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Tips for "Legacy"


Legacy is not like any other set of maps that is in circulation. Legacy's non-linearity means that these tips will be arranged slightly differently. I have chosen to list tips for the maps in the order that I think the maps best go in. All tips for a single map will be put together, no matter how many times the map is visited or when it is revisited.

Legacy: "Cat and Mouse"

Scenario: You wake up to find yourself locked in an officer's quarters at the Ventar 9 Research Facility. Your goals here are to find out what happened and to escape from the base with your life.

Specific Tips:
Cat and Mouse 1: Well, the door is locked, but you are not out of options. Do you remember how you got out of the Vortex Rikers prison block in your earliest adventure?

Cat and Mouse 1

Cat and Mouse 2: This viewscreen shows the titans outside the door to the base, which is located just to your right. You don't want these things entering the base as you try to leave. Look for a way to destroy them after you restore power.

Cat and Mouse 2

Cat and Mouse 3: Uh oh. You have to kill a Behemoth, but you don't have a weapon! The crew said that this crusher was active, but you might need to see if it's functioning properly.

Cat and Mouse 3

Cat and Mouse 4: Once the crew berths are open, you can get a few extra items. I might recommend looking around just for the sake of exploration.

New Weapons and Significant Items: Translator, Flashlight, Toxin Suit, Nali Ruby, Frag Cannon (creature drops it), Flares, Kevlar Suit, Tri-Shotgun (see Tip 4), another Tri-Shotgun, Searchlight

Destination at End of Level: The Nexus, exiting a drain pipe on the edge of the village.

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