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The Upcoming Maps page lists forthcoming single player projects and is updated directly by the developers of the projects themselves. To submit your project for listing here, you will need to register at our forums, then visit the "Projects in Production" section of forums and follow the instructions you will find there.

Under Construction This new Upcoming Maps section is currently in beta form. Consequently, you may see some odd behaviour at first, and some active projects may not yet be listed. Please bear with us during this bedding-in period.

Unreal Tournament G59 -Episode 2- Posted by: UBerserker
Developer: UBerserker
Status: Episode 2 released!

G59 (or Jigoku or Hell) is the first custom EXU2 Single Player campaign, set in the timeline of an extremely far future of Na Pali.
G59 is conceived as a challenging journey where you fight extremely powerful enemies, and also as a meant to explore new and unique themes in the Unreal universe.
As the only human survivor left, he finds himself in the middle of the chaos caused by the arrival of an obscure threat.

G59 has been heavily reworked for EXU2 version 7 and development has been more difficult than expected.
Up to the second episode, features six levels plus the intro and the outro.

"G59 -Episode 2-" Download & Detailed Info Thread

Last updated: 03/Mar/2018 10:27

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Return to Na Pali Unreal: Return To Na Pali Episode III: Operation Stealth Claw Posted by: SteadZ

Developer: Ewan "SteadZ" Steady
Status: Developing


3 days ago we received an emergency transmission from a top secret Research & Development facility of vital importance to the Unified Military Systems and Inuit Corporation. Codenamed 'Stealth Claw', this facility is primarily for scientific research to further our position in the universe, however has also been taking advantage of its close proximity to Skaarj territory.
Now, we don't know if this distress call has anything to do with Skaarj involvment, but we can't guarantee that this is just a simple check up; be on your guard. The Skaarj are an unforgiving race and Na Pali is an unforgiving planet, as you know well - Yes - we're sending you back there Clark.
Don't start a war.

18 maps + a playable intro and an outro map
Z-eNzYmE's Alternate Pawns
All new locations
New textures
An original soundtrack (if the time comes that I don't finish the mapping then I will release the soundtrack seperately)
Emitters, static meshes, other 227 stuff
And even more...

I have only just resumed work on this, and am currently adapting the story to limit the amount of new "features" required for it.

Last updated: 19/Jul/2017 19:42

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[u227i"> Unreal: Resurgence Part 1 Posted by: Teridax
Developers: Teridax, AlCapowned, Doublez-Down, Tronovision, and SteadZ
Status: Developing

Synopsis: It is approximately 22 years after the Skaarj Empire's humiliating defeat at the hands of humanity in the 7 Day Siege. The Empire has been struggling to maintain their grip on Na Pali ever since, as human and alien mercenaries alike gleefully tear away at the rest of the Empire's resources.

After the deaths of all personel situated near a string of Nali temples dedicated to the god Ehactora, the Skaarj high command had enough. The Queen's Blade, a large cruiser filled with experimental weaponry and elite soldiers, was dispatched to Na Pali in order for the Skaarj to reclaim that section of space. However, a mercenary attack forced the ship into Vandora's Eye, a massive, ancient, and seemingly impenetreble storm that the Nali have long attributed to their god of lightning.

Command assumed the worst. Attempts to reestablish contact failed; signals were able to penetrate the storm, but nothing could get out - until today. The ship's crew was, for a few minutes, able to signal command for help.
To say the least, their screams suggest that the locals are not particularly friendly. As part of an elite team, you have been tasked with finding the ship and recovering the crew.

-5 playable maps in part 1, 6 in part 2
-11 to 13 total maps in the full campaign (including an intro, outro, and flyby for both parts 1 and 2)
-Old/recovered Unreal content repurposed for new weapons, enemies, and environments

Latest News:
-The project will now exclusively use Unreal 227.

Forum thread and creature/weapon info: http://unrealsp.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&p=63284
ModDB Page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/unreal-resurgence
Weapon Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXgcU6auPv0
Updated Raziks Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jVR9a_XMxo

Last updated: 24/Feb/2016 16:25

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Critical info: Upcoming Maps changes Posted by: ividyon
Hello modders,

I'm going to drop a note here regarding the upcoming Upcoming Maps (heh) rework. What's basically going to happen is that the current Upcoming Maps forum will be archived and replaced with a new, separate Upcoming Projects system. It will function much in the same way, but the key differences will be:

[list">[*">managed via a separate back-end system similar to articles and reviews[/*">
[*">can be updated and edited by several authors[/*">
[*">offers no discussion possibility, HOWEVER can be linked up to a Project Presentation forum thread to display a highlighted link to it[/*">
[*">entries can be subscribed to, meaning that any subscriber will receive a notification about project updates on their sidebar userbox[/*">[/list">

You are advised to back-up any important information from your Upcoming Maps thread and prepare for deployment of the Upcoming Projects system sometime within the next months. UM threads will be archived below and remain visible, but you won't be able to edit or post anymore.

