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Tips for "Xidia"

Map 1: Xidia-Orbit

Scenario: You are about to embark on your mission, and you are currently in orbit above the planet you are about to land on. Right now, you just need to grab you gear and listen to the briefing that the "powers that be" are going to give you.

Xidia Tip 1.1: There's not really anything special to do here. It's just an orientation level for the story to be laid in front of you and for you to pick up your starting items. Pretty much all you need to do here is walk around, read the translator messages, and pick up all the items on the list below.

Weapons and Significant Items: Initial Health set to 100, Universal Translator, Searchlight, 7 Flares, Body Armor, Dispersion Pistol, Automag, 50 additional bullets.

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