You probably need the Super Health pack on the platform. We used the brick to jump on it in the released version. Now those bricks move into their respective walls if touched. If both bricks are in, a stone ledge temporarily appears in front of you, which helps you to go to the special item.

Go to the left pathway. No Slith to be encountered in the dark corridor, just two barrels with a Clip and a ASMD Core. Enter the next area, full of bridges. Neither this one nor the room with the weird water machine have ammo, although there are the same amount of monsters as you may remember. Crap.

The bridges are made out of stone, and it seems that the elevator can be activated only by using the lever in the room with the water capsule. The other end has no lever to be used. About the pool below, there are no differences.

Let's visit the secret room near water capsule. Opened now by touching the wall-door (and not by shooting it), go inside. No magical annoyances here, just a room with the Shield Belt and ammo. Enjoy the mirror as well.

Return to the place where you got the Super Health pack and go this time to the right pathway: here you'll find no inscription and a Tentacle. Kill him and go down in the pool, which is actually more full of water: you have to swim here.

You'll find an Can of Eightballs and a barrel with ammo (ASMD Core or Tarydium Shards). Time to go in the next, enormous room. First differences you'll note are once again the stone bridges and the bright lighting. Ammo in the first part is quite the same, but look up: you should see some holes on the walls, near the roof.

These square-shaped holes contain spawning Cave Mantas. Happy about their appearance? Deal with them and watch out to avoid being pushed below, to the Devilfish. The ASMD is useful in this battle.

Go to the other part of the area. It appears quite identical: the Skaarj Scout and the scared Nali are absent, torches are now orange and not blue and there's no ammo on the bridges. Press the various buttons and enter the next part of the map.

The Eightball room appears somewhat different. It uses once more the texture with violet bricks; there are also three Slith (one at the beginning of the room, one in front of the pool and the final one to the opposite side of where you are). There are no inscriptions in the middle, not even the wooden ledges below them as well.

Starting from the beginning of the area, head to your left...

As you can see, you don't see the room which is supposed to have the lever for the bridge to the Eightball. In reality, it's there, hidden behind a wall. You have to touch this wall to enter the secret room (the position is the same).

Use the lever to activate the bridge... or a stone ledge. It comes from a wall of the opposite pathway. As you can see, the room to the portal doesn't exist in the Beta. Get the new weapon: the Eightball's 1st person model is slightly different: it's like seeing it with a lower FOV. The rockets used have flares like the ones used by the Brutes.

Since there's no portal room, you have to return back to the Ceremonial Chambers using another route. Visit the other two sanctuaries first, though.

Start with the obelisk room. Oh wait. There's no actual obelisk in that area, and so its inscriptions. No ammo or Nali, just two Slith that you can find if you go through the left or right pathway. There's a third road in front of you as well. It leads right to the place where you have to climb the stones.

As you probably expected, there's no "Pool of Thunder". It's more like a treasure chamber: a cube-shaped room with tons of ammo and a SCUBA Gear. While returning back, you may want to check out the underwater tunnel. If you don't know about it, return to the obelisk room, enter the right hand pathway to go into a medium-sized area, and look on your left. You see in the nook the hole to this secret passage. This time, it has bars that open and close slowly (touch them for the activation). The items to be found here are as always the Kevlar Suit, Nali Healing Fruit and two ASMD cores, and also that weird cube-shaped space over the them. If you’re fast enough you can exit the area before starting to drown.

Enter now the Pyramid room. It appears the same, along with enemies and items. Some differences though: there's no slope ledge which lets you return over the bridge if you fall down, no inscription about the pyramid and a Nali body on the top of the monument. Use the pyramid’s button on its top. No more thunder, it just moves some bricks from the wall that you can use to climb in the next room. Enter it.

No Skaarj Scout here, but the three crucified Nali are still here.

There's no longer the platform with Cans of Eightballs, just some barrels with various kinds of ammo (for the Automag, ASMD and Eightball).

Only the underwater part of Chizra's temple is left. Jump into the pool below the pyramid and go into the small tunnels. They appear the same, and the final room contains the Shield Belt. Different texture for the walls are used here.

Swim in the pool of the Eightball room, which contains a school of Bitherfish. Go forward to the dead-end on the other side, and you'll finally encounter a Squid. They are used in the Beta. There's another Squid, hidden in the same room.

To leave the underwater area, you have to use the way which leads to the platform with the Super Health pack you got earlier. The Cave Manta area and the water capsule one are closed with bars, that are only opened from the opposite side.

