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3. Rrajigar Mine

Map Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Music: DigSh.umx (SS0 & SS1 only; SS1 much shorter)

Note: The black lighting bugs are present only in the conversion.

You enter Rrajigar; the 1st songsection of SharedDig, used in Depths of Rrajigar in Unreal, is used instead of the nonexistent 2nd songsection in the beta SharedDig.umx.

The first corridor you're in is exactly the same as the released version. Some steps and you'll find a great friend, present in almost every Single Player pack: the Universal Translator. Although there aren't many messages to read in the beta...

Go forward. You're now in the first room of the mine. No lighting changes here, just a small increase in brightness. The inventory items are placed in the same position, while the Steel Box, found on the ground below in the original Unreal, is now put near the Automag. And, as always, there’s no use for it.

If you haven't been discovered by the patrolling Lesser Brute, you can look above to see a roof made of iron instead of stone. There also isn't the Easter Egg, found in the nook near the opening which leads to the path with the Lesser Brute. Also notice the change of red lights over the entrance to that corridor in the screen:

The dark path hidden through the nook on the iron ledge is the same.

Now let's go through the corridor with the Lesser Brute in it. Kill him and notice how Cliffy thinks that Single Player is DeathMatch: where's the lever for the lift? This isn't DeathMatch where we drop from high cliffs without caring about our health. Whatever, you don't take any damage if you fall down the hole. Awesome design, I've never seen a lift without a button to activate it.

Now go into the lower area. Everything here is the same, except for a female body in the first 90° degree curve. The light behind the Tentacle has an enormous corona which covers your entire screen. Nice.

You're inside the Skaarj corridor. Unlike the one in the released version, it's darker and more lifeless: in the first corridor there's a health pack in the middle; in the second corridor there's only one, female body, plus a Tentacle; in the third one there's nothing... no Shield Belt and no broken floor pieces. One interesting thing is the presence of another set of bars which closes when the Skaarj Scout appears. The set is composed of two bars, but the second one is placed in a higher position. This would probably create more difficulties for speedrunners.

The room with the controls for the deactivation of the Force Field is the same as in the original Unreal.

The Skaarj scene is the same; meanwhile, you hear how different the action songsection of DigSh is in the beta. Go back to the first room of the map (a Lesser Brute appears from nowhere as usual) and advance through the Tarydium tunnel. Same enemy/item placements, but the Tarydium crystals appear a bit shorter and uglier.

You're now in the force field room; the force field itself uses a different texture. You'll notice (look in the screen) a vent shaft over the door leading to the next part. Take a better look: it seems there's another part of the level through it. Also the secret path on the right hand side has some differences: the explosive barrel (which is nonexistent in the Beta) is replaced with a wooden box which triggers the explosion. In the secret room there's only a pickaxe and the Health Pack.

Lastly, the message on the computer is different: "Terminate with extreme prejudice".

Advance to the lava room. Same story, except the colouration of lights is whiter, there is no explosive barrel between the wooden boxes on the left side and the lift which you can use to get out of the lava is on the lower floor by default.

The lava will only hurt you if you are swimming underwater. 5 damage per second. Nice way to die after wasting lots of time. The Easter Egg in the lava lake is absent.

Continuing, item placements are the same. There are also the VoiceBox and the Skaarj Scout (the computer used by this one once more says "Terminate with extreme prejudice"). You'll find the first Nali as well. These Nali look like humans, they have a hump (not shown in the shot: they seem to be really old and also very slow, making them great targets for monsters like Skaarj) and finally they have a new set of sounds. Primitive people?

Changes or not, they still have their telekinetic powers to open doors. Get the Stinger: it's pretty similar to the one in an unpatched Unreal, except for some different sounds and less refined effects for projectiles.

It's time to go onward. The bridge button is fun to work with: every projectile makes the situation change, i.e. two Stinger crystals shot on the button cause the bridge to move up and down, making children happy.

After the death of another Tentacle, go into the tunnel with Tarydium, which is less spectacular due to the modified lighting and the action music, which is still active. There's a BSP hole which kills you: it’s located on the right hand side of the tunnel, over the first raised rock. The Skaarj Scout appears as always, while the wooden box replaces the explosive barrel.

The next room has no changes, aside from the absence of boxes on the ledges. In the next two corridors, with the Tentacles, the lighting is blue rather than green.

Advance now in the room where the Songsection 0 should start (the previous rooms are the same). You'll discover that the action songsection is still playing. You don't find any barrels, the Tarydium Crystals have less-refined shapes and the bridge is narrower, plus it has railings this time. The Lesser Brute over it can actually see you from there as well, so watch out.

In the next room there's no duck-behind-the-box Skaarj Scout, nor said box. The secret with the Super Health Pack is easier to access, while the vent shaft found at the end of the tunnel is unmasked. The rest is the same, but the button for the tricky lift has a different shape.

Go to the upper floor. You're face to face with a beta Brute who, probably, you have seen when you were on the lower level. Every edge of the second floor has railings.

Advance to the room with the Skaarj Scout working with a panel and a watchful Nali. There aren't any barrels in the containers. Kill the Skaarj, read the messages (see the screen below to see the modified message of the panel on the right) and then go to the humped Nali who will open for you the secret area with the Armor.

