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Fan Fiction Reviews


Fan Fiction Review Schema

Snigma's fan fiction reviews use the following review schema. The final score is not mathematically based on the individual scores achieved, but will be heavily influenced by them. All scores are out of ten.

10 = Nebula Award Contender
9 = Publishable
8 = Good
7 = Fair
6 = Above average
5 = Average
4 = Below average
3 = Poor
2 = Very poor
1 = Atrocious
0 = Not present

Style: How well the author pulls off his chosen style (i.e. first person, flashback etc.).
Structure: How well the story is organised into chapters and paragraphs.
Language: How effectively language is used to convey detail without becoming repetitive or information dumping.
Characterisation: How believable and developed the characters are.
Atmosphere: How believable and developed the locations and situations are.
Flow: How well the story hangs together as a whole. Is there a logical progression from one paragraph to the next?
Hook Factor: How difficult it is to stop reading.
Spelling/Grammar: How many spelling or grammatical errors are present.