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Coop Etiquette

by Naveed

I really enjoy playing coop Unreal. Especially over the net where I can play with people I do not know at all. Nothing is more fun than slaying the green hide of a Skaarj Warrior or killing a helpless Krall and seeing "Good kill" or "lol" (laugh out loud) come across the screen from a complete stranger.
Another thing a I enjoy about playing coop online is you can come out with new friends or acquaintances, or at least a couple people you hope to run into later on a server.
Then of course there are those that you don't want to run into again. You know the type: little pain in the necks that are probably the same age you are, but act like middle school students, calling everybody fags or other inappropriate names. Also on occasion there are those players that decide that they don't want the game to go any farther and do something such as, block an elevator from coming back down and worst of all no one is in a position to exit the level so the game can progress.

Here are some guidelines I feel every serious coop player should follow to avoid the above:

1. Say "Hi", "Hello", or something along those lines when you enter the game. This often gets replies from others and can strike up a small conversation allowing you to feel a bit more comfortable with the people you are playing with. Or if you are already in the game type the same thing to people who just entered.

2. As the game progresses to points where there is little or no combat, ask questions such as " Where is everyone from?" or " How old are you guys?". These questions will allow to get to know people, again making you feel comfortable with your fellow players.

3. When someone makes a good kill respond by typing "Good kill!" or something similar. And don't be afraid to type "lol" when appropriate.

4. Wait for people and work in groups of two or more, so you can progress at a steady pace and not have to worry about people getting killed as often. Also if you find yourself in a tight spot and get killed, stay towards the starting point for awhile and collect any nearby weapons, while waiting just in case anyone else dies.

5. When you get near the end of the level, don't exit. Wait and tell people to get armed and loaded up on ammo. Then ask if everyone is ready, when you are confident they are, exit. This way no one will be complaining about having no weapons, when they get in the next level.

6. If you are armed well and a new player enters the game and there are no guns around for awhile give them one you don't use to often, to equip them somewhat for any tough enemies ahead, because it isn't to much fun facing a Titan, or even a Skaarj for that matter with just a dispersion pistol.

7. This is the primary thing you should not do in a game. Don not under any means, unless you and the others you are playing with are joking, start insulting people in any way. Especially if it is discriminating in anyway. Comments about religion, race, or sexual orientation have no place in multiplayer gaming. Even if you do not condole the behavior or comments of other players.

8. When you go to leave the game say "Good game" and mention that you are about to leave. Wait for a little while just win case anyone has any comments and then say goodbye whatever way you like and leave.

9. One final rule. Don't kill the Nali, cows, or rabbit things. If you break this you will be hated amongst everyone in the game. J/K.

If you follow the above rules you should have an excellent coop experience (unless you run into some really annoying players). So follow these guidelines and have fun. That's what gaming is all about.

Now I want to address some problems PuF zynthetic thought needed mentioned. Administrators. Don't abuse your powers. This can be really annoying to players, especially when you have enemies spawning all over the place. I don't know how many games I've played where an admin is abusing their power. Sure it can be fun at first, but after awhile it becomes annoying, and a pain, so people leave. Also don't mess a lot with life totals, or ammo capacity. I've entered some games only to see my life go sky high, and my ammo capacity double. Some players like that and others don't. So ask before you mess with it. Weapon spawning can (sometimes but not always) be appropriate though. Particularly in situations where weapons are scarce and new players have entered the game. Just don't spawn weapons when not necessary. Most people don't like that.

So everybody please follow these guidelines, and I'll see you online.