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Map Information

Map Title: The Court of Izn-Nali
Map Author: Claycle
Reviewed By: Teridax
Review Score: 29%

Main Review

The Court of Izn-Nali is a very old map, having been made my Claycle back in '98. The readme tells us that it was submitted for a mapping contest, and that it was supposed to be the first part of a series. While it may have been impressive back in Unreal's heyday, it falls short by modern standards.

The Court of Izn-Nali
A pool at the temple

Architecture is quite a bit below Unreal-quality, but Claycle definitely tries. The outer ruins are decent; they're not great, but the author makes a point of having the player think about how he or she is going to get somewhere. The inside of the court is overscaled, though, and there are a lot of square places in the map. Textures are, more often than not, stretched. Lighting is usually sourced, but there are a few noticeable areas where there's no source at all. In terms of technical execution, there weren't any major problems that I came across, but there were a ton of visual BSP holes that were awfully distracting.

The Court of Izn-Nali
The lava pool in the court

Gameplay is fairly easy, but the tight corridors at the start of the map make it a bit more challenging. There are only three types of enemies, too: Krall, Skaarj Warriors, and Skaarj Troopers. The lack of enemy variety is disappointing, and there are some switches that very few will find unless they open up the editor and look. I stumbled upon one such switch by chance after running around and hugging walls.

The sound was passable; Claycle makes use of ambient and dynamic ambient sounds, but they usually end up being too quiet. The music was fitting, but there isn't much else to say about it. The translator messages were well-written, but there's not a hint as to what the player's motivations are. Is he/she part of a rescue team? Did they get to the temple by chance? A backstory would have been nice.


The Court of Izn-Nali is pretty bad by today's standards, but I still found it interesting. There wasn't really anything special about it, aside from its well-written translator messages and the occasional switch that's nigh impossible to find. If the author had put more thought into gameplay, it would have been a much better map.

BUILD (50%) CAST (50%)
Architecture 2 Conceptual Grandness 6
Texturing 3 Story Construction 3
Lighting 3 Story Implementation 3
Sound 3 Gameplay Awe 2
Technical Execution 5 Gameplay Balance 2

Total Score:

Second Opinions

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Download izn-nali.zip (1MB) from GameFront