Stay tuned for more information!

Last updated: 22/Jun/2014 09:02

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Return to Na Pali Unreal: Return to Na Pali Episode IV: Na Pali War Posted by: Dozey

Title: Unreal: Return to Na Pali Episode 4: Na Pali War
Developer: UMS Research & Development
Status: Developing

The year is 2216 and the Unified Military Systems are preparing an offensive on an unprecedented scale. Operation 'Crashdown' has but one objective: break the Skaarj Empire's hold over Na Pali. The player, a young UMS recruit, is to participate in this operation. And she is yet to realize how much is at stake.
- storyline inspired by games like Unreal II or Mass Effect and movies like Jarhead, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Black Hawk Down and Avatar.
- 20+ new levels set in original Unreal and Return to Na Pali style.
- new enemies, allies, weapons, vehicles and more.
- an advanced conversation system complete with morality alignment points and a reputation meter.
- new types of missions, inspired by classic Assault maps such as Convoy or HiSpeed.
- optional additional assignments taking place outside Na Pali, e.g. on the planet Sulferon.
- classic locales from Unreal, Return to Na Pali, Unreal PSX and Unreal Beta, enhanced and expanded.
- static meshes, emiters, projectors, weather effects and flora, all made possible by the 227 engine update thanks to Smirftsch and the rest of OldUnreal crew.
- an explosive finale to the Return to Na Pali saga.

Latest News: Synopsis, level list and feature list consolidated and finalized. All that remains is to finish development in earnest.


- Facebook Page (latest updates only here!)
- UMS R&D Team (old site)
- ModDB Page

Last updated: 08/Oct/2013 08:25

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Return to Na Pali Unreal: Return to Na Pali Episode II: The Manhunt Posted by: Delacroix

Title: The Manhunt (Return to Na Pali Episode II)
Developer: UMS Research & Development Division "The Manhunt"
Status: Developing
The Manhunt begins where Return to Na Pali left off - with the crash of UMS Bodega Bay. The player, Bodega Bay's Executive Officer, must find a way off Na Pali, then locate and apprehend or eliminate the fugitive, Prisoner 849.
Meanwhile, the Bodega Bay's Captain, John Clark, awakens in a Skaarj research facility and is subjected to a brutal interrogation. He manages to escape the facility but must find a way off the planet as well.

- multiple new maps in two initially separate storylines,
- aerial combat
- new weapons, amonst them: Unreal II's terran arsenal.

Further information:
Bleeder, SteadZ, Z-Enzyme, Dozey and myself are working in concert on this one, alongside Episodes III: Operation Stealth Claw and IV: Na Pali War. While we do not specifically require fresh blood in our ranks, it'd certainly be most welcome!


Last updated: 22/Sep/2013 16:19

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Unreal Unreal Tournament WTF Series 2 Posted by: Shivaxi
Developer: Shivaxi
Status: Developing


Synopsis: Continued from WTF Series 1, you must continue your journey in finding the last team member, Fetel, and a way to contact your team aboard the USS Shiva. As easy as that may sound, the Skaarj aren't your only enemy this time...
Features: 8 maps total, 2 cinematic and 6 playable. New weapons include a few U4E weapons, as well as flamethrower by Cheese and I. There will be newly scripted AI, light actors, and triggers. Also, new music and sounds. The voice acting and dialogue has been cut unfortunately. Will also be Co-op Compatible.
Latest News: Updated news on the project which can be found in the project thread on the forum.
Links: http://www.shivaxi.com/unreal (Check out the forum for more info)

Last updated: 09/Aug/2013 15:07

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UnrealUnreal Tournament Unreal PSX / Rise of JRath Posted by: Delacroix
Developer: Leo(T.C.K.) & co.

Status: Developing / Episode 1 Part 1 released!

Synopsis: A bounty hunter hired by Inuit Corporation is sent to Na Pali to find the wreck of the Vortex Rikers and recover several experimental military AI implants as well as apprehend any prisoners that might still be alive. This leads to the opening of a true Pandora's Box when it's revealed that the dreaded Skaarj aren't the only enemies around.

- ~30 all-original missions separated into smaller levels
- A new weapon allowing the player to take control over certain enemies
- Storyline related to the official Unreal novels
- New deadly enemies: in-your-head AI opponents, a hostile Nali sect, a remnant of an ancient civilization and more...