We continue through the next corridor with the two Tentacles. Look at the final nook on the left with two boxes to see a brighter piece of wall. Ignore it and advance to the lava room. The action music finally stops; go near the first Dispersion Pistol PowerUp.

You find neither the Nali nor the explosive barrels but only a Lesser Brute put near the secret door. Kill him and notice that in the nook near the door there's no lava waterfall. Now you must open the secret room. To do it, you have to press an invisible button found on the tip of the second wooden bridge. The more you stay on the button, the more the door will open. Do the opposite and the door will slowly close. When the passage is big enough for you to pass, run and get the Dispersion Pistol Powerup. If you're trapped inside the secret area, you can use another, identical invisible button found in the dark nook.

If you fall in the lava, you can only use the lift to get to the upper floor, as there's no wooden ramp which leads to the Lesser Brute’s platform.

Go into the Skaarj tunnels, which look somewhat different, because the pillar in the middle is replaced with something which you'll see in the screenshot below...

Skaarj Scouts appear once again and so does the action songsection of DigSh.

Progress to the room with the intelligent Skaarj who uses the lift to go to your floor. There's a female body in the zone with the broken floor tiles. Also, over the ledge on the upper floor from where you can see the door leading to Depths of Rrajigar, there are no ASMD Cores. Notice how big the coronas of the red lamps near the exit door are.

Let's go to the ventilation room. Before using it, look at the vent shaft under the lift. In the beta it is closed with a grate, and you have to shoot it. Same story happens for the other end of the vent shaft.

A Brute is on the lift attacking us AND blocking the lift for us, due to its size. You're forced to ghost in order to kill this Brute and unlock the lift. Brutes in the Beta appear with a skin similar to the Behemoth, but with the skin being green, a different face and the metal armor being less detailed. As for skills, it's just like a Beta Lesser Brute with 350 points of health.

The ventilation room isn't changed, but this time there is no Armor behind the broken vent. Also there's another pipe put on the ground, right below the bridge. Lastly, in the vent shaft there are no Boxes of 50 Bullets.

Press the three buttons at the end of this area to open the door to Depths of Rrajigar.

Now there's the big surprise. You're about to start Depths of Rrajigar. You enter it and... no loading screen.

As you can see, Depths of Rrajigar seems to be combined with Rrajigar Mine. The reason why the map was cut in half was probably due to the combined level being too demanding on old rigs.

In the first room of Depths of Rrajigar, no monsters appear. And for your pleasure, there's no ASMD, nor its room. The hole and the exit door are replaced with walls. The lighting in this area appears white instead of purple.

Advance with the Tarydium cart, killing the Brute in the process (the platform where it stands is plain, having no circular crown) and see how bright and white the lighting is. No more red lights on the roof and also no Nali as well. The pile of crates with the Skaarj Scout hides only a Health Pack and a Clip (no Super Health Pack or ASMD Core). There’s no Easter Egg in the final nook of the roof.

Run to the trap-bridge area. No Tentacles here, but there is something really interesting: a Brute on the other part of the bridge. Now there's that useless trap found in the released version. You can actually try it on this Brute; it's not easy, as it gets stuck over the hole due to poor physics. But shoot it and it may fall in the lava. Since in the beta any lava pool takes more time to kill someone who is underwater, the Brute will die after about a minute.

The Easter Egg in the lava lake (found in one of the nooks) is nonexistent. Just to clarify, there aren't any Easter Eggs in this map.

Pay a visit to the Skaarj Scout near the explosive wooden box. Shot the box. It explodes. Results? The Skaarj dies, and a wall near it blows up, revealing a shortcut to the earlier part of the level, exactly where you saw that bright wall before entering the lava cave with two bridges.

Continue in the corridor which was guarded by the last Brute you killed. There are no iron bars on the floor and the lighting is purple instead of red.

Enter the room where in the original Unreal you see the first Brute enemy. The area appears darker and the red lighting is a bit more violet. No explosive barrels as well. Kill the Brute to unlock the next corridor.

The white corridor has no changes compared to the released version. The vent shaft you see when using the lift to the next area is connected to the force field area seen at the beginning of the level.

Time to visit the final room of the map, which appears pretty stupid due to annoying use of pink lighting rather than yellow. The only remaining difference is the absence of an ASMD Core over one of the crates. No Easter Egg either.

You'll have no difficulties fighting enemies here, since their placements are exactly the same.

Go to the gas room (the corridor leading to it has no explosive barrels). The levers here for the two gas container have a different shape. Also its seems that the message doesn't change after you press both buttons.

After you kill the game's first Skaarj Warrior, use the lever and get the Shield Belt on the boxes. To enter the underwater secret, you have to shoot two parts of the bridge, only one of which actually makes the floor below collapse. The secret area has an Energy Amplifier, which here is as overpowered as the version found in the unpatched Unreal.

If you want to see the other part of the pink storage:

Now we're in the last room. There are no items here and the door is closed. Look beyond the window to see the beta-only machinery room of NyLeve's Fall.

There's a computer near the lever. A new message finally:

Trigger the lever. Default-texture effects appear in that machine.

Now the exit seems to be open.

3a. NyLeve's Fall

You finally arrive at NyLeve. Look around: the Hub system is completely fake. The only visible changes are those effects in the machine as seen at the end of the previous map (this time, the texture used is from the Fireeffect pack) and the door to Rrajigar is closed.

You're now free to access Chizra, your next potential means of escape from NyLeve.

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