Walk all the way to the Ceremonial Chambers. Guess what, Chizra and Ceremony are combined in one level, like just Rrajigar.

As you can see in the screen found above, there's no inscribed stone. Walls have a different texture and there’s no Nali. The area opposite the one you're in has no Skaarj Scout.

Let's go to the room which should lead to the lava pit.

Before doing that, look on the floor for the closed opening to SCUBA Gear area. Instead of a human corpse, there's a Nali one.

The next room has changes. The biggest one, is the absence of the lava area and so everything that it contains. A wall (which seems to have a lower height) replaces it. Ledges are made out of stone. The same items/barrels are found here.

Check the parts found below the first two rooms of Ceremony. Both have a new space in the fourth wall, separated by doors. Also the pathways that lead to east zones of the map are closed by both bars and doors.

The new spaces are small and contain Nali Healing Fruit. One of them has a box of 50 Bullets. Also the way which connects the two rooms (the one with the pool in the middle) has doors on both sides.

Now go underwater in order to unlock the obvious bars. Watch out for the various Slith. There are many Clips and 4 ASMD Cores to be found here too.

Both levers are guarded by a Squid (the room of the first lever appears less detailed, only a bit).

The room above the second lever is pretty empty: a Clip and another Super Health Pack.

After you use the second lever, go on the platform which is found above the underwater room mentioned above. There are no monsters here, just some Nali bodies. It seems the other two platforms aren't connected to the middle one. You have to jump... start with the one on the right hand side.

You can't return to the middle platform. As you can see, the Spire room doesn't exist in the beta. The part below you has no bodies, no Slith and no Stinger, just two Flares found underwater. There's a barrel containing a Force Field and a hidden Fly somewhere too, behind one of the pillars in the corners. The last thing to say is... different texture on walls again.

Go in the opposite room. Watch the walls again with the different texture. There's nothing here, not even the palms coming from the pool and not even the Coop passage.

Move in the next area where you have to kill some Skaarj Scouts. The flooded area found here has more ammo than usual.

The lighting is different: there are no torches, and the white illumination comes from the (fake) sky box. Same treatment got the room with the three crucifixes, which do not appear in the beta. Actually, that room has no use here. You see some holes high on the walls. In the beta, the Skaarj Scouts use these to appear and to attack you. Kill them and go forward in the map.

The next room has the same Skaarj Scout ready to kill the Nali. Lighting is the same, but the texture used for the small pool here is different.

Look at this shot.

As you can see, there's no moving lift. Look below to see how the outside part looks almost like a jungle in the Beta, thanks to the presence of various palms. You have to jump in the water to make your way below. You'll find the usual Skaarj Scout, while there's no Nali on the second platform. The water here contains Biterfish, Devilfish and spawning Flies, so watch out. There are more ammo to be found here too.

The final Nali on the last platform is easier to save here, as there's only one Slith who's found behind the friendly guy. No secret Super Health Pack behind the structure.

Pass the final areas of the level. Firstly, the small pool around the pillar doesn't heal you, and then there's no useless Nali.

The last cave has the same Skaarj Scout and ammo. The walls of the environment have badly aligned textures and there are no Tarydium crystals.

Do the same as you know and finish Chizra.

4a. NyLeve's Fall

You find yourself in what appears to be the first room of Dark Arena... until you see a panel. If you notice well there's an opened area on the wall, found underwater.

Go there. You find yourself in the pool of the sanctuary of Sacred Passage. No Biterfish and Super Health Pack, just a Toxin Suit. Near the bars, there's a button on the floor just in front of them.

Return near the panel seen before and press the button on it. You hear a sound. Follow your way collecting Tarydium Shards and an Assault Vest. The button actually activates the two elevators found near your position. If you don't know where you are in NyLeve now, you're just on the second floor of the boiler room.

Go down, there's a Skaarj Scout who appeared in the bunker.

The entrance of Rrajigar is unlocked. Redoing that level will force you to do Chizra again, because the hub system doesn't work at all.

Use the elevator at the end of the boiler room, now activated. Kill the Tentacle and the Skaarj Warrior. You find yourself on a bridge, found over the first road of Sacred Passage seen before.

The door is identical to the one found in Dark Arena.

Opening the doors can be hard for first-timers. The button is hidden on the right hand side of the bridge, near the elevator. You can't see it, it's just an invisible trigger.

Beyond the doors is Dark Arena, clearly the corridor found behind the same doors in the Dark Arena of the released version. Enter the next level.

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