Latest News: Demo release imminent. Exact date unknown, but it shouldn't be more than a month now.

- ModDB
- Project thread @ BUF
- Project thread @ UT99.org
- Nathan Silvers' site (original cancelled project)

Important Notice: This is a rework/remake of a cancelled PlayStation port of Unreal initially developed by Pterodactyl Software, Ltd. Leo(T.C.K.) has recovered almost complete set of maps and is currently bringing them on par with current Unreal versions as well as filling in the blanks with the help of other talented and devoted individuals. Full cast & crew and extended info in comments (in the post below, if you're using the forum to view this).


Episode 1 Part 1:
- UnrealPSX_E1P1.rar
- UnrealPSX_E1P1.zip

Last updated: 01/May/2013 12:08

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UnrealUnreal Tournament The Oll Stone Posted by: ebd
Developer: ebd
Status: "Developing"

Synopsis: 1905. Discovery. Antarctica. Volcanoes. Skaarj. Submarines. You play an anthropologist exploring the ancient ruins of primitive culture in Antarctica. What is even stranger is that they built their civilization inside a volcano. Who were these strange beings? What happened to their civilization? Your mission is to locate a particular stone tablet which will prove helpful for deciphering the ancient texts previously discovered as well as any texts yet to be found. This could be the greatest discovery of the century!
Features: One map, with custom scripts, deco mashes, and a new weapon. It will also feature an updated version of the prologue released in 2011.
Latest News: Will be released before 2013 the apocalypse. Stay posted!
Links: Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2095 Screenshot Archive: http://www.scraphammer.net/files/img/oll/

Last updated: 08/Mar/2013 17:41

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Unreal Tournament Excessive Unreal 2: Batshit Insane Posted by: Buff Skeleton
Developer: Lord Waffnuffly "War Bonnet" Letz
Status: Developing (Open Beta - Click Here to Get It!)

Synopsis: EXU2: Batshit Insane is the official EXU2 singleplayer campaign, set in Hell on Na Pali. You run around and slaughter hordes of the most absurd bestiary ever conceived with some of the most awesome and ridiculously-overpowered weapons of all time.

- Mind-destroyingly-chaotic gameplay of the highest caliber
- EXTREMELY-heavily-modified Unreal/RTNP maps
- Hundreds of varieties of new monsters
- All new weapons, including specialty heavy weapons and gimmicky things
- An enormous variety of entertaining (and useful) Battle Flares, as well as other new items
- So far, 16 fully-playable campaign maps with more on the way
- Extensive flexibility for multiplayer gametypes and just about anything else. Unlike the campaign, EXU2 is multiplayer-complete, but new features are always being added

Last updated: 31/Jan/2013 10:37

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Unreal Nature Temple Posted by: Rarsonic
Developer: Rarsonic
Status: Developing

Synopsis: You barely made it out of there... at least you caused them a nice ruckus! Unfortunately, on your trip home, your escape pod crashes inside of what it seems to be a temple. It is time, once again, to find a way to continue your voyage home.
Features: 8 different environments in the same map distributed along a hub (the temple). Combat will only consist of wild animals, that's it, no intelligent/advanced opposition such as skaarj, krall, brutes or mercs.
Latest News: Project moved to 227.
Links: No links.

Last updated: 31/Aug/2012 18:37

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Unreal Unreal Tournament FireStorm Posted by: Turboman
Developer: Turboman
Status: Developing / Beta Testing

Synopsis: You escaped the planet only to find yourself captured by the UMS again. This time they're not only after you, but something much bigger. Operation Talon Hunter was just the beginning...
- 25+ levels featuring unique environments, including deserts, glaciers, underground cities and floating palaces.
- A complex story following up the events of Return To Napali.
- Fight the ruthless Skaarj and the Marine Commando troops, as well as completely new enemies.
- Several new and returning weapons at your disposal, Including dual weilding automags, tripbombs and a flamethrower.
- pretty much the same thread at: http://www.oldunreal.com/cgi-bin/yabb2/ ... 1225322482
- imageshack gallery containing more pictures: http://img50.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=firestorm.jpg
- original 2006 trailer (thanks to Hypernl) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyS2C8JSqe0&fmt=18
- october 2008 re-made trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54pnQHXukWY&fmt=18
- podcast interview by shivaxi viewtopic.php?t=1203
- a moddb profile! http://www.moddb.com/mods/unrealfs
- NEW! a website hosted by UnrealSP.Org http://turboman.unrealsp.org/

Last updated: 06/Jul/2011 17:53

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Unreal New Rrajigar Posted by: RatapoM
Developer: RatapoM
Status: Developing

(Click here to see more screenshots!)
Synopsis: You survived after your ship crashed into the mines of Rrajigar and you are now in the middle of a war opposing the humans against the skaarjs. The story takes place 100 years after the original Unreal game, humans have taken Rrajigar to collect the tarydium by using the nalies. Now, the Skaarj are trying to get Rrajigar back. All you want is to get out of there.
-New items (searching for a scripter!)
-5 singleplayer maps

Last updated: 23/Mar/2011 09:16

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Unreal Resurrection Posted by: WhirlWindWabbit
- Shivaxi: Music
- WhirlWindWabbit: everything else

Status: Developing

Synopsis: Finding yourself awoken on the bottom of a tomb, dark halls surround you as you are greeted by a single Nali. Can you find out the reasons to your situation?

Features: The map pack will contain at least three maps, the first of which is already finished. The second level is about 60% finished, and the third level is still in it's beginning stages of development. A key feature of the map pack will be the Nali and their magic, it's origins and their background, which I personally felt holds great potential, but was never really explored. Unreal 227 only.

Latest News: I've switched from the UT engine to Unreal 227 for performance reasons and increased capabilities of 227.

Last updated: 12/Oct/2010 13:40

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Unreal Tournament Project Shinjigen Posted by: Frieza
Developer: Frieza

Status: Developing

Synopsis: After a three month radio silence from their research colony on Yuusei IX, Izanagi Corp. has enlisted you to find out what happened. Your top priorities are to find the lead researcher Dr. Demis Kristanos as well as recovering the research he was working on.

Features: x5i28..>..ERROR=.4ee0x2

Latest News: Project Shinjigen revealed

Links: http://www.unrealsp.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=1664

Please refer to the Projects in Production thread for discussion

Last updated: 03/Aug/2010 08:12

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Unreal Tournament Unreal -D e a d C e l l- Posted by: Mister_Prophet
Developer: Mister_Prophet
Status: Beta Testing


Synopsis: After spending 90 days in a cell without doors (put there by an unknown source, for reasons that are never explained to you), you are suddenly forced to enter a labyrinth with other people who are in the same situation as you, and you soon discover that all of you are expected to kill each other until only one is left standing.
Features: Dead Cell features an early version of Nemesis Core (used to power Residual Decay) and features unconventional gameplay for the typical Unreal map, including such things as melee combat and non-linear gameplay.
Latest News: In development.
Links: http://rednemesis.beyondunreal.com/

Last updated: 02/Jun/2010 14:17

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Unreal Tournament SP-Liandri Conflict Posted by: Sarevok
Developer: Sarevok
Status: Developing

Synopsis: My 6 week speedmapping map turned into a small project. So far only 2 maps are planned. The name is just a generic temporary one that will be changed later.
Features: Just a few new extras.
Latest News:

Last updated: 27/May/2010 16:17

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Unreal Tournament Project: Insecurity Posted by: Fulsam
Developer: Fulsam
Status: Developing

Synopsis: An Inuit science research vessel named the ISV Phantom has dropped out of contact. According to recent logs, the ship was going down near Na Pali, so it can be assumed that the ship came to a rest somewhere on the planet.

There is a problem here, though. The Phantom was delivering some experimental, but deadly weapons to a UMS outpost. If the Skaarj got a hold of these weapons, they could be a huge threat.

You will be deployed to the surface of Na Pali, but finding the Phantom is up to you. You must navigate through both revisited and new locations, all full of Skaarj.

Once you locate the ship, you must navigate to the engine room, disabling fail saves and coolant pumps along the way, and cause the Phantom's reactor to melt down, which will obliterate anything within a 2 mile radius.

Once you sabotage the reactor, you must escape the ship before the blast occurs.

Features: A return to Unreal locations we all know and love, now twisted by Skaarj development. Around 12 levels and possibly some new music
Release Date: Mid/late 2010
Latest News: The screenshots have been replaced with newer ones and the synopsis has been expanded.
Links: http://projectinsecurity.blogspot.com

Last updated: 26/Oct/2009 22:14

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Unreal Tournament Residual Decay Posted by: Mister_Prophet
Developer: Red Nemesis
Status: Developing

Synopsis: Mauled in a duel with the Scarred One, Jones is left for dead on the polluted soil of what used to be Noork’s Elbow. Paralyzed and blinded by his injuries, all he can do is stare up at the exhaust scorched Na Pali sky. Waiting for the inevitable. So wounded is he, that he cannot even lift his hands to eject seven rounds from his nearest cartridge. In that moment, the only thing in the universe that matters to a dying marine is a soldier's final superstitions and the hope of passing through to the other side clean. Jones never thought that he would hope for anything. But there...in those last moments...a dying marine reflects on a life given to the service. And he prays for the first time since he was a child. Not so that he may live. No. He prays that his duty will be fullfilled. That this wasn't another Xidia. That something good was done here...on this diseased asshole of deep space. Yes, he thinks to himself. That would be enough.

So he waits. And as the darkness takes him, he swears that he hears a voice.

But what should have probably happened to him a dozen times over in the past is evaded once again. The darkness is pushed back and a spotlight hovers over him. The last thing he hears before he loses consciousness is the sound of many footfalls rushing towards him. And the last rational thought he has...is that those footfalls sound awfully similar to USM standard issue combat boots.

Rushed back to the USM-Ice Raven, the best division sponsored money can afford brings Jones back from the brink. Calcium therapy replenishes shattered bones, tissue loss, and even restores his pulverized vertebrae. Severed nerves are repaired by cloned cellular injections. An eye is amputated and replaced with state of the art optical mechanics. The military spares no expense to preserve their heroes, especially those that are so vital to the recruiting sector. They even augment his physical abilities farther than necessary. Waiver approved, of course.

So a marine wakes up. And realizes that he left most of himself behind.

Something changes. He is not grateful. No, this is disappointment. Why him, he wonders? Good men like Crowley go to their deaths and he is the one who makes it. Time and time again. If he was a different kind of man, he might be tempted to pull that safety back on his sidearm and paint the walls of his bunk with the color of his thoughts. But no. This marine always preferred the gaunlet over the tender mercies. So he kills himself the slow way, like always. Jones splashes his artificial liver with fresh alcohol and gazes past the scarred reflection on his cabin window…into the vastness of cold space. Living to fight another day.

But something happens. Someone or something intervenes. When Jones wakes from a drunken slumber and finds himself alone and isolated on the Ice Raven, he discovers that there is some omnipotent force controlling the vessel. This force has a voice. A very familiar voice. And this voice wants something from Jones.

This is a damaged soldier’s final chance to redeem himself.

This is Residual Decay.

Semper Fi.

Features: 37 playable Maps (atm), a completely new arsenal comprised of over twenty weapons, new levels of environmental interactivity and combat based gameplay, and many other radical changes to the Unreal formula. See website for more in depth information and loads of media.
Links: Official Site

Last updated: 09/Oct/2009 20:28

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Unreal Tournament ISV-Dragonfly Posted by: Z-enzyme

Developer: Qtit
Status: In development
Firstly it was meant to be an UnrealSP.org 8th anniversary map, but it became too big and massive. Like everything I do. So, that's why I decided to make it a seperate mappack.
ISV-Dragonfly is a single player modification for Unreal Tournament 436 with Oldskool addon. The story is set in Unreal world several years after the Na Pali incidents. Skaarj haven't been seen from that time and human kind became quite sure this threat is headed off.
Your name is Dell Reaves, you work as Liandri Corporation miner on Space Vessel Dragonfly. You and your mining team search for Tyradium on freely drifting asteroids on different planets' orbits... Six months' cruise can be quite hard when one is locked on less than 200 square meters of flying old can. Every day is exactly the same... Or is it?
- 10 to 20 maps, depends on time.
- New HUD,
- Dialogue system, probably interactive,
- New weapons,
- New pawns,
- Computer Panel - my old project - being used :D
- New music,
- Hopefully interesting storyline,
- Cutscenes,
- Unusual gameplay... But usual too...
- and more...
Release date: Umm, Hopefully, this year.

Other Media: ISV-Dragonfly In-Game Intro

Last updated: 07/Aug/2009 09:38

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Unreal Tournament A M N E S I A C Posted by: fashahhh
Developer: fashahhh
Status: Developing

Synopsis: You awake from a coma with no memory to find Earth under attack from a ruthless and barbaric Alien attack force hellbent on exterminating all human life.
Features: Fight through 5 maps ranging from city streets to city sized Alien Starships.
Links: None.

Last updated: 24/Jun/2009 19:34

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Unreal Tournament The Chosen One Posted by: Raven
Developer: Dead Cow Studios
Status: Developing

Synopsis: Will be revealed later.
Features: The Chosen One is an FPS, RPG elements are included (with a major influence to the gameplay), but still it's FPS. Experience points are given mostly for completing quests (primary & secondary), their amount depends on the importance of the quest completed. Also, experience is increased for eliminating enemies. This also depends on the adversary's rank - the amount of experience points granted for the kills is very small in comparison to quest awards - it helps, when the player needs little experience to gain a level.
Links: official site, ModDB

Last updated: 11/Jun/2009 06:32

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